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  1. Hi, I use Designer for creating isometric pixel art by enabling the pixel alignment, disabling whole pixel movement and forcing the anti-aliasing off. However, I noticed with the recent update that although it doesn't affect the outcome due to the anti-aliasing being turned off, the pixel alignment is snapping to ##.9 rather than ##.0. I can't get it to stop. Is there a way to fix this or is it a bug? I know that Designer 1 series didn't do this. Thanks. James
  2. plz help me figure out why this lags so much, with one group it start lagging badly. i have my i7 7700 and 16gb ram with gtx 1050. this is not that bad of a setup to work with in the vid u can see how illustrator handle performance is thare any setting i could change to make it better??? let me know. THANK YOU! afnty bug.mp4
  3. Randomly my document will flicker while I am working, but the flicker does not extend to the tool bar, or anything other the main canvas. (this happens in designer and publisher as well and not on any other app I use) I had updated my windows OS about a month ago and this same issue occurred. I reverted windows and it fixed my problem so I kept delaying the update but windows wont allow me to delay the update anymore. After updating a few days ago, the issues has come back. Affinity is updated to the most recent build, Nvidia Driver is up tp date (466.27) and my Windows OS is on 19042.928. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out, drives me crazy.
  4. Hi, I have a strange problem. If I use mixed Master Pages for a single spread, the text on the other page flows around the objects from the other Master, that are however not there. Please see the images, it's quite clear: (see the red circle around the spot in the lower third of the right side) This is the Master applied on the left side (on previous picture, it's a bit modified, that's why the right and left sides don't match): Its quite strange, probably a bug. In the attachment, I will add the (shortened) APu file, as soon as I get home. It shows in both V1 and V2, and no matter, whether the Windows or Mac version. I haven't really checked that on iPad, as the hyphenation there is a mess... Thanks for any suggestion and help. I mean, it's not the end of the world, but I would still prefer to not have such artifacts... Thanks! Lectionarium Cisterciense, Pars Hiemalis (excerptum).afpub
  5. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is a bug or perhaps I'm missing something but anyways. With an object or curve selected when I bring up the color wheel by clicking the fill or stroke buttons and then drag across the colors the color HEX field is changing in real-time to represent that color (See A image). Now I understand that if I want to apply that same color to something else I can simply copy the HEX code from that field, select a different object or curve bring bring up the color wheel again and paste the code within its HEX field. This works sort of (See B image) as the color becomes grey except the hue value is different from original - the value of 86 for some reason becomes 0 even though the HEX code is the same. Furthermore, after the code has been pasted the HEX field and HSL become stuck, when I drag my mouse across colors it only shows the last pasted code within the HEX field and corresponding HSL (See C image). Is this a bug or normal behavior and I'm missing something? As a final note the color wheel under the "Color" tab, its HEX field works no problem. Additionally, by dragging my mouse across the colors and then bringing back the fill/stroke wheel and doing the same unsticks the HEX field until I paste another code.
  6. I am having a persistent problem with Affinity publisher, which results in it crashing. This is the process: - Click the triangle to open the font dropdown menu. - Type letters to search for the font I would like. - Affinity Publisher crashes. Is anyone else having this same issue? Can it be fixed easily? Thanks kindly.
  7. Suddenly the file which I was working on all these days says, "Save failed because access to the file was lost". I just updated my macbook pro to mac os ventura today. I don’t know what went wrong, I'm not able to save my file after making some changes. Can someone please help me fast.
  8. Hey there, so i was exporting and the export came out incomplete. One pic is a screenshot from affinity designer, the outher is the exported image. Anyone have a possible solution for this problem? (it also cuts off parts of the design depending on the zoom i use...)
  9. Hey guys, I found this weird problem, while importing 32bit .tif files. Photoshop and Windows can preview them normally, but Affinity is adding white boarders around the white areas. Hope to get help here... Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thank you Jonny
  10. I'm new to Affinity Designer and was trying to make a custom brush that can loop seemlessly for circles, but when I import the brush it creates a glitch when moving it at certain angles. As far as I can tell it's purely visual as it clears when zooming out, but I'm concerned it might cause issues later on if its something I messed up when making the brush. I created a new textured intensity brush with the following image and didnt change any of the settings. It doesn't occur with any other brush though so it might be something I missed about how brushes work. I've also tried changing the stroke width and head/tail offset. Any help is appreciated and I can provide more info if needed. BrushArtifact.mp4
  11. Hello, I'm trying to make the switch from Adobe to Affinity. I have this issue that it only seems to show on my Wacom Cintiq 16. Every time my brush hovers over my strokes they drop resolution/quality. I'd love to draw in Affinity photo, but I can't get around the low resolution lines. Any help? is this a known bug? what should I do? Note: Page size is Default A4 size, 300 DPI. Affinity Designer "pixel persona" doesn't drop brush stroke resolution. (Which uses pixels as well) Wacom cintiq 16 drivers are up to date. Specs: i7-10700k 3.80GHZ 16gb Ram 2070 super RTX Windows 10 I've attached an example video below Affinity Photo - Brush Strokes dropping quality. - YouTube
  12. Very often I cannot open an AI file in Designer because there are lot of hair thin lines that form where the layers are joined. If I open the file in Illustrator I don't see these lines. Also if I export to PNG from Illustrator then this problem is solved - but then I have a raster layer. This problem persists even if I create a PDF file in Illustrator and place in Publisher. The interpretation of curves leaves these unsightly lines. I go through the layers in Designer to see what must be causing this but I can't see the issues. About the only thing I can do is painstakingly move the vector paths around in certain layers - but this would literary take me hours for super complex files. Please see attached. This is from a bearded man graphic - see the line around the mustache.
  13. I was drawing a commission on Affinity Designer (running MacOS Big Sur 11.2.1) when the eraser tool started only working partially, it was transparent now. I fiddled about with settings and checked some forums to no avail. This is when I decided to get a photo as evidence of the problem. The photo shows several lines in 3 different brushes, the first I left alone, the second I went over with the eraser one and the third I went over twice. It was on the second trial of the pen brush my eraser magically started working after no change on my part, and to illustrate this I erased the top part of all the lines. Bearing in mind this lasted about 20 minutes and fixed itself on it's own I can only assume it was a bug and to report it. The opacity and flow were both at 100% the whole time and I don't believe I've ever changed that, and opacity under the colour wheel was kept at 100%.
  14. Hi Everyone I really am having a lot of coordination problems between Designer and Publisher... maybe I have got conceptually the wrong end of the stick but I cannot find any good tuturials on how they interact with one another. In this specific problom I have designed an object in Designer... it is a simple rectangluar sign 100mm x 100mm I just want to copy this into a page in Publisher,, so naturally I copy it in Designer , Paste in the Publisher on a page... To my shock reverything gets resized,, in this case smaller [24 x24mm ] what in hell is going on???? in both cases the document / file units are set as mm and in both files the page size is A3 is is a basic bug... Yes, I could build the design in Publisher using the Designer persona... [In fact, that is the workflow I am persueing , but I have a lot of artwork already in Designer.. Interestingly, when i copy/paste form Publisher to Designer the size is respected, no change happens???? Actually, I expected the Studiolink between Publisher and Designer to be the same as between Publisher and photo,, it definately does not! Frankly, I expected to be able to insert a designer file into publisher [as a link] and have it editable and dynamically updated regardless of which app I worked in... At the moment I cannot even reliably COPY / PASTE between them PS, I don't have a problem with scaling that I can control ,, eg it would be good if I can take a full size design in Designer and insert/link it as a smaller scale object in publisher... but I need to have explicit control of that scaling This is how most CAD drafting packages operate! All affinity software are the latest reelases , W10 latest patch
  15. Hello everybody. I am not sure if this is a bug coming from Affinity Photo or Windows or if it is even a bug bu here is the deal: I know you can alter the hardness and size of the brush by holding CTRL + ALT + right click and if I perform the shortcut everything works as it should. However, if I want to perform the actions with my pen stylus instead nothing happens. I only get this annoying white ring as seen in the attached picture. My pen (Wacom Pro L) is set to perform right click and it works. Only Affinity Photo seems to not get the right click input from the stylus... Can somebody please help me? It slows down my workflow so much it really gets me angry and frustrated. Is there a way to set the shortcut combination to something different? I tried to find it in the settings but the only thing I can find for brush size ist [ or ] and that does not help me. Thank you in advance for your help! I am really looking forward to it. Best, Gomorrah
  16. What is your operating system and version (Windows 10, OSX Mojave, iOS 12 etc)? macOS Big Sur 11.1 Affinity Designer 1.8.6 (trial version) What happened for you (and what you expected to happen) I want to remove "B" as a shortcut for the Pixel Tool, so it doesn't swap to Paint Brush Tool if I accidentally hit B twice. Every time I open the Designer, Pixel Tool has its shortcut set to "B". Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did). remove the shortcut "B" for Pixel Tool. close Affinity Designer. open Affinity Designer again. Pixel Tool has its shortcut set to "B" again. also tried: Saving the shortcuts as a ".affshortcuts" file. Closing Affinity Designer. Going to "~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Affinity Designer" Replacing the "shortcuts.affshortcuts" file with mine. Opening Affinity Designer. The Pixel Tool is set to "B" again (it seems it's always reset to "B"?) Any unusual hardware (like tablets or external monitors or drives that may affect things) or relevant other applications like font managers or display managers. Second monitor ASUS, using HDMI cable Wacom Intuos tablet Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? (software or hardware) No
  17. Steps to reproduce: 1. Have a document of a particular size (in my case, I often work with making composite screenshots, so PrintScreen the whole screen, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N to create a new document and paste in the clipboard) 2. Copy some pixel data of exactly the same size (PrintScreen something else, so clipboard contains another image exactly the same size as the document) 3. Paste as a new layer Result: The new layer is added, but it is always shifted with X: -15px and Y: -15px. Expected result: As the clipboard is exactly the same size as the document, I'd expect it to be positioned exactly at X: 0 and Y: 0. Even if Affinity Photo was trying to paste to the center of the document or whatever, it should still be aligned perfectly with the first layer, no?
  18. Hi I'm using a Gaomon pd1560 tablet-display. Its pen pressure has worked in previous versions of affinity photo, but when I upgraded to 1.82, it does not work anymore. It was a while ago I upgraded, so I'm not sure what version I was previously on. I have tried restarting my computer & reinstalling affinity photo, but pen pressure still does not work. I tried installing Krita, and confirmed that pen pressure works there. Ive double checked that the brush has pressure dynamics enabled. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this, or is this a bug in affinity photo itself which I need to wait until it gets solved? Thanks in advance.
  19. [Affinity Publisher 1.8.4 on MacOS] I'm trying to set up hierarchical ("Based on") text styles for a book I am designing. But the behaviour of the Font settings is preventing it from working correctly. When editing the Font settings of a text style "Based on" another style: Font family defaults to "[No change]" (perfect for hierarchical styles), but Font traits (Italic, etc.) is disabled. (See screenshot attached.) For example, my "Based on" style is in Garamond, and I just want to create a style for Italic. I should be able to simply change the Font traits to "Italic". But the only way to enable the Font traits (so I can choose Italic), is to hard-select Font family: Garamond, then choose Font traits: Italic. Of course that works, but it breaks the cascading hierarchical style. If I later change my "Based on" style to Jenson, the lower-level style remains hard-selected to Garamond. Is this a bug, or is there some good reason for this behaviour? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  20. Hi, I want to create tiled texture, to do so, I need to use the affine filter, but the filter does unexpected things (see screenshot). Is-this a bug ? (or I missed something) Thanks you in advance. OS: macOS Catalina Affinity Photo version: 1.8.4
  21. Hi, So, just installed Designer update 1.8.4 and have noticed the following: Draw a line with the pen tool then add a new node with the node tool but the 'Break Curve' option in the toolbar is now greyed out. It can only be accessed by deselecting the line then selecting it again. This was NOT the case before the 1.8.4 update. It is an operation I perform pretty much every day and it is really annoying as it breaks my workflow every time. Running Designer on MacBookPro 2019, 16" with MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 Please let me know what is different or fix it please if it is a bug. Many thanks and best wishes Break Curve greyed out.afdesign
  22. Hello, I bought Affinity Designer (Windows version) today and unfortunately I can't install the program. I have already tried all the methods described in the forum (system restart, run as admin etc.), but nothing helps. My Windows 10 (x64) is updated to newest version, NET framework 4.8 installed etc. My system meets all the requirements. I downloaded Installer file few times (in Chrome and Firefox) and problem is same - installer doesn't start. I tried this method the Affinity installer window not showing FAQ but it didn't help. I've never had any Affinity program installed on my laptop before. In my "Temp/AffinitySetup" folder I only have Setup.log files and no SetupUI.log files. My Setup.log file: Please let me know if You need more information. Regards, Bart
  23. Hello All, I have been using Affinity on mac and now I baught it on windows. The brush panel that should contains default brush, on windows, seems to contains things (that can be selected) but everything is empty. Does someone know knows if this is a bug or if I do something wrong. Thank you
  24. Hello. Can we get saveable workspaces? I use a laptop + external monitor most of the time, but not always. I need a separate panel layout for each of these situations: Laptop: unified panel layout (uncheck "separated mode") Laptop + monitor: Separated mode: Most panels arranged on laptop + context bar and artboard on external monitor. If I could save an instance of each workspace I could easily switch between depending on the situation. Hopefully this is in the works as I think this would be a feature many professionals would utilise. Thanks
  25. Hey all! Just started trying out both Affinity products on Windows today and I've run into a snag with Designer. It seems that I cannot get my file to export as an SVG properly - the "embedded document" portion does not export. Is there a checkbox or step I'm missing?? I am able to export everything as a PNG if I don't resize on export - if I try to resize then the embedded doc portion again does not show up. I've attached the files I get so you can see what's going on as well as a screenshot of my layers in designer. Could also use a tip on how to set the exact artboard size - haven't figured that out just yet... Thanks! NewInterstate-v1.svg
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