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  1. I need to take two files and move them into one. What I have is a bmp file and then a second bmp with the alpha information. How do I combine these two together to give the first image transparency? I used to know how to do this in photoshop but I can't figure it out within Affinity.
  2. I've been looking all through Affinity Photo for Ipad and I can't find a way to isolate channels on one layer only. Here's an example of what I want to do, done in Photoshop (double exposure): https://www.graphicadi.com/create-double-color-exposure-effect In Photoshop there are advanced blending modes where you can select which channels are visible on each layer. So you can have the red and green channels visible on one layer but not the blue, and so on. Please note the blend mode selected in the example is "Normal". I'm looking for information on isolating channels, not blend modes. Is there the ability to isolate channels on each layer available in Affinity Photo? Thank you.
  3. Hi, love Affinity Photo and all the hard work you guys have poured into the software. I have a few questions about Channels and masks. I have watched your video but I still seek information. Frist off forgive me if these are simple issues, I have been working in Photoshop as a professional for over 20 years. There are techniques that are much like muscle memory for me with PS. I struggle in AP to get the result due to my lack of experience with AP. You know old dog new tricks, I want to understand Affinity better. What is the definition/purpose the of the Composite Alpha? I don't see data in the channel, even though the RGB channels show their data. Which leads me to my next question; How do I make an all 3 (RGB) channel selection? I am looking to get all 3 channel data into a single mask (luminosity mask). I would think the composite Alpha would be the place to retrieve that data. In the Channel Studio, there is a "Mask Alpha" that shows the mask I have selected in the Layer Studio. Is there a way to view this mask from the Channel Studio like when you option-click in the Layer Studio? It would be nice to view any alpha with the option-click like Spare Channels. Thank you for your help. Gauncer
  4. I discovered this in the channels palette in Photo. I didn't realize that if I didn't click the perfect sweet spot to bring up channel options or spare options I was never going to get anywhere. I knew something was fishy here when I could not figure out why I couldn't bring up the options. Shouldn't any area be clickable, I think that's how it used to be. See attached.
  5. Sup people! I've been checking out this application and I'm really impressed with what it can do. I've been porting over my Photoshop work flows, and it has handled every task I've thrown at it. And like everyone else, I'm just looking for a little help. I've been trying to figure out the layers/channels tools in Affinity, and how to use them. I'm an environment artist and this is specific to my terrain workflow. During the production process, I've always taken my textures for a few passes through Photoshop. As part of my editing, I would use masks that I've created to edit specific areas of my diffuse texture. Example: Copy my masks into the alpha channel and start working with "Adjustments", "Layer Effects", etc. Thing is, I can't seem to get Affinity to perform the same tasks. I've checked a few of the Channels/Masks tutorials, but I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Either that, or I'm missing something. I have provided a screenshot of the WIP terrain, as well as the diffuse texture and masks. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. So my biggest gripe with Affinity Photo has to be the channels workflow. I use my image editor for texture work for 3D and I have to be able to edit color and alpha channels. I was able to do everything I needed with photoshop but I'm not willing to support subscription models, so I would love to be able to just use affinity and not need anything else. Thanks to this post https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/4730-split-channels/I was finally able to figure out how to create a layer from a channel. (In photoshop this is done by showing only one channel in the channels panel, selecting everything and hitting copy, then pasting into a new layer) Now I need to know how to paste from a layer into a channel. So that I can combine 3 separate images (or layers) into a single image/layer where each of the previous ones is one of the color channels? (In photoshop I would just click on my layer, select all pixels, copy, chose a layer to paste into, show only the color channel I want to edit and paste) Likewise how can I paste a layer into the alpha channel? (In photoshop I could chose a layer, select all, copy, chose a layer, go into the channels panel select the alpha channel and paste)
  7. Hi, I have 3 greyscale images corresponding to Red, Green and Blue channels (for astrophotography, specifically images from Juno). I know you can make greyscale images from the channels but does anyone know if there is a way to do the opposite? Import, or paste the individual images to each channel? I haven't tried this in photoshop yet. Forgot to mention, this is in AP Thanks, Luke
  8. Hi as the title says I don't know what composite alpha channel is and how I can use it. I understand that alpha is transparency but this channel is white, I've never used it but I want to know what it is and what it is its function thanks....
  9. Is there a way to edit the RGBA channels in AD? Someone posted a workaround here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/435-i-would-love-to-be-able-to-edit-color-channels/?p=1234 but I wasn't sure what "colour page" he was talking about and it's from 2014.
  10. Hey guys, I have an interesting question. Can Channels in Affinity Photo be used as a means to separate hair in a photograph from the background. If so, how is this achieved? Also, if the explanation is too detailed to explain, is there a video tutorial that will help? Thanks a million! The Student
  11. I have used Photoshop for comic book related coloring for several years. I see great potential in Affinity Photo; however, the look of the channels is currently confusing. I'm used to seeing A "CMYK" channel and then one channel each for C, M, Y, and K. I can then create a copy of the K channel that I overlay onto the image, after I've used it as a guide to color the image. Affinity seems to give me 2 of each color channel, no main channel and no option to superimpose the Black copy. I'm hoping, if I haven't overlooked anything, that this is something that can be redesigned.
  12. Hello! I've just started using Affinity Photo on windows, and it's look promising although i can't figure out one thing. Is it possible to add other channels to work with? I'm mostly using PS to prepare files for DTG printer, where I need to create channel that represents white ink. In AP eg. when working with CMYK, there are only Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black channels, and I can't add my own (or i don't know how). Anyont can help me? Thanks :)
  13. One of the things I do from time to time on complex edits in Photoshop is luminosity masking, using the channels tab to make a range of luminosity masks to which I can apply various edits. I have been looking at the system for pixel selection from the channels tab in Affinity, but I'm not sure I have got a proper grasp on how, or even if, it is possible to create a range of luminosity masks. ‚ÄčIs this something that is not possible either in Affinity or through the use of the channels panel?
  14. When using the Ctrl + Shift - click layer thumbnail shortcut it creates a selection of the entire image rather than the luminance value. I have AP on Mac and this is one of my go to methods when editing images. Thanks, Ber
  15. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can figure out how to do (video attached) type of sharpening with affinity photo? I have tried but can't seem to get it. The how to is in the video done by Jimmy McIntyre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVgfbiH4-fw
  16. After watching the Channels, Creating/Storing Sellections video, I attempted to apply some of the techniques. Here are the problems I am having: 1) After selecting the Blue channel, I try to Command-Click on the pixel blue channel below, but nothing happens. At least not if I click on the icon or the name. If I keep clicking (usually in between the channel names), the dialog box will eventually pop up and I can create a grayscale channel. However, I'm never sure which channel is being used as the source since I was clicking between channels. 2) I also created a couple of spare channels from a selection. Same problem. I can Command-Click all over the place but only get the selection dialog every tenth click or so, and only when I am clicking it weird places not related to the icon or name of the channel. I've tried restarting my computer and Affinity Photo a couple of times with no improvement. And idea what could be causing this?
  17. Hi, I'm just trying out Affinity because it looks very nice, but I do have some questions. I'm used to Photoshop so please excuse me trying to get same out of the programs :P ,, Love that you can combine RAW processing and power of retouching tools. * I have some problems getting good quality out of your RAW processor with my 5D Mark III, Nikon D750 and Fuji's. Anyone got "secret Affinity ninja tips" to pull most out of the details and noisereduction and the tools in general? The tools I find on RAW converter feels like a hammer to a glass sometimes. I only have a couple day more on trial and want to see how it performs. * When filling a layer with 50% gray and put it to overlay or soft light, it should not affect brightness/darken the photo, at least from my photoshop experiences. In Affinity the image become darker for every 50% layer in overlay/soft light mode, is there a way around this? * Lets say I want to replace "Blue" channel with "Green" and set top layer to luminosity, how do I do this in Affinity? I found no way to replace one channel with another one, I might be blind tho. I try "Load to Pixel Blue" but I see no changes on composite layer. * I really want curve to affect a selected composite channel in "Channels", lets say I want to adjust the blue channel, how do I do this without making a adjustment layer? In PS you could CMD+M (CTRL+M) on the layer or channel to bring up a curve that will affect only "Blue channel" without making a new layer. Thanks for reading my stupid questions =) Aleksander
  18. I'm continuing to struggle with Affinity Photo's channels and alphas. I need to be able to assign an alpha to my image while retaining the underlying color data of the transparent area. With photo it appears that the only way to get an alpha channel is to leave portions of my image transparent which results in loss of color data in the Red, Green and Blue channels. So all transparent pixels end up being black, this causes ugly halo effects on textures loaded in 3D applications. The Composite Alpha is just created from each layers alpha. I need to be able to apply a master alpha to the image. Is this at all posible?
  19. Hello, I am trying out Affinity Photo as a replacement for CS6 Photoshop. Coloring b&w artwork with channels is something I do in Photoshop. I create an alpha channel then paste in my b&w (or greyscale) artwork . I create as many channels as there are in my print design - usually two to three plus a base color. I can set the opacity of the channel to closely mimic the transparency of gravure printing (what my plant uses). I can also change the color of the channel as many times as I want without ever changing the b&w artwork pasted into the channel. I do not see a way to do this in Affinity. When I try opening an existing PSD file these alpha channels do not appear. There may be a way with layers but only if I can preserve the artwork's tonal structure. I need each layer to multiply and create a composite color of the combined artwork layers. I have attached a simple PSD file to illustrate. Otherwise Affinity is a really good fit for the mural work I do. I like the interface, features and effects. The scale-up test I did produced better results than Photoshop. Thanks, Larry 8.5x11 2color RGB.psd
  20. Hey guys, I am looking for a possibility to create multiple Luminosity Masks with channels, so that I have several channels for lights, shadows... The problem is, that you can't multiply/intersect selections like in Photoshop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4mG6vlJFNQ). And I do not mean the overlapping function. Thanks for Your help!
  21. I am voicing my request again for editable spare channels to create custom masking as seen here. Presently I can do it and I've actually gotten it down. But it would be so much easier if we could have editable channels. Instead of 4-6 steps it could be done in 1!!! Please Please consider!
  22. Something I'm struggling with in Affinity is that I can't figure out how to copy and then paste the contents of one channel to another. Specifically I'm trying tocopy the contents of the RGB Red channel and then use it to replace the contents of the LAB Lightness channel. In PS or Gimp this would be trivial. Just select the channel, copy, change color mode, select the channel, paste. I've gotten as far as figuring how how to select the channel contents. I can create a new layer with them if I want for example. However I can't figure out how to replace the contents of one channel with either layer or selection. I feel like I'm just going about this wrong and that affinity has a different way of handling this. How does one do this in the affinity way?
  23. Hello When I try to click right a Background channel to open the Background channel menu, it`s not working . I can not open the Background channel menu like in the tutorial video about channels. I have the full version not the beta. can someone help me? PS: sorry for my bad english
  24. I keep loading new betas hoping for some movement on these issues but as time moves on it looks like Photo isn't going to replace PS for me anytime soon. I have mentioned them early on in feature requests and bugs as appropriate. I admit I haven't had time to follow all the progress and I may well have missed something. If so great, please let me know how to do it and I'll be happy. I know Dan Margulis evokes polarized opinions but usually in some fairly restricted domains. There are a ton of useful workflows in Professional Photoshop and Photoshop LAB Color that depend on the channel-specific blend-if sliders in the PS layer options dialog. If you do colour correction using those workflows blend-if can be the difference between spending minutes or hours on a correction. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see these in Photo. The layer blending dialog in Photo is as far as I can tell completely ignorant of colour channels and therefore virtually useless for me. The other thing that prevents me from doing a full correction, not a blocker but such an impediment that it's not worth the effort, is that I can't see how to apply e.g. a curves modification to a mask channel. Again if I just haven't found it, please let me know. I can use adjustments to prepare a mask based on e.g. the CMYK yellow or black. But it's hard to tweak in place. In PS I can apply curves to anything I can see - maybe not as an adjustment layer but I can still do that. I like everything as an adjustment layer but if there's no immediate application of adjustments I need to be able to apply them to any pixel layer - including masks. Photo seems like a great bitmap editor, great for collage work - splicing existing photos etc. But PS is still the only game in town for serious colour correction and unfortunately that's what I need to do. Most of the rest I can already do in Designer. Also I still can't believe that we have a Master curve in Lab mode - and it's the default. That just doesn't make any sense. Doesn't make much sense in CMYK either (because neutrals don't have the same value across all channels) and should be avoided in RGB (because master adjustments can shift colours) but that's another battle. So best wishes for Photo but it's not much use for me right now. Also congrats on the Apple Design Award for Designer! You guys really do deserve it!
  25. One feature I really miss in Affinity Photo is the ability to change levels for each channel. Currently the levels adjustment only allows to change the levels white/black/gamma globally for all channels. Most other image editors allow to switch to the red/green/blue channel and adjust each channel's level individually. This is already possible with the curves in Affinity Photo. I would also like to see a usability improvement for the way one switches between these channels. Currently (in curves), I have to click onto the drop-down menu, choose a channel, and click again. It would be much easier and faster to just have four buttons on the top of the histogram, one for global curves adjustment, and one for each channel. And finally, if these could be activated by a shortcut, then it would be perfect. For comparison: In PS there is a drop-down menu, but at least it can be switched quickly with Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 etc. In Photoline channels can be switched by buttons. Anyway, most importantly, the levels adjustments should have the ability to edit each channel's level individually. The aforementioned usability improvements would be a great addition.
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