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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, sometimes i have to prepare materials for specific print. Affinity Photo has VERY usefull channels view. I really need this in Publisher and Designer. channel viewer
  2. I am a brand new user of Affinity Photo. I was following the guide at Get Started for selecting a channel from the Channels Panel, but control-click was not bringing up the contextual menu for the channel. It seemed that I had no way to work with channels. I discovered, however, that I could get it to work if I control-clicked in the narrow border *around* the label for the channel. The attached screenshot shows the contextual menu that I got when the tip of the arrow was about half-a-character below the "u" in the word "Blue". Clicking on the "u" itself failed to bring up the menu, so using repeated trial-and-error I could map out a long rectangle where responsiveness to the control-click was being occluded. This behavior occurred with every channel (Composite, Background, Pixel Selection), and persists with the v1.9.1.219 beta. Curiously, the occlusion seems to affect only control-click, because I can still alter the state of the channels by an ordinary click, e.g., clicking on the label "Composite Red" enables Visible and Editable for that channel alone. My computer is a MacBook Pro with the built-in trackpad and macOS 10.15.7.
  3. Just swopped from InDesign to Publisher and need to urgently send some artwork for printers. Need to add a spot colour channel. How on earth is this possible in Publisher??! I can't even find any channel view? Or am I missing something? Tight deadline and I am MEGA frustrated right now. Any help greatly appreciated! x
  4. Affinity Photo has a number of Features/Menus to “copy” data from one layer-channel to another. Except, each type (Composite RGBA, selected layer RGBA, Pixel selection, Spare Channel) has a different sub-set of features/menus which often make a simple “copy” process more complex/difficult. See attached table. Green cells are existing features/menus. 1. If the existing menu items were implemented for each of the channel types (yellow cells) one could copy data from any channel type to another directly in one step. 2. Alternatively, if Spare Channels had the [Create Grayscale Layer] and [Create Mask Layer] functions/menus so a superset of Features/Menus, then one could always create a Spare Channel, then convert the Spare Channel to the desired layer-channel, so two steps at most. These asymmetries may not be an issue for someone coming from years/decades of PS usage but they present extra hurdles for first time editors. Thanks for considering.
  5. This is an issue about the channels panel, looks like a bug to me. In 1.6, selecting a single colour, with alpha deselected, shows a B/W image, presumably of the colour channel. Same with 1.7 beta. However, adding alpha gives a monochrome image of the proper colour in 1.6, but a fully coloured image in 1.7 beta. If I add another colour instead of alpha, in 1.6 I get an image with the proper color mix, in 1.7 beta I again get a fully coloured image. I have reproduced this at will with any .jpg I tried. For some reason, uploading a file failed with -200, so no example, but I do not think it makes a difference.
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