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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Serif! I'm Maurizio, and I'm a graphic and comics student from Rome. I'm having trouble with the iPad version of Designer and Photo. I have a 2nd generation iPad Pro (10.5) with iPadOS 14.5. In the iPad Settings section I saw that Designer and Photos take up a lot of space, especially Designer which takes up more or less 74 GB. Although I have closed some documents and deleted some history, it seems that this indirectly increased the space occupied by the app. Before deleting some documents, the space occupied by Affinity Designer was about 55 GB. How can I reduce it? And how can I see more information about the documents open within the program? I can only see the size of a document when I save it as a file (.afdesign or .afphoto) and only on the Files app, but I'm not sure it's the same size as an "open document" within the program. There is also the cache of the edit history (which will be deleted once the document is saved) to be considered in the space occupied. It’s frustrating not being able to fully and directly view and modify all document information within the app. It would be really interesting to see this feature in a new update! Thanks for your attention, I wish you the best! Keep it up and have a nice day! Maurizio
  2. This problem has been driving me nuts lately. Because of my hard drive only having a couple of GBs at most to work with since I use a lot of programs, I have come to rely on my other hard drives for storage space and only let the essential stuff run from my SSD. However, because I can't for some reason change the cache directory during a work session, I am constantly bombarded with this message since Affinity keeps using up my main SSD. Because of this I am constantly having to reload my projects. While nothing really gets lost since the program does successfully save, it is still a very, very annoying thing to have to deal with. It also doesn't help that because of lack of memory that my web browser keeps shutting down, so the problem keeps spreading because of the lack of a cache directory feature built into Affinity. I hope you consider having this as a high priority. Files can get quite big when working, so it would be to most people's benefit.
  3. Question: In Affinity Photo, is it possible to purge the cache / memory, similar to Adobe Photoshop's Purge Cache function? Issue/situation: I mostly work with focus stacked product images from the Hasselblad 100 camera which means the files often bounce around 1.5GB ( in full resolution and focus stacked ), and it would be a great help if I can purge the cache as I've notice Affinity Photo hogs up a lot of HDD space ( assuming for caches etc ) and on occasion I'm getting error messages that I am running low on space. I try and keep the open documents to a minimum but when doing client review and editing I need to flip between 2 - 10 different documents which is an issue. It has to be noted I do not have a large SSD but it's sufficient for everything else except when Affinity Photo churns through space for caches. Tried: I've searched the forum but not conclusive threads on the matter. Operating system: OSX Catalina 10.15.3 Affinity Photo: Version 1.8.3 Any help or input on this matter is much appreciated, as I'm considering moving from other editors to Affinity Photo. Thank you in advance. PS: if this post is in the wrong forum, then please let me know, and I will submit it in another.
  4. Point 1. I decided to try to put a pdf together in AP Beta. I successfully created a pdf. The following day I accidentally deleted it, which was not really a big deal as I needed to update many of the images (.jpg). I was surprised that when I created a brand new pdf with the updated images, Publisher placed the old images! How is this possible? Point 2. Also, I can see no way to 'refresh' images. Point 3. All my images are linked, but do not update.
  5. The desktop versions of Affinity Photo have an option under ‘Preferences’ for clearing the font cache, but the iPad version doesn’t seem to have this. Will it be added later, or isn’t it needed on iOS?
  6. We have a user that is using Affinity 2.01.0132 and they deleted their Internet Explorer cache; which deleted their configuration. (This configuration allowed Affinity to choose a default folder location within the Laserfiche ECM application) Now under "GENERAL OPTIONS" their Configuration Location is set to "Local- For my profile only"; and the "Global" option is grayed out. I am wanting to switch the user to the "Global" configuration option so that I can use another known good users Affinity Profile. Also, how do I copy another users Affinity profile into this users configuration. Do I export and then import an XML file? If I can import another users Affinity configuration profile I think this will allow the user have the same settings as they did before they deleted their IE cache, along with their Affinity profile. Thanks,
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