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  1. Ok sorry for writing here again but I'll just leave this here in the hope someone could find this useful. First, Thanks Guys for taking the time to port Photo to Windows, it's most appreciated, more than you may think. Second, I'll try and list some of the bugs/feedback I think are usefull for a user that's looking at photo as a replacement for Photoshop, not as a cataloguing device. The following points are not about bugs only, but also features desired for a more efficient workflow -As I stated before: no color selection tool with respective range control, I know there is selection for green/blue/ad red but it does not even come close to what a more advance user might want -No detailed luminosity mask/selection tool, Mandatory in my opinion, resterize to mask and selecti midtone/shadow/highlight are not viable alternatives for detailed work, nor are the options in the gear windows in every adjustement layer. -no color picker when opening the HSL A.L. ? really? it really pulls you way from your work. -No quick way to adjust brush flow and opacity. clicking on buttons is not the way to do it, it's a workflow killer, the old Alt+Rightclick Drag method is a Godsend for speed and reliability all in one gesture. -The image displayied seems to refresh and flickers and reconstruct its preview every time some changes are done or you zoom in and out. (I'd assume this is a graphic bug and will be solved in future releases of beta) -I didn't find a way to merge into a panorama the images opened in my editor, itseems you have to open them from the explorer provided, how abut I have all my needed images stack on layers and in the dialogue box I click 'use opened images' -No reliable way to align layers (sorry it's just that), creating a stack doesnt seem to work reliably. -Some plug-in that worked perfectly before nw don't seems to work (the nik collection) -overall the UI seems crowded on a 1080p screen, maybe ui scaling would be a good idea, and I know that windows scaling is os dipendet and OSX is app dependent. More or less these are my main concerns for now, and I repeat FOR NOW. I'd really like to switch to photo for my external editing needs but some of the features are really distracting and annoying, I don't necesserely want this to be photoshop, but undoubtebly there are some things PS does much more fluidly (in a workflow sense) and in a more detailed way. Please don't take this as a review or a negative experience, I do sincerely appreciate the work and effort that's going on for allowing us windows user to have photo at our disposal, but I feel even more involved in giving you guys feedback because you seem to listen much more than any other company. P.S. please please please guys make that luminosity mask panel happen please
  2. Hello, This issue is similar to my earlier post here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26841-cant-export-single-artboard-instead-of-whole-document/ So please either delete, mark as duplicate, etc. if it has already been addressed and fixed. Whenever I go into Export Persona mode the right panel just disappears and I can't click on anything. Even if I go back to Draw Persona, I still can't do anything. I essentially have to restart Designer if I want to be able to work. However, while in Export Persona, if I click and drag I can see the right panel highlights changing. You can see this in the screenshots I attached. I'm on Mac 10.8.5. Thanks for any help, -Jeremy
  3. This is my list of feature requests so I can completely ditch illustrator. While I love Affinity Designer and bought it to support development, It doesn't fully replace Illustrator because of a few key features that are missing: Feature Request List: 1) Path offset 2) Shape builder 3) Snap to intersection between 2 paths (This has been fixed in the latest 1.5 beta) 4) Snap to self/copy. (i.e. when I drag and object it should snap to its previous position, or if I Alt drag a copy of an object it should snap to the original object). Existing Features That Are Buggy: 1) Expanding a stroke creates way too many verts Other Low Priority Features: 1) Use saved pressure curves across documents
  4. Affinity installed Windows, but the menu does not appear all that I see in the version for Mac. For example, do not have the option Document, Arrange and Filters. Enabling these options? I have also seen all the tools in the left panel. How to do this? Also could not move to the Portuguese language Brazil. Only a few items are converted (translated). Thank you very much!
  5. I am having trouble removing and adding crop presets. I know that you go to custom ratio type in the desired ratio and then save it as a preset. After doing this the preset doesn't work and reverts to an unconstrained ratio. At first I couldn't select the faulty presets but after restarting the program I can put a checkmark next to the names. Even though I can select the presets and click "delete preset" the preset doesn't disappear. Help is appreciated.
  6. I've saved files in .afdesign yet when I try to open it it says "the file type is not supported" how to open it?
  7. My first project learning to use AD and it won't export correctly. See Image #1. (What it's supposed to look like.) Image #2 (export settings) and Image #3 (what it actually looks like). I tried exporting in jpg, png, and psd, but the dice and coins don't show up in the final exports. I used export persona to export slices and got the same result. The dice and coins are not visible in the slices. Well, image #1 exported correctly when I broke apart the coin and dice groups, but that did not work on the other pages. If anyone knows how to fix this problem please let me know. This is a personal project, but I still have a deadline. Looks like I'll have to use some screen shots to produce the final cards since I'm planning to laminate them tomorrow. By the way this is a remake of a game by Calliope Games called 'Roll For It'. Follow me on Art Station and check out more of my work. https://b_sean.artstation.com Peaceout! B.
  8. I am wondering if there is a bug in the RGB selection of sliders. I cannot view G and B only R because the color selector is the size of the box selection. Is this a bug that is being fixed.
  9. Hi all, I just been looking in the Adobe forum and this is what I found: https://forums.adobe.com/message/6813810#6813810 and the other posts... I snapped up Affinity Designer the other day after watching their promotional video. So far, it well lives up to its promises and is as well-behaved as any software out there, legacy or not. Serif is a company to watch. I'm sure their photo editing and page layout software will be equally good as Affinity Designer. A new paradigm is upon us all... I was also a big fan of FreeHand but I always hated Illustrator. Recently I have spent a lot of time on iDraw and really enjoy it. One advantage it has over Illustrator is that you can exchange files between iPad and Mac. Affinity Designer also looks interesting and I hope to give that a try as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affinity Designer is very interesting and is an easy replacement for Illustrator to me. I am so glad someone suggested that. #1 paid app in the Mac App Store! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are using a Mac, you could always download the currently free beta of Serif's Affinity Designer and see if it will meet your needs in the future. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/ I think they intend on selling it for something around $30 or so once the beta is over. It is still beta, there is still work to be done. The ripples are growing and the next wave of customers will come over like a tsunami ...Roll on Publisher and Photo in 2015. Well done everyone. We can do it. We are doing it.
  10. Hey guys, loving the new program or app as it's clued nowadays, but while testing it out the brush tool is very slow and laggy, with the mouse and even more with my intros 4. Anybody else experiencing this? My mac is a macbook retina 13 with 8 gigs of ram and a 256 ssd, this years model. PEace
  11. I think it's great that you have a place to post bugs for the beta and that you respond to topics. (Just having it is only half...) Will the forum (or something similar) still be there after release? I really hope so because it gives people a chance to report things and find out if there is a fix. And it makes it easier to find out if you're the only one on the planet experiencing a problem/ bug.
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