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Found 7 results

  1. I have large images with pixel shapes (representing cells) and each cell type has a certain colour (6 in total, plus black background). I need to rapidly colour-test different colours to find the best combination for visibility. I have not been able to find a solution anywhere, as most such approaches are about defining a recognisable shape and then altering colours - this is about changing many 'cells' across a large image in one go. Thanks
  2. If I edit a style by right clicking the layer for the style, or just changing the selected text with a new format I click on the update stye button and the style changes yet the plus sign besides the style title sometimes doesn't disappear which I would expect. Sometimes this change doesn't take effect the next time I use the style. What am I doing wrong please? John
  3. Since the latest update of PHOTO and DESIGNER everytime i launch the programs the panels keep changing size. It worked fine on 1.7. But 1.7.1 is a mess. Tried using control on boot to reset hasn't helps. Suggestions? Please fix this its really annoying. It would be great to save a workspace like ADOBE ( sorry) and then you could have multiple layouts. Gary
  4. Dear all, since the update to version 1.7 the panels don´t remain the way I arranged them. Each time you start Affinity Photo or switch between the personas the position and size of the panels changed, though they were docked to each other. My system: Windows, Office 10 Pro (64 bit), two monitors (I apologize for my english - no native speaker)
  5. I have been an artist all my life. Although this has hardly ever been my employed status, I won a scholarship to the Swindon School of Art when I was in Secondary School, and although I never did attend due to family commitments, nevertheless Art has been and shall remain an important part of my life. To cut a long story short, I have in my later years advanced my skills, as a hobbyist into animation, design and photography. I purchased Affinity Photo, which I found to be great for getting the best out of images, and compares well with the more expensive brand names out there. So to say that I wasn't surprised that Affinity Designer was also a good investment would be an understatement. I originally bought it for designing backgrounds for my animation; for which I use Toon Boom Premium. However it has yielded so much more than I initially imagined for the price. It is a Premium Package at an affordable price. I therefore want to award it 10/10 and say a big thank you to Serif for such a fine piece of software. I also bought the accompanying book which was also a sound investment.
  6. Gentlemen: I was a beta and enjoy using Affinity (although after using photoshop the learning curve is a bit of a problem). I was working on a project the other night when all of a sudden the original interface changed. The layers, effects, adjustments were gone. the tools were gone. I was able to get the tools back but everything was "disconnected". My question is how do I go about getting Affinity back to the original interface, and what I may have done to cause it. Thanks Chuck
  7. I understand that this program is in its infancy... more or less, but I have downloaded it three times now and installed it. (I always uninstall the older version first.) But with each progressive install I hoped for an interface I could see; so far no luck. Each program is black as midnight with shades of gray. As a result, I've yet to see the icons and even made them larger but to no avail. Could they leave the bells and whistles until they have these programs working properly with little or no problems before they go at making it look cool, etc. This blackness is really hard on eyes, especially old eyes or eyes that have been repaired; I'm not talking about disability, I'm talking about ordinary eyes. I examined the preferences and there was very little there I could understand let alone change. So, is there a time line the coders are using when one can expect to be able to use the program without a black cape? As to my installs and uninstalls; all went smooth. I turned off Aero years ago as a waste of space and haven't turned it on yet but Affinity did load for me. Yes it was slow but.. I don't mind slow. Other than the above, I look forward to using the program.
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