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Found 16 results

  1. I have this moon shot with black sky/background, developed in Affinity Photo (2.1.1) on MacOS Ventura 13.4.1(c) on Mac mini M1, there's this weird mesh shows up in dark area, I don't see the same appear in Canon T3i raw file. This screen shot is with extreme setting just to show the problem, attached is the afphoto file with the raw embedded. 2023-07-31-EOS 6D Mark II-_MG_6237.afphoto
  2. Hello, I have Upgrade Mac Mojave to Catalina, after reading that Affinity Photo works fine. However, the Live Filter Layer: Clarity, Unsharp Mask do not work. I was able to add these layers, but with no adjustments windows. Have tried to open adjustments for these layers awith no success. Affinity woot worked super great with the previous macODS. My computer iMac 10.15.7 (Catalina) Please, help
  3. <RESOLVED! - look at next post> I will start from usual - love Photo Designer. Love it and use it on daily basis. It is one of a things that make my work in it so much less fluent: this is when I click on group - exactly what I expect, group is lighten up on layer mennu, just as it should. but I need something deeper. So I clicked more (on screen, because I see my object and I want to move it to another group, or see where it is hiding. Aaaaand... nothing, no idea. Sometimes it gives pale blue hue to parent group, but not always. Even if - it is bit too delicate to see. Should it or should it not open hierarchy and expose an object will be debatable (I wish it was, but think some people can disagree, but stronger feedback will be welcomed. Thanks!
  4. Hi, even in 1.8.3 with announced boolean fixes, the add option unfortunately still making unwanted points on curves. For example the heart icon I "welded" from two identical halves. I expect to have just two point at the central axis. After the boolean operation there are even two more.
  5. I recently ran across this proposal for using a high pass filter in Photoshop to achieve the same results as negative clarity: http://thegreyblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/clarity-adjustment-local-contrast-in.html . In effect, the proposal is to "simply" invert the layer created by the high pass filter and overlay that on the original, this as opposed to not inverting the layer before overlaying it, thereby simulating the clarify filter. I'm having some difficulty doing this in Affinity Photo. I create a high pass live filter underneath the Background layer, set a radius that makes it evident where the local contrast is, and set the blend mode to Overlay. Some details are sharpened, some are not. Now if I invert the filter, nothing is affected unless I paint some areas with white, and then they will be sharpened, which is not negative clarity. I'm sure I'm missing something very elementary here. Can anybody tell me what?
  6. Hey everyone, I'm continuing to enjoy the many versatile tools Affinity has to offer. I recently got into portraits and am using light strings in many of my photos. I've been editing pictures of a model's face or hand surrounded by bluish light strings. I am a Mac user. Today I noticed that the default image that Photos makes has been appearing superior when it comes to how it displays my lights. I find that the radiance from the lights are much more subtle and nuanced than anything I can do in Affinity. I even tried to recreate the same photo via Affinity but couldn't find that softness that Photos was producing just in its default. I am working with RAW files. Below are attached 2 images. It's a close up of one of the lights. The first is in Affinity and the second Photos. I also attached two images showing the model and the lights around her. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get Affinity to look the same. While it does display more colours and it seems there is a hardness to it that separates the little circular shapes in the light vs. blending them together naturally.
  7. Hello I need some explanations on macro recording. I am a new user (I registered the software a couple of days ago) I would like to record in a macro two simple operations starting from a camera picture of about 21 megapixels: a Bicubic resize to 1024 pixels and a Filter/Sharpen/Clarity of 0.3 All goes well during recording but when I play the macro to a new image the Clarity applied is 1.5 and not 0.3 as recorded. So if I compare the final image obtained with the macro with the image obtained with manual operation, I don't get the same result.... Can someone explain this behaviour?
  8. In the development persona all sorts of adjustments can be applied to a picture, like contrast, clarity, saturation, etc. When using the Overlay paint tool, these adjustments can be applied locally to a chosen part of the picture. However, when using the Overlay paint tool the Clarity adjustment can not be engaged anymore, all other adjustments can. I tried to catch it in the video below. Am I doing something wrong? Is this intentional, or is it a bug? E46337B5-AE5B-4D98-975E-CBBCEA472E17.MOV
  9. Clarity has been improved in, so here's a simple image test. Original (esp for sky, wall) Affinity Develop persona Affinity Photo persona Affinity Develop persona. Notable change from Affinity Photo persona -- no change from -- in other words, the upgrade was to Develop persona only Lightroom 6 (note much stronger effect): Luminar 2018: On1 Photo Raw 2018 (no 'clarity' but 'structure' is similar). So. Develop clarity only changed (why?). Stronger effect. Test could possibly also be done zoomed in more.
  10. Hello! In Develop Persona, if I set clarity above 0% another operations (exposure, blackpoint, brightness, highlights etc.) freeze on about 5 seconds (some times a few square of photo react earlier). You can see it better if you move several times any slider to the left, to the right. Slawek P. S. Thank you for Affinity Photo for Windows!!!
  11. I find the progress bar difficult to see, as there's very little contrast between the 'done' part and the 'still to go' part -- as in the snip below. A stronger colour would do the trick.
  12. Hi, A friend of mine has the Macintosh version. He told me about a function called "Haze removal". Is that available in the Windows version? Rgs /EGW
  13. Hi, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich aus der Serie Foto Optimierung wie man das Foto verbessern kann. Hier geht es nicht um große Effekte, sondern um viele kleine Verbesserungen, die dann hoffentlich für ein besseres Ergebnis sorgen. Es geht um eine Gegenlichtaufnahme mit Lens Flare. Ich benutze hier das HDR-Verfahren. Ohne die noch folgende HDR Persona. Viel Spaß wünscht Euch Euer Jack In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you from my serie photo optimization how to improve a photo. There are no great effects, but many details which hopefully improve the result. This is a photo against the sun with lens flare. I use the HDR method. Without the upcoming HDR Persona Have fun your Jack Foto / photo: eigenes / self made Link to YouTube Tutorial
  14. The white on grey preferences window LOOKS very cool but its harder to read. Same with tool bar. I would suggest white background with black text, possibly using apple's new system font, San Francisco
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