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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, With version 2 of the Affinity apps comes with not only new layers interface, but also new layer drop zones and new UI feedback (blue highlights). I updated the cheat sheet to reflect these changes to help anyone who is looking for better understanding on how layers behave when dragged within the layers panel. Original post for version 1 of the cheat sheet here. This is a basic guide. It does not address all the possibilities of non-destructive masks, multi-nested layers, etc. There are many complex possibilities. I hope it serves to get you on the right track to understanding the foundations of layers in the Affinity Apps. Here is a PDF version: Layers Panel Cheat Sheet v4.2.pdf Note that my example uses the light UI. I did not create one for the dark UI, but the principles and feedback are the same.
  2. Preparing graphics for social media may eat up a lot of our time if we have to search for how to prepare the file and adjust all the parameters: image dimensions, format, file size, etc. It’s time to get over it! I present to you a product that contains all the necessary parameters for all the most popular web services in simple PDF file. ● Full free version: https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/dimensions ● What is included: + SIZE GUIDE The PDF file contains all the necessary image sizes, file formats and file sizes for the most popular social media services graphics like profile picture, profile cover and so on. Covered social media services: Facebook Instagram Behance Pinterest Dribbble Twitter YouTube LinkedIn + ASSETS EXPORTER Prepared file with all the sizes that are needed in covered web services as affinity designer open file and template. Enjoy!
  3. … a shortcut, tool and lexicon cheat sheet. Take this table of Illustrator's tools and shortcuts, and add three columns to the far right: https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/default-keyboard-shortcuts.html The Three Columns: AD Shortcut, AD name (lexicon) & icon, Commentary from AD team. For everything that’s not yet in AD, simply say “No current equivalent” or words to that effect. For anything that's expanded upon in AD, use that commentary column to add links to further information on how things are better in AD. For anything that's on the roadmap, put it a link to the roadmap in the commentary column. For anything that's being considered, put a similar comment in the commentary column. Also use commentary column to link to the pertinent parts of any AD documentation on any specific tools/features that might need more explaining due to differences, improvements, limitations, etc. Do the same for Freehand and CorelDraw, and definitely for Sketch too, as folks using that need to realise there's something better ;) Anyone in the community (this forum) good at laying at adding columns to tables and entering text all day and night? Perhaps, in the initial stages, use a google docs shareable file so that everyone can slowly add to it, so the devs can focus on developing and the users can assist users in using.
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