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Found 451 results

  1. I want to use an artistic Brush to outline my text in Affinity Photo. How does it work?
  2. When using a large enough Twirl brush inside the Liquify persona where AP has to show the reduced size, double circled brush, the crosshairs disappear. I have the app Preferences set correctly, and it works until AP resize the smaller brush preview circle into a double circle. Thanks for all u do!
  3. https://youtu.be/k38SkN5BcTA when using the vector brush it lags for a good few seconds behind what i am actually doing i have rest affinity designer and uninstalled and reinstalled and even tried the beta and it still lags
  4. Hi. I posted about a potential bug in the other section, and it appears to have been now verified by a few other users. I have both AD and AP, and both appeared to be working fine. However, lately I have noticed that every once in a while (usually 10% or time or so, although sometimes far more frequently), selecting a different brush (in both personas and apps) resulted in the new brush (in the brush list) in the list hilighting (as it should), but the brush itself appears not to change (the settings don't change, and the resulting stroke is that of the previous brush). In some instances, it would take up to 4 or so clicks on the new brush in the brush list before the actual brush would change (the hilight appears to ALWAYS work each time). No trigger or pattern is apparent. Sometimes, the brushes work fine for quite a stretch, other times, it frequently fails to switch. One user in the other thread reported that it actually got worse for them, and the issue occurs on every brush switch for them. I recorded a video, showing the issue. Here's a small section of that video, showing you me switching brushes, and it not registering sometimes. AffinityDesigner_BrushSwitchIssue_Snippet.mp4 Among the users in the original thread I created, we believe that it may have something to do with bonus content... perhaps the Daub brushes, as it APPEARS it MAY have started (for me) after installing the Daub Blackbox brush set, and at least one other user believes it MAY have occured (for them) after installing the Daub Kraken set (...although, recently another user claimed they say the issue, and they had not installed any new brushes). Please refer to my original thread for more info (from other users): I'm using Win7 Pro 32gigs RAM. It seems it MAY be a Windows only thing, althogh we are not sure. So far, the Mac users don't appear to see this issue.
  5. Probably on my top 10 most used features in Illustrator is the stroke width tool, which allows you to adjust the width of the stroke at each anchor point. This can somewhat be achieved using the Pressure tab within the pen line settings, but it isn't nearly as precise. A couple of solutions might be: Add a stroke width tool to allow anchor points to be adjusted. Within the pressure panel, display a point on the graph for every anchor point from the shape. And allow these to be adjusted only vertically on the graph by holding shift, so that they stay on the anchor points. Create a new panel in the pen menu that allows for a numerical value to be entered in for stroke width. Thanks for listening.
  6. Hi there, Whenever I zoom in and out with fingers on the iPad screen or any other interaction that touches the screen. It also shows whenever I try to use the brush with the apple pencil. Any ideas how to de-activate?
  7. I don't know if the problem was ever discussed on the forum, I didn't find a similar topic. After deforming a shape with a transform box, brushes in "vector persona" mode are rendered incorrectly. See attachment for three examples: 1. draw an oval and define a brush -> everything ok. 2. draw a circle, define a brush and deform to an oval with a transform box -> distorted brush 3. draw a circle, define a brush, deform to an oval using the "transform box", select the "scale with object" option -> almost ok but still not correct. The problem does not occur when we manually move nodes to distort the object.
  8. i have a feeling that i accidentally deleted a pre-installed brush under pencils and charcoal brushes of affinity designer for ipad pro. I counted all the brushes of pencils and charcoal and there were 20 pre-installed brushes there. Did i just deleted a brush? Please let me know how to restore it. Thanks.
  9. I didn't find a setting for that, so I'd like to ask You to add it: I often need to see which exact brush I have currently selected. I have many of them, some similar by icon, but different in behaviour.
  10. I know how to create a raster based brush that can be used in the Vector Persona of Designer for the IPad Pro What I want to do is essentially make a brush out of a vector shape or set of strokes. Is there a way to take a set of individual strokes (see attached image) and make them into a new brush that scales and stretches as I draw? Like a typical vector brush found in Illustrator. I don’t want to have to convert this to a jpg, then slice it, then bring it back in as a New Textured Intensify Brush. Can I make a new custom Solid Brush? I just want a clean black shape exactly like the image attached as a brush. Is that possible? It can be done in .AI no problem. I realize this isn’t .Ai but I was hoping there is a way to do it. Thx. C’
  11. Okay ! here comes the proposition or question. I've noticed everything or all tone map we apply to a pixel layer (let's say i merged visible and decided to apply tone map to it) that operation is still destructive. I mean, tone mapping is very helpful but would be great if it become non-destructive. Okay maybe i'm missing a way to do that but i always : merged visible and applied tone mapping from that thus preserving the other layers ! if there is a way to tone map non-destructively please let me know if not yet then please Serif, make it happen. Blessings !
  12. Hello. I paint in black in the mask. The strokes appears in the background layer instead of in the mask itself. It hides the layer anyway. Any reasons for that?? Tks.
  13. I've been trying to figure out how can I change width of line/brush stroke that goes gradually from 0 to any desired width. Maybe there is something in stroke/brush properties. I tried: Properties when Stroke card selected also Edit brush (preassure) So I edited my custom brush as shown in the picture below but curve still has equal width all the way. Thanks for the advices or links to this kind of issue if there is already! Martin
  14. Basically what the title says- pattern stamp tool request similar to photoshop, as an extension of the clone stamp tool concept. Texture samples could be applied to the pattern stamp, which can then be used as an overlay brush or something. I would also like for the joint ability to sample from images to create new patterns and textures to turn into brushes.
  15. After scaling the layer in pixel persona, an attempt to draw on it creates a brush-pixelation effect. Please note that this is a "pixel" layer. Already rasterized. The brush is being scaled too. Please see attached video 2018-11-15-18-44-49.mp4
  16. Hi, Just a quick question about Designer's brushes, especially the artistic ones like the 'texturing' or 'hand lettering' series. If I create something, and export the design to e.g. PDF, the result of the brushes is much more low-res that the original. It looks very pixelated at the edges. Isn't the brush a vector file, or does this not convert into PDF? I also imported stuff into Illustrator, but it's the same there. I cannot send something out for print like this. Any tips on this? thanks! rob
  17. Hi I'd like to know how to paint a vector shape as shown in the attached image, the hatched area? I know how to switch to pixelpersona to paint within a vector shape (circle, rectangle, triangle...), but failed to figure out how to paint a hollow circle ( a ring zone) ... In the attached image, I used the outer circle as mask to paint, however it will also paint into the inner smaller ring, yes, I can use eraser to carefully erase it off... but is there a way I can paint "freely" directly in this ring area? or is there a way to set up a mask for the eraser to ease the job? Thank you!
  18. Sharing some AD brushes I made that were the result of some fun experimentation. Repeating strokes was a major theme in this set: CD_testbrush16-17.afbrushes These are brushes made while testing several notions. I am dropping these with no formal arrangement. They are grouped as they were created. Left side of the reference image attached: The first six brushes are designed to see how some “wet” watercolor or ink looking strokes might work when set to repeat. Further down are wet edged strokes for line like effects. Some have a generic texture that can be drawn over and over to create coverage. Coverage over large areas that doesn’t look like a flat fill. Just keep drawing until the strokes cover - like a watercolor fill. Right side: Strokes on the right column are mostly experiments in seeing how well the texture of Koh-I-Noor Magic FX Pencils could be emulated. These pencils are the most fun drawing tools imaginable. I was looking for a way to have several colored bands NOT draw as uniform bands (always in the same position) in emulation of the random effect of the real pencils. This was an interesting experiment - making the color bands look semi-random - but also making the bands link up and repeat. These were made from scans of strokes made with one of the actual pencils. The color examples are the actual pencils colors. To retain the original colors - don’t apply a stroke color to the brush. There are several more repeating “wet” brush strokes on the right side as well. Some of the line style brushes were used in the grumpy geezer image and this: Enjoy! If you do find a use for these brushes - please do share with me examples of artwork you create. I would love to see.
  19. When I use Vector Brush Tool, Controller: Pressure, and draw fast, the app will freeze. Watch the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E6AUzLqCif6b0469aMTtcY_xW_iYNygD/view?usp=sharing If Controller : None, the app is normal. My version: Affinity Designer windows10 x64 wacom intuos3
  20. In both photo and designer my brush tool is offset to the right. In other words, I will draw at x, y, and the line shows up at x+z, y. iPad Pro, 12 in. It happens with all brushes. It only happens in landscape, not in portrait. Doesn’t happen in procreate or notes. What can be done to fix this?
  21. Hi, I have a problem with the brush cursor in Affinity on Mac: When I have brushes with some kind rotation function applied, like brush direction, the brush cursor does not respect this and stays the same all the time. Although I appreciate the refined brush cursor in some use cases, this is quite annoying, as this makes it hard to judge how the strokes will come out. Applications like Paintstorm do have a rotating brush cursor, and its very helpful. Either the brush cursor should rotate, or I need a neutral brush cursor like a crosshair. More options in the respect would be helpful.
  22. Craig Deeley

    Brush Profile issue

    Interesting little Brush Profile difficulty. Affinity Designer 1.6.1 I am on a Mac OSX 10.10.6 I have a question about some strange behavior I am encountering with a Brush. This is a brush originally from the (default) Assorted set. I have made some adjustments to the Brushes Profile. See attached image (Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 9.10.51 PM.png) The problem I am encountering seems to be multi-part. One. I cannot seem to save the profile at all. There are no save (custom) options anywhere for the Profile set. Two. Where Standard profile settings seem to stick (a standard profile can be changed for another standard profile and this stays applied to a Brush) - THIS particular customized profile appears to reset to a default Standard profile whenever I close the file I have used to customized brush in. On opening the file the brushes appearance has set to a default profile. See attached: lines-bad.jpg. The look of the brush should be like the attached: lines.jpg Three. I saved the brush out as an .afbrushes file and loaded that back into AD. The profile for the brush has reverted to something like a default setting. The saved brush has lost its custom profile setting… Or the custom setting is just not saving at all in the brush file. The custom profile for the brush seems to stay available while a file is open (a .afdesign file) but the settings appear to get wiped on closing. I would not expect this behavior. My expectation would be: If I create a custom profile for a brush - I could either save the custom profile in some formal way - or the custom profile would stick automatically and remain that way until altered. I may be missing something here - please feel free to steer me to any way a custom profile could be saved. It may be that the custom profile I made is outside the norm for what the profile editing environment is typically used for. My settings were intended as a shaky hand like emulation. The effect when drawing is very close to what I was looking for. It would be lovely to have this custom setting work. I can provide the .afdesign (grumpy geezer art) an exported .afbrushes file if needed. Let me know if I am seeing a bug. Or an incomplete feature. Or... Thanks!
  23. I just tried affinity designer today and very disappointed by its brush. First it has no "soft" brush. Even if I set the hardness to zero it's still hard compared other software say ps. it got harder when I toggled on the accumulation pressure. Second, I found the pressure level is not high enough. The stroke I created in ps has a smoother gradients. The stroke had 80 levels of black and white but the stroke in affinity had only 60 so to speak. Did I miss some setting? how to solve these problems?
  24. Update: I went to Microsoft and tried it. You can use the vector brush tool with the surface pen in the same “drawing” motion that you can use on the iPad. I’ve been debating purchasing an iPad Pro vs. a Surface Pro 6...I was messing around with the app on the iPad Pro at the apple store and one thing I liked a lot is you can use the Apple Pencil to essentially “draw” your vectors through the vector brush tool. Is there the ability to do this on Microsoft surface pro with the surface pen with the pc version of affinity designer? Or is it only for the iPad app? Thanks!
  25. Moisés


    Hello good morning to this wonderful community. Where can I find, download or buy brushes for affinity photo for iPad? Is there a tutorial on how to create a brush? Thanks! I love this app!