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  1. My main complicated drawings are taking ages so I thought I would work on a few easier ones at the same time. This is the first to be finished. For me Gulf Racing is the most iconic colour scheme in motor racing and I’ve been meaning to do a 917 but never got around to it until now. Unsurprisingly there aren’t a whole lot of overhead shots of it so this was based on photos of the 1:8 scale die cast model by Amalgam Collection. Very high end, about £10k but bespoke can apparently cost up to £120k. Not something to let the kids play with. On the Porsche 917K’s public debut at the 1970 Daytona 24 Hours, John Wyer's Gulf-sponsored team finished 1-2 in the race. The winning number 2 car driven by Pedro Rodríguez, Leo Kinnunen and Brian Redman broke the distance record by 190 miles.
  2. Hi, Another sesion with 1/18 scale car model - this time its Mercedes AMG GT from Norev
  3. Hi there, just want to share my first try in drawing cars. It's not already perfect, some shadows and surfaces are not there, and most of the lights are missing. It's work in progress. Windows and everything about it had to be done. But for today it's okay. Maybe I'll do some more of my dream cars, when this is done. Should I? Happy Easter all togehther!
  4. Hi, My next personal challenge (to learn AD) was to recreate a sports car. The Lamborghini Aventador is just so beautiful, so it had to be that one! All work is done in Draw Persona, no images added or "pixels" used. Really miss possibility to curve the gradient line, but I think I managed to find ways around it, where I needed soft surfaces :-) . Used a couple of images as reference. Hope you all like it. Amazing things can be done with AD, I just love it more and more. Having so much fun, just creating, not having the software being a limiting factor! Br, Philip Just added the original AD file. Lamborghini_Original.afdesign
  5. 1948 Buick Streamliner created in Affinity Designer.
  6. Having to be in isolation due to being Covid positive, I’ve taken a 15 hour course on using Affinity Designer for the iPad. Based on what I learned, I have made a first run at drawing my 2019 Volvo XC40. My plan is to redraw this in three months so I can see how much my approach changes and how much I improve my overall final image. I really enjoy this creative outlet and look forward to challenging myself. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.
  7. Hi guys, I made a video about the basics of how to do Photo Manipulation. Please check it out, I hope this is helpful, especially for a beginners. Thank you!
  8. This is a Polish car that was produced until 2002 (photo on the wall _) ... and my conceptual design from 2020 😊 Regards, Maciej
  9. Since I am slowly but surely becoming more comfortable using AD, I thought I'd try my hand at drawing a car. Your comments/critiques/suggestions are welcome. TIA
  10. Thought you might be interested to see what a total amateur can do with Affinity Designer. I'm not a professional artist, just an enthusiastic hobbyist, and am still learning the intricacies of Designer after switching from Adobe. My illustration isn't perfect but I'm pretty happy as a first attempt. Congratulations Affinity on great software, great tutorials and a sensible costing model.
  11. Hi, I’ve recently bought an iPad Pro and have been eager to try affinity designer, wow I’m blown away!! I work as a graphic designer and have to use adobe products at work, I could not imagine Having to illustrate this in Adobe Illustrator. Anyway this is my attempt at photo realism. Thanks for looking
  12. Hello, "it was a good idea at the time" - I almost wish I didn't start this as it was very time consuming. Anyway, I think it came up alright. Thoughts?
  13. My Smashing Magazine article was out last Wednesday, coinciding with the presentation of the new tools Serif showcased at the first Affinity Live: Affinity Designer for iPad and Affinity Publisher. I had the honour and luck to be there with them and to be sponsored to create this detailed tutorial: "How To Create A Flat Vector Illustration In Affinity Designer." If you want to learn how to create this, check it out, and please, whatever your questions, ask there in the comments section on the article itself. Thanks! PS - Source file is provided for you all to explore Here the link: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2018/07/flat-vector-illustration-affinity-designer/#top Cheers all and hope you enjoy it.
  14. Hi, I used to use Adobe Illustrator but then I found Affinity Designer and I start to use it. I do all kind of illustrations which can print to t-shirts and all kind graphic design to my customers too. I do love to draw car illustrations and here are my works: https://automobile-t-shirts.blogspot.com/ My older car illustration is made with Illustrator, but about 2 years I have used only Affinity designer. Here are some cars which are made using AD: Opel Kadett B Opel Manta A Peugeot 206 Peugeot 205 (cornering ones) Citroën BX (cornering) Citroën GS Citroën XM Triumph Dolomite Renault Clio Saab 900 (NG900) I have also updated some of my older design by Affinity Designer which I made originally by Illustration (.ai) and it has happened without any problem.
  15. Hello, this is my original AD file from my illustration of the Fiat-500-Vintage-57. Are you ready to pimp the car? He needs a new paint job and maybe a spoiler (automotive), because he wants to be a small sports car :). Help the little car and discover the world of vector graphics (with Affinity Designer) ... Fiat-500-Vintage-57.afdesign.zip Fiat 500 Vintage Vector (Affinity Designer): http://b-bertuleit.de/fiat-500-vintage/
  16. This was my first attempt in Affinity Designer. I'm not very good with the pen tool yet, as I feel like I have more control with the pen tool in Illustrator. But I love being able to switch back and forth between personas!
  17. Hello, I'am Maciej from Poland. I designed a concept car based on my 1995 sketch. This is my own design project. Regards All colors...
  18. Hi all I bring a time-lapse more than a tutorial for this week. However, I explain how to slow it down so you can follow along if interested. You can also ask me how I did this or that, as usual. Kiss!
  19. My new illustration. A 1959 Austin A30.
  20. Simple composite of a vintage car on a sunset beach. Using imported brushes to enhance headlights. Reflections on windshield, selection from sky, warp tool to stretch over glass, blend modes and opacity reduction, large soft edge brush with mask to blend edges around wind shield.
  21. Started a series of classic British car illustrations for T-shirts I have printed. Austin A30 spud in the pipeline.
  22. Hi I'm a car photographer and I just discovered Affinity Photo and love it I just have a specific edit I'm trying to achieve that I haven't found the exact tutorial for. I do a lot of rolling shots for cars and aside from the partial motion blur the camera does I need a way to intensify the motion blur when editing like in the picture. I found the motion blur layer and it didn't work exactly like the pictures, maybe I'm doing it wrong, but some instructions would be greatly appreciated! I want to note that I like the motion with the lines on the road not just blurred background and the car needs to remain in focus exactly like the pictures.
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