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  1. Affinity Designer v2 froze after placing a photo and then opening the file again never opened it, just kept showing a "Loading document" message. I have uninstalled the program, reinstalled it and it still won't open my document. I have tried to open other versions of the same document but it doesn't open either. I lost the work of an entire afternoon???? 😡 AD v2.1.1 MacOS Monterrey v12.6.7 Macbook Pro M1
  2. This is a simple example of the bugs, i'm using this setup a lot for my photo editing/compositing masking works in v1, and now all of them is broken in when loaded in v2. Original mask: Results in v1: Results in v2: As you can see in the example, the mask layer is disappear/inactive when adding adjustment layer (or live filter, eg. adding minimum blur to shrink the mask) to a mask. Disabling the adjustment layer/live filter reveals the mask again. And this is the sample document in case anyone want to test it in v1 or v2. mask_bugs.afphoto
  3. Hello. I hope you are enjoying your day so far. I am having an issue that I hope you can help me with. I have Affinity Designer on my new laptop. I can open Affinity Designer but when I go to a new document and hit create, the program closes. I can not use the program at all. It is very frustrating to say the least. I am using Windows 10 Pro. The Hardware Acceleration is not enabled and it still crashes. Attached is one of the most recent crash reports. Please assist in resolving this issue. Thank you 92e413f8-2fa5-4803-96b1-df8fc4f5b5f4.dmp
  4. Excuse me if there are another topic on it, I couldn´t find it on the forum. I having a long problem with: 1) Selections in pixel persona: when I do a cross selection (polygonal or lasso) it dislocates to top left. 2) Color Pick Tool (i): when I pick a color, it appear as foreground (above) at Tools Menu. But when I select the Brush tool, it goes do Backgroun color. So I must go and change again. My Affinity Designer Version is
  5. Whenever I export a logo from Designer as an SVG I noticed in Illustrator CS6 my strokes change. It's my suspicion that when the scale strokes option is selected in Designer for iPad, the data gets lost during export to SVG or upon import into CS6. Anyone else getting this glitch? I suppose a workaround would be to convert those strokes to outlines before exporting but what if client wants me to adjust stroke weight on the fly on their computer? Or on my own? I have Designer for Mac as well but these clients do not. So I would like to know if this is something you plan to address in a future update. Fantastic app by the way! May the Vector Gods smile upon you!
  6. I started a simple design in Affinity Designer 2.0.0 (only and latest version) on Windows 11 Pro (latest updates, version 22H2) that does not allow the border of the item named “Main Panel” to be edited. I was forced to export the file to SVG to open it in Affinity Designer 1 to continue. The program hung for a bit while editing, and on relaunch asked for permission to submit crash reports that I approved. The problem file is attached. Thank you for your attention. TChapterSlider.afdesign
  7. hi I am having a nightmare at the minute no matter what i do both of these programs are crashing i cant change font or do pretty much anything or add a few picture without it shutting down i have so much do do right now i dont wont to pay for the v2 just yet as i have hardly used the photo one due to crashing i have a really good laptop so its not the specs on that please help i have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it does the same thing it was design was fine before hand only crashing the odd time
  8. In the Right Studio area, each panel cannot be resized. (Vertical direction) The same panel can be resized in the Left Studio area. Affinity Designer v2.0.0 Windows 11 Pro 21H2 Hardware acceleration is ON (same when turned OFF) NVIDIA TITAN RTX (Studio Driver ver 517.40) Monitor: EIZO EV3237 (4k monitor)
  9. Even though start is a word, spell check says that start is not a word & it marks it as not spelled correctly. Notice the squiggly line under the word Start. (See Picture)
  10. I just ran into a bug using Photo (latest version) on the iPad. I had a locked layer selected and began drawing and instead of preventing me from drawing and telling me the layer was locked Photo just went right ahead and let me edit the layer regardless. I really, really want to make Affinity apps part of my core toolset, but it's countless maddening little issues like this that really kill any and all confidence I have with these apps. I've attached a video to demonstrate the behaviour. RPReplay_Final1641662336.mp4
  11. There is a difference in the way Affinity Photo 1.10.0 and Affinity Photo correctly or incorrectly handle some Photoshop plugins. 1. In release 1.10.0, all of the newer Topaz Labs plugins (AI and Topaz Studio 2) fail, giving “processing error” messages and/or do not recognize existing presets. They all run correctly in An old Topaz Labs plugin, Topaz ReMask, runs correctly in both. 2. Exposure X6 does not start in 1.10.0. I know this plugin is not officially supported but it has run in all of the recent beta releases of Affinity Photo, and continues to run correctly in 3. DxO Nik Collection 4: Silver Efex Pro and Viveza — the only two apps in the Nik Collection significantly changed in this recent release (updated several days ago). In 1.10.0 the two plugins are running correctly. In beta, the interfaces are not rendered correctly, missing some buttons. My system: macOS 11.5.
  12. when I reload ai file into publisher, the font will missing. when I change the font to "time new ..", then it will be reloaded correctly .
  13. What? My pages are upside down? The ruler is backwards? This is crazy. off pub beta 1024 AFTER my 1.9.1 version locked up and won't open. AFTER I linked two images instead of embedding files. Now I can't open the original and the beta looks like this!@@ This is the second install after I zipped the original and the 1st beta and put them temporarily in the trash instead of applications. All my assets are gone all my presets gone. All my fonts missing. What is happening with your programs. I am over 10 days into watching crashes. 25 of them yesterday, more today. And NOW this. Good grief. ANY ideas, ANYONE??? And why the gray lined separating one of my afpub files in the OPEN recent dialogue ( see picture) The top one crashes before I can unlink the resource. THEN there's the message about restore unsaved file but no idea what file and then it crashes. MacBook Pro 10.13.6 8 gb memory 2.3 ghz i5
  14. Hey guys, so this is my first post for here, and honestly I have also no background in digital art/photoshop, I’ve just learned in the past year how to work with procreate. I’ve downloaded affinity photo on my iPad so I could make mock-ups for my needs. So I got some smart objects file from Envato Elements. At the first time something weird happened and the images was “broken”(?) I have no idea why...you can see in image #1. however this weird issue “solved”, and everything works fine. I’m adding the image, the perspective looks good. Image #2. but when I’m enter the file again, the perspective seems way off. Image #3. any suggestions how to solve this?
  15. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? I can't find the fill and stroke in the contour tool, I've gone to affinity.help but can't find the answer. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thank you.
  16. Hi. Disaster release 1.9 contains another bug: Select a layer (inside a group) in a layer stack, have an object in clipboard, click Insert at the top of the layer button, it gets highlighted, but on paste the object appears at the top of the layer stack. It worked flawlessly in all other previous releases I can think of since like version 1.5. Same goes when the same button is selected and one clicks New Layer icon.
  17. I've just updated all to 1.9.0 on a non-production Mac to check out the good and the bad. First thing I noticed is my Assets panel (which contains all my most used logos and wot-not) has a really slow redraw so for around 3-5 seconds it appears theres nothing in the panel and scrolling causes the assets to vanish then slowly one by one re-appear - this has bombed Publisher a few times and appears to have the same lag across all three apps - I've also tried switching from Metal over to OpenGL which makes no difference - beta works as it should with instant redraw on my production mac - I will try deleting all my main assets and re-add from backup to see if this makes a difference, when I get a chance. An old bug that appeared in early 1.9 beta where occasionally layers can't me moved with the mouse or trackpad - Quitting and restarting the app seems to sort this, but it's returned twice. grouping text boxes, text scaling problem seems the same as beta Tiny icons which i've seen other users flag Other than that It's a really great release, although I'm finding the last Beta to be working quite a bit better than the commercial release - so for the time being will be sticking with 1.8.6
  18. In Stock panel the filler text not scrollable in non-full-screen mode and cut off at the bottom. The second picture is when I swipe down to scroll up.
  19. Someone recently sent me an .Ai file and after downloading it and opening it in Affinity Designer, I was met with a blank page. No layers are listed either. I had the person resend it and they said the file is fine on their end and the new file they sent also showed a blank screen. I'm using the most up to date version of affinity designer. Does anyone know why this is?
  20. Publisher is a bit buggier than the last several releases. Stuff I've noticed so far: More difficult to select objects Dragging a rectangle around objects to select sometimes non-functional at <100% views Double-clicking a selection in the Paste Special dialog does not automatically dismiss the dialog Selection bounds sometimes rendered the wrong shape and size Looking forward to another update. Probably shouldn't have been so eager to grab this version until more kinks are ironed out. 😉 (on Windows 10 v. 20H2 19042.746)
  21. Why is the cursor NOT aligning to the left of the text box? NO matter what I do I can't get it to work right. Please advise.
  22. Hello, I'm getting this error message whenever I am trying to save a document in Designer as .afdesign. I then click "Close" and the document shuts down. It saves the document as a .afdesign file I re-open it The file is corrupt Designer sort of freezes Troubleshooting: Re-installed Designer Shut down the program I am pretty sure I restarted my PC, but not 100% The problem about this It's super annoying that i can't re-open files I have to re-open Designer each time Does it happen 100% of the time? Well, yes. It did it ca. twice and then it worked again and now it's everytime. Please help me Thanks in advance - Vitus
  23. Hello, I am using Affinty to replace PS for about one mounth. It works mostly, but there are many glitch which feel weird. I will list a few: - Select (lasso) is extremely slow. The lasso is late compare to the mouse pointer. Sometimes is also does not work: You draw your selection, but nothing is selected, you redraw it, it works.. This kind of function was already instant on an Amiga 500.. how can it be slow on a modern PC ? - Change the brush size using the mouse (using Ctrl-Alt) is totally weird. Sometime the position on the pointer jumps to somewhere else. And even it it does not change, its a total painful experience. One ends up using the brush properties in the tool bar on the top - Exporting to Tiff (16bit with layers) usually produce a corrupted tiff and the picture is lost - Performance is sub optimal. PS CS6 on a MBP 2012 feels way faster than Affinity on a PC i7 8 cores/64Gb/RTX 2080 - I deeply dived in mask.. still could not figure out how the works. I could not thing about any logical function.. Sometime it works, sometimes it does, sometimes, it remove parts of the pictures.. -> Is it possible using one mask, to mask the content of a group ? If yes, how -> Would it be possible to add the option: "Mask behaviour like in PS" `? - Open a big tiff, resize, correct prespective and then flatten -> Affinity can not save this picture anymore. -> Work lost. -> the same without flatten -> it works - The Level tools only show the per channel clipping, if the master level is >0. - Afffinty crahes a lot. mainly while loading big file, Inpainting or just like this. Questions: Are others experiencing such issue ? Will the usability of the software be improved anytime soon ? Regards
  24. PLEASE HELP: All Affinity Products Stopped Opening on Windows 10 I have a Surface 7 Pro with 2 external monitors and have been using Affinity products on it for some time. I've purchased all three Affinity products and been quite happy with them, up until now... Went to open them today and none of them will open, all have a very brief loading cursor then nothing at all. 😞 Nothing in: %APPDATA%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\Log.txt 0KB %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Log.txt 0KB %APPDATA%\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\Log.txt 0KB Windows 10 20215.1000 Intel Iris Plus Graphics Affinity Designer 1.8.5 but also affects Affinity Photo 1.8.5 and Affinity Publisher 1.8.5. All were working just fine up until today. I've restarted several times. Tried without the external monitors attached. Etc. Nothing seems to help at all. I have none of the known third party apps that cause issues. I replaced the Intel Iris Plus graphic drivers with the latest version from Intel and that did not help either. PLEASE HELP I have work I desperately need to do and I can't even get any of the apps to launch anymore. 😢😭 I need to get this working again ASAP. 🙏 If a developer needs to access my machine remotely to debug that can be arranged.
  25. Several categories in Adjustments are empty, see attached screenshot. Maybe language settings (Photo is English, Ipad is German)? Georg
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