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Found 20 results

  1. There's countless threads in this forum where people ask for a DAM. Serif confirms that there's some plans, but so far they didn't reveal what they are working on. Reading the requests brought up by users I see that they ask for very different things: Some want a straightforward viewer app, others even request complex database driven software with nifty filtering options to handle huge asset collections. The term DAM unfortunately isn't very clearly defined. Hence my question: Do you need a DAM-program by Serif? And what should it be like? [Edit: Unfortunately I can not do anything about the terrible Poll formatting. Maybe staff can add an empty line between the questions?]
  2. I did a forum search, but the only results are the very old requests for a DAM or at least a browser showing the content of Affinity files. Be it Designer or Photo - does anybody knows how to get an overview over my Affinity files? As well on Windows 10 as on Mac OS Ventura? I'd like to recommend my employer to skip the Adobe Suite subscriptions, but without a browser (like lousy Bridge, just a bit better 😌) we'd be doomed. I really do not understand what's so complicated to let us users wait for more than 4 years now. 😔
  3. I just found out that it is possible to Drag and Drop Pictures directly from the Browser to an Affinity Designer's Document, which I find perfect for quick working and brainstorming. My question is - since the picutres are not linked - are they then embedded in the doc and the docs size will increase the more pictures I drop there? Since pictures from the net are relatively small (in Data-Size) it shouldn't be a big thing to have - lets say 100 oder 200 pictures dropped in? The document also does not become buggy from it, right? Does anybody have insight on that? Would be helpful. Thanks in Advance! Roya
  4. Interesting observation of a bug that only happens in Chrome browsers. In Chrome, I can only watch one video one time and then I can't watch anymore in that browser session. However, if I open the Affinity training videos up in MS Edge, I can watch all of them. Not sure why Google Chrome limits Affinity videos this way, but I just have to remember this is no longer a problem with the Edge browser.
  5. Trying out the Photo application. First thing that's striking is the 2000's style "Open File" to get something to work on! I think most potential customers, like myself, would be coming from Lightroom, and expect a slick and seamless browser <-> develop-module back and forth experience. (No need to go completely overboard like Lightroom with imports, and large databases, however, which actually get in the way when working on newly acquired images.) For example. things like quick comparison of images are facilitated by having the browser right there, at all times. Perhaps I missed something, and there is indeed an integrated browsing module, or such? Regards Patrik
  6. Hello, I'm very glad that we now have a glyphs browser, but I personally feel that its looks can be improved. Virtually all typefaces are made primarily for use on a light background, and to correctly evaluate a glyph I think the glyph browser should reflect this by having a white background with black glyphs. Right now the dark UI theme shows light glyphs on a dark background and the light UI theme shows grey type on a light background (which is better but lacks contrast). The font dropdown however does have black type on a white background in both themes, which I think is a good choice. Looking forward to your thoughts! Best, Bauke
  7. Hello everyone. I am new to AP and i am responsible to teach it in some weeks to our big architectural company, that in a while plans to switch totaly away from Adobe Products and has found in affinity Photo a real alternative to Photoshop. The architects in my company do often have to produce immages , Plans and also to retouch renderings using heavily hundrets of other immages like trees, people, sky´s and so on. Also a part of us has to batch convert immages. So what i am at the moment am missing very very much is a tool comparable to adobe bridge to browse dozens of immages to find the best one to import to Affinity Photo. is there an alternative ? We work on Windows... are there Browsers to fill the gap at the moment, that can read also affinity documents ? and that are alble to load them one click to affinity Photo.. Dont get me wrong.. affinity Photo is allreay a great software, but when working professional with renderings, immages and so on, a Data management tool with graphical feedback of the footage is simply a must have tool. Its just not responsible to load dozens of diffenent immages one ofter the other to your app, just to see if one fits your need. you have to have some sort of DAM Software.. anything alternative anything on the developent horizon ? greetings Tom
  8. I cant find an image browser feature int he Affinity Phot betas. I cant see a feature request for this in the Enhancement Request forum so here goes. I think that you either need a filmstrip view of the images in a directory and/or a Finder style application pane that shows drives/directories/files(images) to be shown and selected from the viewd thumbnails. Sorry if this request already exists. Thanks
  9. Hey, Love Affinity Designer – I see the distant light in the tunnel from Sans Adobe land! I'm guessing you know and love The Noun Project? A huge "free" pictograms collection growing by the minute. Well, they recently released a Mac client allowing me to browse icons and import the .SVG by dragging from the client directly. It is awesome. However, Affinity Designer (Beta) doesn't support dragging from the client. I have to drag to e.g. Pages and then into Affinity Designer. Would love to see improved drag support for .SVG! Johan
  10. As far as I can tell there is no media navigation browser capability in Affinity Photo as you might find in Adobe Lightroom, Graphic Converter Pro, Adobe Bridge, etc. It will be a big help if a resource folder tree and navigation thumbnails could be implemented along the left hand side or wherever to be able to browser and edit multiple photos, saving them all in batch, rather then having one photo assigned to one tab as seems to be the current way of open multiple photos. If say I wanted to open a folder of 50 folders and had to create 50 tabs for those photos, it would be pretty difficult to navigate through each of those photos, or comparing a couple photos side by side. To a lesser degree, but equally important, since most DSLRs and MILCs support video these days, the ability to display those along with the photos and do very basic edits like trims or set the poster frame of a video clip would also be nice to have. This is already doable in Apple's Photos app. Cheers, Jerry Tokyo, Japan
  11. Hi everyone, If I click in the program on the Tutorials menu, the link opens up in the default browser (latest Firefox). However if I click on any link that is available in the Help, it will open up Internet Explorer. OS: Win 10 HUN, build 10586.420 Designer build:
  12. Hi, I want to switch from Adobe to Affinity but when on location really need a file browser. Currently I use Bridge to select photos then work on the Raw files in Adobe's raw converter. Is there a way one can edit in Bridge then open directly into Affinity's Raw converter? Thanks for any advice. Darren Heath.
  13. I have my entire library on an external hard drive. I should point out that I have been waiting for it to populate 36,000 photos, so should I be waiting more than 10 hours for this? Or is this a bug? Do I need to manually add the library again? Please any help would be good here.
  14. It really would be helpful if the media browser could read Affinity's own file format. If the OS can read them then surely it can't be too challenging to have your own browser do so as well. This seems a rather astonishing oversight and, sadly, renders the browser of limited practical use.
  15. hi it wud be nice if we can get a browser in afinity photo so that its easy to see a file folder of images. otherwise need to switch between different programmes. when selecting a PSD file with layers the affinity photo software cannot create a thumb nail. the thumb nail only comes if the psd file is flattened. nice to have this fixed. add feather tool a pdf instruction manual so one can print it out and follow the guide. regards ashok
  16. Affinity Photo may be added to Aperture as an external editor. The benefit is the added photo browser function of Aperture. In order to add Affinity Photo, add it as an external editor in the "export" tab of PREFERENCES. See the added Affinity Photo.pdf file. Affinity Photo.pdf
  17. Congratulations on the development of an excellent software. Affinity has one shortcoming though from my perspective, that I look for in ANY application. Affinity Photo lacks a photo browser to access photos freely from a flowing stream, like in Lightroom, or Enlighten for iPhone. When editing, I like to freely have access to multiple images in a thumbnail, matrix type display or at least a media strip at the bottom or side. This allows for easy access to multiple media data items rather then having to open photos one-by-one, drill down to a resource location, load the file, begin to edit the file, then rewind, and repeat the process for the next photo. Even Apple's basic photos.app allow for multiple photos access for edit and to save to LR-type collections.
  18. Obviously with .afdesign and .afphoto being brand new extensions none of my image browsers can thumbnail them. However I was very surprised to discover that even AFP's own browser doesn't do this either! Are there any plans for the future either with your own browser or talks with third parties to accommodate the new format? It would be very handy ........ David Mac
  19. Hi, What are some of you using as your browser? Are you still using Adobe Bridge or are you switching to Apple Photo for your browser and photo manager, or are you using some other browser? Thanks, Joe (aka MacMac to 9 grandkids)
  20. What photo browser is recommended when using Affinity Photo? I have been using Adobe Browser along with Photoshop and the interface is clean and easy between the two Adobe produces. What browser will work best with Affinity Photo? Thanks, Joe
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