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Found 8 results

  1. When I press Esc after clicking on an area to fill, the dialog with the progress bar disappears. Usually, I would do this if the computation isn't instantaneous, which indicates there's a slight gap. In that case, the Flood fill should be cancelled/ undone as well. However, this is currently not the case on Windows 22H2. In Photo 2.0.0.
  2. How does a person Cancel a process that they started but realized, as it is in progress that they wanted to cancel it (for whatever reason they have)? I have hit the "Esc" key and that does not do it. Thank you
  3. Its mandatory (for me) to have a quick escape from many functions. So in PS its possible to hit "escape" on the keyboard and the actual transformation/funtion is gone. But not so in affinity photo. :-( Edit: Its built in Filter/Distort/Perspective (translated from the german version), but its not in some other essentials like the named crop-function, mesh-transformation. Please build this nice little feature in all/most functions for the next release. Thank you!
  4. Windows 10, Publisher (also seen in .384) When Publisher hangs, the save on close dialog box does not work as expected and results in loss of unsaved changes. To reproduce: First, cause the program to hang: open a document or create a new one create a table or select an existing one triple-click to select the text in a filled cell paste selection in another cell (pasting the end space character breaks the table as reported by others) Second, attempt to close the program: Right-click Publisher on the taskbar and select Close Window Dialog box: "The document is about to close, would you like to save your changes? Yes, No, Cancel" - select Cancel Publisher exits to desktop instead of returning to unsaved document When Publisher is not hanging like in the steps above, the save on close dialog works as expected.
  5. The escape key doesn't cancel out of the crop function on my 2017 15" TouchBar MBP. It would be great if it did, or if you added a Cancel button on the TouchBar. Thanks for all you do!
  6. Hi, When one opens the brush edit dialog for an existing brush and touch some sliders for experimentation, the changes are auto-saved and there isn't a Cancel or even an Undo for them. How do you recover you original settings for the brush? Please add Cancel button to the Brush Edit dialog to throw away changes, and also make it possible to Undo it after committing the changes.
  7. Anyone an idea how to select "Develop" and "Cancel" in the "Develop Persona" of the latest Beta? Cheers, Timo
  8. When I change settings in the fx settings window, I can only "Close" the settings. Often I am changing settings and in the course of changing I realize that this change was no good ;-) So I would appreciate a button "Cancel" aside the button "Close". Best, Dietmar
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