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Found 9 results

  1. I don't know if this is possible or not. I have always found the Distribute "horizontally" and "vertically" useful but there are times when I would like to be able to distribute things in a circular pattern. Sometimes I have a bunch of straight lines or rectangular boxes and I want them to be distributed in a circular pattern (normally around a circular centre but not always). Now I have to do it manually and it is time consuming. If it is a few shapes then it isn't such a big deal to do it manually but if it is many boxes, then it is a pain. It would be great if I could choose the centre shape and then have boxes or lines to be distributed around the centre shape evenly.
  2. Hi guys, here's a new video about how to create a circular pixel stretch effect in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  3. Is this possible? I just want to cut the moon out of an image and place it on a background image. Easy to do with the pen tool, but my circles aren't great, so I wanted to do it with the ellipse tool. So far I’ve been on this for well over a hour, getting nowhere. I can create a mask in the Selections persona with the Elliptical tool, but that’s not what I wanted to use. Very new to all this. Can’t find any tutorials on line for what be one of the simplest of tasks.
  4. I’m trying to create circular text on a path, which I can do, but I do not understand how these friggin handles work so that ALL of the text is on the outside of the path. The seems to want to either put it all inside the curve or it will split it. I’m sure it’s just a learning curve, but man, it’s frustrating for something that should be intuitively easy. I have tried a myriad of combinations with the green and red handles to no avail. Help??? thanks!
  5. Minimum blur seems to have an issue. Is that black and white rim normal? Sure would be nice to be able to upload videos protect alpha, no circular - black rim Protect alpha - circular enabled Protect alpha not enabled
  6. we WISH : Setup for : CIRCULAR Grid's to producing circular steps and grid snap. :) thnx
  7. Hi everyone! I bought affinity designer and started using it for my professional work and came across a problem. I want my stroke to have pressure and both ends to be circular but for some reason only one of them is circular and the other one is looking weird. Attached files will help to see what I mean. I cant figure out how to fix this problem.
  8. I am trying to make a neat cut out of this circular painting. The painting is not quite a perfect circle. Is there a way to tweak an elliptical marquee selection and put the painting onto a white or transparent layer? Thank you, Matthew
  9. I know that text wrapping is possible in Affinity Publish and Design, but is there any way to use this option in Affinity Photo? It would be incredibly helpful to me if I could shape text into a circle. Obviously, you can use the mesh warp tool, but it's not very clean/precise, and it would take forever to shape multiple words into a professional-looking circular pattern.
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