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Found 4 results

  1. After Upgrading too V2 for iPad the panel preferences are not available for brush categories. In version V1 If you apply pressure to a brush with your finger a pop up menu appears allowing you to Edit, Duplicate, Reset, Delete, Rename, Move to... This function isn't available in V2 for Designer or Photo. Any suggestions? I already uninstalled and reinstalled but that didn't help.
  2. Hi Affinity By Serif, I'm using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I noticed that once I have imported new brushes, I cannot re-order brush categories or sort the brush categories by name. The most recent imported brushes are at the bottom of the scroll down menu in the brushes panel. Would it be possible to add such an ordering or sorting feature so that users can actually order the brush categories according to their own preferences? < I could not find such a feature/ functionality in Photo or Designer. > Would be nice. With kind regards, Bastiaan
  3. Between Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo I have a lot of brushes to manage. Accordingly, help with or info about any of the following would be appreciated: 1. Is there a list somewhere of the default brush categories for each app, ideally with the names of (or at least count of) each brush in each category? 2. Are the same-named default AD raster brush categories identical to the same-named AP brush categories? 3. To date, are the default brush categories of the Mac retail & beta versions the same for each pair of apps? 4. Is there any way to tell if an .afbrushes file contains vector brushes (usable only in AD) or raster brushes (usable in both AD & AP), other than by importing the file into one of the apps? For instance, is there a different characteristic header string for each of the two types that could be identified in an app like TextWrangler that can display the file as text? 5. Is there any way to reset the vector & raster brushes in AD independently, or must they both be reset at the same time? 6. I have not checked recently, but at some point in the past it was possible to import vector brush categories into AP, but of course they were unavailable in that app. Is that still possible, & if so, what is the best way to remove them? Why I ask: I have exported what I hope are all the different default brush categories for each app into a backup folder full of .afbrushes files. I am trying to reorganize it into a subfolder containing all the vector .afbrushes files, & a second subfolder containing all the raster .afbrushes files. I would like to eliminate any duplicates in the raster subfolder, make sure I have not missed any of the defaults, accidentally exported a category I had edited so it is not identical to the factory default, etc.
  4. Hi, Have been playing with AFFINITY PHOTO (desktop) for several months now - really do love it, replaced 3 other programs I was using. Am still learning but I could not find answer to my question in forum. How can I move an entire BRUSH CATEGORY into another BRUSH CATEGORY? I have tons of brushes imported and it's insane to scroll through to find one. So I'm trying to move five categories of star brushes (which each have several individual brushes within each set) into a new category to hold them all. The only instruction I can find is for moving each individual brush from one category into another category - and that will take forever! Can I not just move an entire category at once into another brush category? And can I have subcategories within each brush category? Like for STARS: single, spray, galaxy, etc. Thanks if anyone knows. I realize I have a ton of brushes imported but I really do use and need them all. Grateful, Mandy
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