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Found 39 results

  1. Hi there - can anyone tell me why the brush tool isnt working all the sudden? I tried moving the layer to top, chaning colour, restarting the app... nothing. Y? The actions are showing , but nothing actually painting.
  2. Kinda bummed :/ can't use the Brush tool (running on iPad Pro 9.7", iOS 11 Beta 2). Apple Pencil and finger painting don't work. I understand this might be a beta compatibility thing but just letting you know :) Sometimes when it works, I see a white stripe on screen, which covers the pixel. Keep up the great work, guys!
  3. Hi Guys, Looked over the forum to see if there was a report for something similar. I came across this while trying out some brushes in AD. I'm sure it's not the driver or the tablet, but I'm not sure if this issue is limited to only the pixel persona of AD or extends over to AP as well, you'll have to see. For evidence, please see one of my examples attached. The issue is that the brushstroke path looks like it's been composed out of polygons instead of a smooth freehand curve.
  4. Hi there, I have been experiencing crashes on AD 1.5.4. It sometimes happens randomly and I understand that it just happens sometimes; however, today, I have experienced 5 crashes when I go to pixel persona and select brush pain tool. I wonder if anyone knows how to prevent this problem. The crash doesn't happen every time I select the brush tool in pixel persona but once in a while. I'm using AD on macOS Sierra 10.12.3. Thank you.
  5. Hi all, Any chance of adding a few little features to the brush tool? I do use the brush tool quite a bit, and in photoshop there are options like brush cycle with shortcut keys(<>). It would be great to see it in photo/designer. Maybe even add a feature where you rotate brushes with a shortcut key instead of having to make lots of versions of the same brush? Or an brush opacity change option that is similar to the hardness and size change options? (ctl+opt+mouse direction) It makes work flows super easy versus going to sliders to change options. Thanks, Hillhouse
  6. Hi all, use the brush tool and create several curves (paths). When using Undo (Cmd+z) and normally you should be able to continue straight forward. Most of the times you can go on using the brush tool. But sometimes it switches to curve points (although the brush tool is active) which prevents from painting. Maybe it has to do with the speed of using CMD-Z or that I am using a Wacom Intuos PT S. One of the cheaper "beginner" tablets, but with touch-functionality of the tablet. And when using it, the hell of the hand is laying on it. I can't really say. Thanks, Stefan.
  7. I have been using AD & AP for one year now, most of my work is in graphic design and food photography, which I use AP to cut around an image, the choices are either the lasso tool or brush tool; I'm used to the pen tool being an illustrator user for 20 some years. Most tutorial videos utilize the brush tool combined with the refining method, I was wondering is it possible to convert the marching lines in the Freehand Lasso tool to vector lines, this will be really ideal to fix certain spots. And would like to hear other opinions what is the best method to cut around in a photo, I'm sure Freehand Lasso tool in AD in the pixel persona will do the same as AP, lasso tool. Thanks.
  8. hello, I'm a beginner in affinity desinger, and want to draw some illustration by wacom. As the picture show, I have no idea how to make my circle perfect. Because when I want to close a circle, they usually cross badly. To improve, now I use node tool to make it better. Is there another solution about? Something like smooth tool in adobe illustrator. And I also can't find Eraser in Draw Persona, so I click white color and use it as Eraser, is it correct? thanks for help and any keywords!
  9. Just to let the Affinity team know: Affinity Photo 1.4.1 crashes, using these steps: 1. open a picture 2. use filter frequency separation 3. setting a radius 4. clicking quick mask 5. selecting brush tool --> crash Regards opalla_de
  10. My first attempt within AD. I used only the brush tool along with the different colours. I didn't have a drawing tablet to hand, hence the shaky lines. Let me know what you think? Thanks to Lee and Gareth for helping - I'm definitely a newb :)
  11. I want brush contrast, polarization and clarity into such as in Aperture. How do I do it?
  12. When I choose the brush tool, the circular tool does not show when I start to paint om the layer. instead I only see the normal curser
  13. I would like to know if you can make a brush created with a graphics follow the pressure curves, like you can with a mouse? As I really like the appeal of the thin tip and thick middle. When I draw the lines with a brush, it obviously creates it's own pressure curve based on the true pressure, is there a way to disable this, so that it follows the saved pressure curve under the stroke settings?. Stroke pressure curve settings Desired line quality (drawn with mouse) A Line drawn with a tablet under the same settings
  14. In Beta 1.017644 when using the brush tool I set a width of 5 points from the line tab on the right yet when I click and create a line with the brush the line is a lot smaller and the width is set to 0.443% of the width I chose. So I choose 10 points and it becomes 0.43 pt. 20 becomes 8.83pt And so on. The tool in the toolbar at the top is set to: Width 16px Opacity: 100% Controller: none Changing both the Width in the top toolbar and then resetting the with in the Line tab to 10 points results in arbitrary widths when you click.
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