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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Affinity Developer Team, Affinity is really a great Software. I would like to do a Layout in Myanmar Language but the text is not displayed correctly. Am I missing something or is it not supported? Best regards, Hippolyta
  2. Hello, I just downloaded the full suite of Affinity software on my Mac today after reading all the reviews, and I really like what I see. There is a major problem however, which I encountered in Photoshop before, and now Affinity as well - and that is the support for proper unicode typing in Burmese and other sino-tibetan languages. As it stands right now, Photoshop and Affinity both are displaying Myanmar (Burmese) language in a literal progression, instead of how unicode is supposed to be displayed. I don't know if I can explain this very well for non burmese speakers, but I will try: For example: If I want to write the word "cat" (Jaung) in Burmese, I need to write it according to unicode typing standard, which would be ကြောင် (က+ြ+ေ+ာ+င+်). However, Affinity will not display that correctly. So if I want to type it in affinity, I have to type ေြကာင် (ေ+ြ+က+ာ+င+်), which is completely senseless, and doesn't meet the new unicode standard, making Affinity completely unusable for a number of languages that I speak and design in. You might be wondering, "well, why not just change the order you type in?" Glad you asked. Why? Well, because it's not that simple. Beings that Burmese unicode is dynamic (certain characters change size or shift right, left, up, or down automatically depending on proper typed order, which as I just tested it, due to Affinity not supporting the proper typing order, makes the text unreadable as it is not shifting properly due to that incorrect typing order) it requires all software to fully support the Unicode table and typing order. I have yet to test some other languages that I daily use, but I'm afraid it will be the same problem. So is there some way to fix this? Or am I out in the cold having spent $120 on software I can't use for 90% of my projects? Would you guys be able to update it and make it work properly for non English languages? Just to clarify, in case you can not see the above characters rendered properly on your device, this is the unicode order for the word "cat" in Burmese (Jaung) as it should be typed: U+1000U+103CU+1031U+102CU+1004U+103A The above however does not display properly in Affinity. To display semi-properly I have to use the below order, which is incorrect and still has a a major error: U+1031U+103CU+1000U+102CU+1004U+103A The above is not entirely correct, as ြ (Ya Pínt) displays only half the width of က (Ka gyi) when it should display the full width. This is a serious issue, as it makes this software completely unusable for 80+ million people. So please do fix this asap so this app can be used properly. If there is some way I can contribute to the devs any linguistic info I'm also happy to do that if needed, but this needs to be fixed quick. I am attaching a screenshot below which will hopefully help clear up my poor explanation. Looking forward to a solution.
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