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  1. I know this is gonna sound weird but does anyone one know how to convert a .tpl (tool preset library) file containing brushes to a .abr or .afbrush file? I know it is possible in adobe PS, but im not gonna get adobe lol. i tried editing it with notepad++ to see whats going on but it is unreadable, and i cant find any documentation about it. Ive attached the .tpl im trying to get into. Map tools.tpl
  2. Just posting the link to my free 'Nature' brushes and 'Atmosphere, Mist and Fog' brushes. They are both split into two be cause they are quite large files. If you like them and use them, let me know and I will upload other brushes I use. Or better still, post artwork here that you have created using them (I'd love to see it!)
  3. GaryRS

    Belt Brushes

    Ok... very Random, but I was asked if I could create a Belt Vector Brush.... so I did https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1246948458/belt-vector-brushes-for-affinity?click_key=9379b719b29ab870d2aeb50c272116d891061dc9%3A1246948458&click_sum=8957fb93&ref=shop_home_active_1
  4. Hi. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here, but when I use a brush (of any kind) in Affinity Photo for iPad, I can't see the edge of the brush, which is only visible while I am selecting a brush size. It makes no difference whether I am using a finger or an Apple Pencil. Am I missing a trick here? Many thanks for your help.
  5. Crear estilos combinando la herramienta pluma y pinceles. Procesos: Reconocer los usos de herramienta pluma y el panel pinceles. Crear composición para una tarjeta de palabra japonesa al español.
  6. Project Brush Set 20 Pattern Brush Sets Updated the brush set to version 2 Changes/improvements as below Version 2.0 1. Removed old versions redundant now.. 2. All nozzles are now vector based replacing previous raster versions (as much as possible) 3. Replaced some of the older Base Patterns with some organics (set 04) 4. The old brush set was appearing darker and less intense with 1.7/1.8 update...I have fixed that with this version! 5. Updated the Sample sheets to latest layout (included ref to updated/new patterns). 6. Organised the sets into groups of 30 (Group 01 x4) 7. Added a generic set of brush Nozzles for texture variation (These are repeated across all sets) 8. Included sample sheets of base patterns 9. 19 new base textures Archived the Older Brush set and updated Library information Sample Sheets Pattern Brushes Set 01 Vector Base Textures Set 01 ProjectBrush - Pattern Set 01.zip Pattern Brushes Set 02 Vector Base Textures Set 02 ProjectBrush - Pattern Set 02.zip Pattern Brushes Set 03 Vector Base Textures Set 03 ProjectBrush - Pattern Set 03.zip Pattern Brushes Set 04 Vector Base Textures Set 04 ProjectBrush - Pattern Set 04.zip
  7. I work on a PC, Windows 10, have the version of Affinity Photo. I edited a brush and though it shows the changes in the brush panel, when I use it the changes don't take. I just get a line of the image. It's the jitter. It is set for pressure but I'm using a mouse and it never bothered before. I tried the other choices and they don't work either. I exited and tried again on a new document and with different brushes a couple times. Same thing happened. Here's an example. So what did I do wrong this time?
  8. All brushes are made with raster geometric shapes (on vector curves) over which I applied various opacities, blur intensity levels and other effects. I’ve been using them for vector illustration as shading brushes with iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the “vector brush tool”. Max tail offset is 600px. Width is set at 100px for all brushes (modify according to your needs). They can be used for anything with no worry. All the best! shading brushes.afbrushes
  9. Affinity Designer, my presets don't save and basic brushes are gone As the title says. If i go to bushes and select the BASIC brushes. All are gone but 1. Also i made about 15 presets for easy setup. When I reopen DESIGNER this morning they are gone. Any thoughts? Gary
  10. In Affinity Designer, under the vector persona, on a vector layer, using the vector brush I have the option of using some pencil brushes. Are these truly vector? I draw a line, the line itself is editable but is it truly generating vector texture or applying raster texture to my vector line work? IF say, I want to create hand lettered logos in vector with a realistic pencil texture is this the way to go or will that texture actually be unscalable raster? I’ve tried selecting drawn lines and “creating curve” and “expanding stroke” but either way, it just looks like the texture is not converting to a shape, instead it appears raster... Any insights appreciated! Thank you!
  11. Hello, I've been reorganizing my vector brushes on Affinity Designer and came across an issue. What are the category names of the default Affinity Designer vector brushes? I have too many brush categories, which caused me to lose track of the Affinity Designer vector brushes. It would have been helpful if Affinity had labeled them as AD brushes, for organizational purposes. I found a link to the legacy Affinity Designer brushes, but not to the current default Affinity Designer brush category list. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/get-legacy-affinity-brushes/ Thanks for your help, Sam
  12. Hi there, maybe I'm just blind, but I'm missing shortcut to jump to the next or previous brush in the brushes studio (suggestion: , and .). I'm also missing simple keyboard shortcuts for decreasing and increasing the brush hardness like the shortcuts [ and ] for the brush size. My suggestion would be Shift+[ and Shift+]. Greetz, Tekl
  13. I'd like a brush category "Recently used" on top of the list that automatically shows the ten (number could be configurable) most recently used brushes. Would make it much easier to switch between brushes of different categories. Alternatively (or additionally ) a category "Favourites" would be nice, to easily find frequently used brushes. 
  14. Recent paintings I've done. All with my personal brush set, link in signature.
  15. Texture Brush Fur Updated 03 02 2022 Adjusted the Brush dynamics so that they perform better Zip file contains 30 brushes (1 pack x 30) PDF sample file added TB 4 FUR Set 4-37-39.pdf TB4 Fur Brushes - 0A V2.afbrushes
  16. Hi all, On the 8th December 2021 I found out that I cannot use any type of brushes on mask layers. Before this I had no problem in using the brushes on the mask layers. I made a Repair of the program, the issue is still present. Any tips? Thx
  17. I have seen this topic come up pretty often and thought maybe I should post this resource here. I know some people need to have native vector arrow shapes in their work so I created a brush for that you can use until arrows are implemented fully in the the application. Just import them into your brush pallet. cheers :) Ronnies Arrow Brush set.afbrushes.zip
  18. Hi, I would like to make a suggestion for the 'New Image Brush from Selection' option in the 'Brushes' Panel I have created a few 'Tree Branch' brushes, but when I paint with them, although I can rotate them on the 'General' tab of the 'Brush Editing' box, what I would like to do is to be able to move the Object Centre of Rotation before I create the brush so that when it paints, it paints the image object(s) from this cente point out (ie the branch image object has its centre point at the branch end - at its widest point - so that when it paints, the branch image(s) fan out from this point and look more natural, rather than having its centre of rotation at the centre of the object. Or even better, to be able to adjust the centre of rotation of each image or image(s) at any time in the 'Brushes Editing' box. I hope this makes sense. I hope too that I have posted it in the correct forum - and apologise (again) if I haven't...
  19. Two things. 1) On a MAC where the image has a black background, this terminal command I find works (in the directory where the JPG files are located) to convert them from JPG to PNG with a transparent background: for i in *.jpg; do convert -transparent black "$i" "${i%.*}.png"; done *(use at your own risk) which brings me to my next point. I now have 99 formerly JPG, PNG images with transparent backgrounds that I would like to import into their own category as Intensity Brushes. Is there any convenient way to do this by bulk import or is my only option one at a time? Selecting more than one assumes I want them all as the same intensity brush, which isn't what I'm after.
  20. Star brushes with a glow effect. Vertical and horizontal brush movement, give a different effect. Vertical for star fields, horizontal for galaxies. For a high-quality glow effect, use a 16-bit document. And it is better to use light colors than white. The brush works correctly, only on a transparent layer. This is due to the Reflect blending mode, which is set by default, in the brush settings. Stars.afbrushes
  21. First of all I want to say hi and thanks to each one of you who decided to waste 2 minutes of their time to read my thread and possible helping me out. As the title states the issue I have a problem in Affinity Photo with the brushes. I'll provide a couple screenshots below, so you can get the idea of what I'm talking about. Pretty sure this isn't as rera as I think it is but I literally did not find any information that could help me out on google, here on the forum, reddit and different sites including youtube videos. I bought the program around 2 days ago since I bought a drawing tablet mainly because I decided to try out with the digital art. Anyway... I'm trying to make some twitch icons, sub badges, logos etc. or even discord emojis but the low resolution of the brushes is killing me. Things I already tried: 1. I've contacted the support and still waiting for an answer. 2. I've tried different brushes ( big - small - meduim ) size and they're all the same. 3. Tried to play with the brush settings and that didn't help either. 4. Tried to play with the flow and hardness of the brush and nothing.... 5. A milion times I made sure that I'm using the "Paint Brush Tool" and not something else. 6. Tried to use different style of brushes etc. and didn't solve anything. 7. Uninstalled the app then installing it again didn't help. 8. Tried different settings when creating a new canvas ( including size ). ( The main settings that I'm normally trying to use are: DPI: 300-400 / Page Width: 500 / Page Height: 400 / Pixels / RGB/8 / sRGB IEC61966-2.1 ). The only way to get a nice looking brush is to make the canvas 5000x5000px but then when I save the image it's too big to be uploaded on discord or twitch. PC Specs: Intel-Core i7-9700 nVidia RTX 2070 (8GB) RAM 16GB DDR4 I'm 100% sure it's not from the tablet, since it's the same when I use the mouse but the tablet is GAOMON M106K PRO. Also the brushes I'm using are the "default basic" ones. P.S: Check if there's a red text on the screenshots, if there is a red text it means that the screenshots is an example taken from a youtube video.
  22. Last november I published a set of Textured Intensity Brushes on this forum by the cryptic name of CTSR Lines (which makes sense to no one but me). Those brushes have repeating patterns. When creating the brushes I encountered some problems with patterns getting squished and such. I created some more brushes in a second set and came across an additional quirk (which offset values to use for pixel perfect pattern alignment?). So although it’s just a few months ago, it’s time for a revised set. Time to rename my brush making into something else too. I figured out a much faster way to produce large sets of brushes, cutting out a lot of unnecessary steps, so I rename my series Brush Factory. So here’s the set again. Renamed Aspect ratio of 1 in the source file to prevent distortion of the patterns Patterns repeated 3 times in source to prevent issues with repetitions This is new: adjusted the offset values to 80 and 159,4 to have the repetitions align perfectly The Pointy and Round brush families are repeating, the Stripey families are stretched. The brushes all contain a centred line (in 3 widths, S, M and L) and repeating shapes and stripes above or above and below. The brushes with stuff above the line, but not under are therefore not vertically centred on the stroke. In the Stripey families I added 3 lines with a different center point. Those 3 are symmetrical, the extra version is vertically centred on the whole stroke. Source of (almost all) of the patterns is a 240*240px image. This is a rather small image, so in wide lines, the edges of the pattern blur. I’ve created the patterns as a vector drawing, feel free to ask for a brush from a larger source (less blurry) if you need one. @StuartRc says helpful things about the size of sources in this post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/64287-creating-vector-brushes/ When using these brushes on a tightly curving curve or a sharp corner they of course do deform. Experiment with the brush setting for Corners and the Stroke Cap to find the best solution for your project. The attached .zip file contains a PDF with examples and nine brushes files to import into Affinity Designer. Brush Factory 1.zip
  23. If someone know brushes like this one down here we (with the black edges) I would like to know I would also like to know about any other brush that can be useful for graffiti style lettering
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