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Found 802 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to reopen a file that is located on Apple iCloud drive. I also copied the file to Desktop but the same error occurs. The error is below, same one for either the iCloud or Desktop version: I am sure it is a bug since I have worked on it for at least one month without any issue. It contains a ongoing project work, I need help in recovering it. IT has about 180MB and it can't be uploaded here due to the single file size of 20MB. Thank you Alexandru
  2. Misplaced objects after rotating page (unticking portrait option) including: —phantom second highlighted object —misplaced objects —unexpected undo behaviour see video: http://cl.ly/3a0F1s1m271b Happens using: 1.4.2 beta 3 1.4.1
  3. Hello, I just bought Designer after using the trial and I'm loving it it! I do however have one recurring issue that gets frustrating. When working on a document, I will occasionally get stuck an a selected layer for what appears to be no reason. I am unable to click on any other layer to get out of the one currently selection. The only thing I can do enable working on all layers, but as soon as I turn it off It remains on the last selection. The other option I have is to save and restart, definitely not optimal. I also am still able to hide layers, as well as show and collapse sub layers. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi there, I noticed a potential problem with (premultiplied?) alpha/ transparency in some TIFF files. For example loading "Install OS X El Capitan.app/Contents/Resources/ProductPageIcon_512x512.tiff" (Sorry, I can't attach the original file to this report for obvious copyright reasons ;) ) shows the typical and unwanted black halo pixel effect in Affinity Photo. OS X's own Preview.app displays the very same file properly, see attached screenshot. I'm not entirely sure this is a bug in Affinity or not. In case it isn't I would appreciate a tip how to fix this problem when it happens. :)
  5. Preparing a photograph for printing, I cropped it to 125mm 1:1 @ 400 dpi, then tried to add borders to it using the Resize Canvas command. The previously established crop is cancelled, the document is resized, but not correctly. This happens consistently, which means I can't finish this job using Affinity Photo... The attached screen shots are perhaps NSFW, but that's what I was working on.
  6. Opening files in Affinity Designer crashes AD. Opening it in AP says that it is older version (when it isn't). In the attachment you can see the details. What I should do?
  7. OS 10.11.3, Affinity Photo 1.4.1, fully loaded late 2013 Mac Pro with AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB video card, Apple "Magic" Trackpad 2 for mouse... Using Colour Replacement Brush tool and painting with the Effects 3 brush magnified b/w 120 - 300% produces a periodic straight, thin, horizontal or vertical line of transparency in the photo to the left or right of the area being painted/colour replaced.The only way to get rid of the small line is to inpaint it with the inpainting tool. I'm recoloring brown palm tree branches that make up about 20% of the photo. Each photo will end up with 15 - 25 of these odd lines. I'm using Lightroom (RAW image format) --> edit in Affinity Photo (w/ Lightroom adjustment TIFF sRGB 8bit 240 LZW) files and hoped that upon saving the file back to Lightroom the transparency would no longer be present–that it was some sort of graphics card drawing error. Unfortunately, the transparent lines also appear in Lightroom and can not be edited out using Lightroom. Thoughts? Ideas?
  8. Solution found: Just want to tell that after three uninstalls, where I also manually deleted all Affinity files (container) I managed to make a clean install. So software's working fine again. Unfortunately it doesn't find the Nik plugins, even when I manually point to the it in the preferences. But I'll maka seperate post concerning that issue. Thanks chris Hi everyone. Today I tried to install the Google Nik Collection plugins according to this video youtube.com/watch?v=sfwp2lbCKzU (could not find any better guidelines) This, because Affinity Photo didi not recognize the plugins at first installation. After following the proedures as in video and after the software restart, I was presented with a blank grey screen with no information, tools on the sides etc what so ever. I can open a photo, but I am not presented with any menu what so ever (I do see the welcome screen however) I uninstall the Affinity software (with AppCleaner) in order to make a clean install. I also uninstalled Nik software, I then re-installed Affinity. !! Unfortunatelly the problem persists and I cannot get the software to work properly. I can open photos, but there is no tool menu etc. I tried different minor tweaks in the preferences, but no success Look forward to some help how to solve issue. Many thanks chris
  9. Hi, I have a strange problem with live adjustment and filter layers. They simply doesn't work anymore in this document. I was working on this image yesterday and all was fine. Today I wanted to finish it but I stucked immediately because of that issue. The only thing where I can notice a little change is the group of circles. My intention was to adjust the mountain image. As you can see on the screenshot, I have set a gaussian blur filter on top with maximum setting. This is just for example because the effect should be clearly visible. Any clue? I already closed the program and restarted my mac. And it works normal in another open document. Thanks in advance!
  10. I have assigned the command Document > Flip horizontally to the keyboard shortcut Cmd+Shift+M. Start Affinity Photo. Click the brush tool. Paint something on a new layer. Add a Curves Adjustment effect layer. Hit Cmd+Shift+M. Nothing happens. Hit Cmd+Shift+M again. Nothing happens. Hit the shortcut a third time. Now the document is flipped. Strange enough, if you let go of all keys between the attempts, the document is never flipped. It works only if you hold down Cmd+Shift and then hit M three times. Once it flips, it will flip again if you hit M again. When you let go of the modifier keys, the game restarts. :) AP 1.4.1
  11. Hi, if I click expand stroke it makes my expanded stroke (object) width smaller. See before after screenshots.
  12. When creating a shape with an inside border, if you include content inside this shape, the included content bleeds on the fringe (see captures).
  13. Could you tell me why I cannot use the pictures I edited in the Affinity Designer in the iMovie?? When I used the pictures, the software shows me pictures which contain rainbow lines.(the right window)
  14. I've been using Affinity Designer for some time now but lately I've come across an issue that's turning out to be a big pain in my work. I have two files that look great in .afdesign format but once I export them to EPS, SVG, PDF or any other format the result isn't the same shown in Affinity. In one, the guy at the print shop says my shapes appear in tones of black and grey even thou they appear all black in my computer (be it in Affinity or Illustrator). The other is a drawing that, in all the formats seem to result in thicker and overlapping black lines (take a look at the background houses as an example). I've tried every type of export alternative and software program to open that I can think of, and the problem is always there. Does anyone ever ran into similar issues or know what probably is going wrong? Thank you in advance! Any input is welcome!
  15. Here's another issue: There is something broken about the window cycling: In particular ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab. The issue doesn't affect Cmd+~. Sometimes I press ctrl+shift+tab but it will register ctrl+tab instead. Other times I may have to press it more than 5 times before it finally registers. And lastly whenever (invariably) I press these shortcuts too fast (duration<500ms) it's as if I've never pressed them. How to reproduce it: The following are reproducible in both the beta and the app store version. 1) I use a lot of Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch back and forth between usually two different variations of an artwork piece (so I can choose which I prefer). On Affinity Designer however, it will often (roughly 1 out 5 attempts) register Ctrl+Tab whereas I've pressed Ctrl+Shift+Tab. I always press the keys in the following sequence: first Ctrl, then Shift, then Tab, and only afterwards will release all three; I'm 100% positive that it's not some lack of synchronization on my part, or not pressing the key deep enough; I do this a lot in my daily life and it's become second nature to me over the years. I don't have this issue in any other program too. The above problem appears even if I retain the ctrl key pressed down, and simply alternate shift+tab and tab. 2) A 2nd scenario that is causing related issues is: if I press the the ctrl+tab or ctrl+shift+tab shortcuts for too short a duration, they simply won't register; it appears I need to hold the shortcut at least 500ms to have it detected by the software. This however doesn't affect Cmd+~ neither does it affect other shortcuts such as A,V, cmd+shift+N, cmd+N that register instantaneously. 3) A 3rd "shortcuts" scenario that causes problems to me is the following: I sometimes wish to compare two variations of an artwork piece, and momentarily hide the bounding boxes by pressing the space bar. If I start cycling back and forth and in-between press spacebar (something like: ctrl+tab, space, ctrl+shift+tab, space, ctrl+tab, space, ctrl+shift+tab, space, ...) it will sometimes completely ignore the ctrl+shift+tab or ctrl+tab shortcut: I may have to press it 6-7 times to start cycling again! I've come to see that if in-between instead of spacebar I press A, or V, the problem will also happen! If I try to guess the nature of the issue, I'd say: It's as if there are two separate key-catching mechanisms being used: One for most shortcuts and one for ctrl+shift+tab and ctrl+tab. The later one, seems to be very picky: if the keypress duration isn't long enough, it won't detect it. If I rapidly alternate using shortcuts from both of these "different" key-catching mechanisms, the ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab mechanism will "clog" and won't accept a few subsequent keystrokes until it recovers. Maybe the listener for these keystrokes is not a very high-priority one? Maybe it crashes? Maybe it fires once every 500ms and won't detect shorter strokes? maybe it "clogs up" and misses some keys? Maybe there is a conflict between the two mechanisms? Maybe the 1st mechanism steals the keypress events from the 2nd one, so the 2nd one never gets these? As a sidenote, cycling between windows is not instant like in chrome (there is something that feels like a 300-500ms delay until the next window appears). On its own it's barely noticeable, but I wonder if it's an indication of the cycling system taking too much CPU, or hanging momentarily (still CPU usage in activity monitor doesn't spike above 10%). Unfortunately I don't know how to better describe or pinpoint its cause, console won't show any errors either. Please let me know if I can do something to help; I'd gladly do so! -Fotis
  16. Hi! Here's a minor (double) bug with the Photoshop exporter Details: If you have a non-destructive compound object in Affinity Designer, and you hide (deselect) one of its components, in AD it displays properly. In the example I have a compound object that consists of one strawberry curve and its stem. The stem is hidden though. I also have a replica of this coumpound object, that has been converted to curves and was slightly rotated. on this one the stem has been irreversibly lost (as it should be). 1)The exported PSD file, displays the stem. Apparently the exporter doesn't take into account that the stem curve was cast invisible in the layers stack. 2)Another minor issue deriving from that, is that the PSD embedded thumbnail shows the image without the stem (as it appears in AD, not in PS). Hope it helps! -Fotis bug.afdesign bug02.psd
  17. Hi! This is an issue I originally came across when trying to import an .ase file. Not knowing the difference between the 3 import options (as document/program/system palette ) I chosen the most "global" without trying the other options. Today I realized that the problem with the colors being inconsistent is more generalized: If the selected palette is a System Palette, the colors in their thumbnails appear off. I checked by selecting the PANTONE colors from the swatches list, and they are also off, albeit the difference between their RGB values and the thumbnail RGB value is much smaller when compared to System Palettes. Still, their RGB values or the way the render as a fill/stroke, is correct. Affinity Designer's color-picker tool (eyedrop) shows the difference. Grabbing the screen and testing the colors in other software (PS) also shows the discrepancy. This problem pertains both to colors already in the palette, or colors your add from the document to the palette. (I use the default apple color profile that came with my 2011 imac, even though i have a couple more profiles in the list.) hope it helps! -Fotis see original post for details: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/17212-ad-color-thumbnails-in-swatches-inaccurate-when-imported-as-system-palettes/?p=78334
  18. Hi! I couldn't find any thread related to this issue, so I assumed the bug is not reported yet. While preparing the file, I noticed more odd behavior, so I'm reporting 1 potential + 1 bug in this thread. Still, I would have sworn that my eye caught some mention of some issue pertaining to lines and boolean operations, but couldn't find it anyplace... Sorry for the duplicate if there is one indeed. The test setup: I wanted to fill a small area with black ink, so I drew dense jittery brush curves with my stylus. The stroke width parameter was rather thick. Then I made a copy of these curves, and made a compound object out of them. The compound object came out strange-looking. 1st (potential) bug Description: In Affinity Designer, when creating a compound object of a few brush curves that have a stroke width >0, the result of the operation is not as expected For me the expected was the unaltered appearance. Or in other words the appearance of the compound object if I had expanded the strokes first. (see 1st line in the image) 2nd bug Description: If I scale down the non-destructive compound objects by dragging the circular handles, the screen doesn't refresh until you release dragging. Scaling down a (destructive) compound object, works properly hope this helps! -Fotis 2 .afdesign files attached: compound_strokes_issue_fileB.afdesign is the one described above compound_strokes_issue02.afdesign is another example I made compound_strokes_issue02.afdesign compound_strokes_issue_fileB.afdesign
  19. Hi, I noticed some kind of bug probably. The thing is when I use Affinity Designer in full screen mode and separated mode, when I want to save or export graphics, save dialog is below toolbar. Toolbar is above and "blocking" save / export dialog, in order to change filename or change options. I need to move toolbar - it's a little bit annoying each time. I recorded that in the video, to show what's happening. https://youtu.be/cKcNki_P5PE
  20. When editing a raster brush, sometimes the blue slider backgrounds appear either centered behind the handle or not at all. Ive only noticed this under the general tab and it doesn't affect every brush. The included round brushes don't seem affected but some of the included textured brushes and custom brushes that I've made are affected. The slider itself works fine, only the backgrounds are rendered incorrectly. AD v1.4 El Capitan 10.11.2 MacBook Pro 15" Retina mid-2015
  21. I just tried to save a file in Designer under a different name, but I can't save it in the same folder as the original file. I get the attached error. Note: "logo" is the old name, not the new one I chose... I am able to save it somewhere else. bug.afphoto
  22. Affinity Designer v1.4.1 bug: Exporting the attached file to SVG results in a rectangle instead of a bezier curve. Best regards trho broken_svg_export_designer_1.4.1.afdesign
  23. Hi Folks, Just want to raise something. Not sure if its a bug or just me being a newbie.... I created a shape and had to round the corners.... I then grouped everything together in order to re-size the entire project and used the Shift key plus drag to start resizing the object. This worked fine but I noticed that the rounded corners I had created did not alter which obviously threw out the whole shape. Does this make sense? Just wanted to bring it up. Keep up the good work folks. Mark
  24. Firstly, I'm on OS X 10.11.1 (15B42) and using Affinity Designer 1.3.5. make two 12px by 12px squares (one would probably work, but two is what I had) enter export mode select one square and click "create slice" in the layers panel select the other square and click "create slice" in the layers panel click the "slices" tab to open the slices panel select one of the slices use your arrow keys to move the slice around Witness the bug - at step 7 the square moves instead of the slice, even though the slice is what is selected. If I use my "delete" key, the slice is deleted, implying that I'm correctly observing that the slice is in fact the thing I've selected. Because of this bug, I cannot accurately move a slice around. I have to instead move it around with my cusor and use snapping to line things up more quickly. Meta note: unordered lists herein do not appear to work.
  25. Hi! The Twitter support staff told me to put this here… Seems as if they are trying to make reporting problems as complicated as possible. Here we go: There's a serious issue with something I would call "smearing" when stitching panoramas with Affinity Photo. I've attached some images to show it. The source images are perfectly overlapping >30%, the camera was rotated at the nodal point. This must be something special to Affinity Photo as I haven't seen something similar in other stitching tools. I can spot these issues in every panorama I tried to stich with Affinity Photo (30 so far, minimum width 30k Pixels).