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Found 814 results

  1. When I export a GIF with the standard settings, it adds a subtle haze to white areas, which seems to start at the top left corner of the top left vector. You can see it in the attached pic (you might need to tilt your monitor to get enough contrast to see it...)
  2. First off, just wanted to say that I L-O-V-E Affinity. Such a godsend compared to illustrator. Here's the bug I found: I'm trying to export a layer in the export persona. It works completely fine if I'm just exporting an object that has its stroke expanded, but if I try to export something without expanding the stroke first, the strokes shown in the exported PNG are super thin, so aren't working properly. My current hack to fix this is to copy the stroke layers and expand them (I need to keep the original path to tweak later), but I assume what should actually be happening when I export a stroke is that it exports to the png exactly as I had it in my drawing. Thanks!
  3. The Studio Panels don't butt against each other when dragged/resized. Instead when dragged and resized, they onscure each other. If I extend the Layes panel upward it will cover the colour panel instead of butting it upwards out of the way. Once I lost the colour panel completely behind layers and had to go through the menu > studio turning off and on again to get it back.
  4. The shape disappears when trying to rescale it. Oddly enough if I keep pressing ALT it rescales without deleting it. shape-disappearing.mov
  5. So i was today seeing a small bug. When you set the border size to 0pt and not to no border, the item gets a border. I think it should behave like no border or at least not visible border then. This is complete reproduceable. I attached a screenshot and the testfile. Cheers, Torsten test.afdesign
  6. Not sure if I've included this before? When you click on a fill in the swatch panel. Right click > Rename-fill/Delete-fill 100% guaranteed to crash the app every time.
  7. I grouped a combination line art and text, increased the size by dragging it. When I ungrouped it again the text reverted to the size it was before grouping it. It should retain the size after ungrouping.
  8. Trying out Affinity Designer I quickly found a bug when applying the Opentype Small Caps attribute to text. As you can see in the middle line of the pdf-file attached, in no font I tried “ein” and “ext” (of “Texttext”) is correctly formatted, neither in most fonts the “t” of “ist” – only Satero and Espuma make a difference here. There seems to be a difference, too, depending whether you use Art Text or Frame Text, as you can see in the top line: Set as Art Text, “esttext” is in lower case – in Frame Text it is again “t”, “ein” and “ext”. As I have the font Granjon in both OpenType- and PostScript-Format I sampled the latter as well. Keep up the good work!
  9. Hello! I finished a business card design in AD and went to export the file as a PDF for the printer. Everything exports fine except that AD is adding an X to the end of a few lines of type... Enclosed find the master AD file; I was unable to upload the PDF output because the forum website said max upload size was 2.18 MB... When I open the PDF in Illustrator, it shows AD did not convert the type to outlines as specified in the checkbox in the Export window? Any clues? Any workarounds while still being able to maintain vector output? Thanks for any help, I need to get the files to the printer ASAP... Chef Olga - business cards - final.afdesign
  10. Steps to repeat: 1. New document. 2. Sketch a rectangle on the page. 3. Tick Gradient Overlay in the right side panel to Enable it. 4. Click the cog icon to the right of Gradient Overlay to display the Layer Effects dialog. 5. Change Blend Mode to anything other than Normal to see the vertical line bug. Note that I just purchased version 1.1.0 from the MAS and discovered this bug about 15 minutes into playing around in a new CMYK document. Thanks.
  11. Select all objects on a page - including text. Group. Drag to scale (using scale handle on bottom right.) Everything scales accordingly. Ungroup. Text springs back to original size (before scaling).
  12. In fullscreen mode, the light top window's bar is partly visible. It's a bit disturbing, as the app UI is dark. Hope you can fix this small issue. Thanks. I'm using OS X Yosemite GM Candidate.
  13. When opening the opacity panel to change a layer or effect opacity, the panel doesn't display correctly: When I change the slider value with the mouse cursor, the panel's background changes: I'm using OS X Yosemite GM Candidate.
  14. Created this quick vector using the 'smart' pen tool. The tool works brilliantly. However, when grouped and scaled as a single object the lines retain the same weight and don't seem to keep the same position - basically they're not scaling as they should. Is this a 'setting' I've overlooked? If not it's a bit of an issue. See below.