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Found 44 results

  1. Hi, Could someone shed some light on this for me? I create a new document based on the image size and ratio I require, I then crop the image to the size I require. However, when I resize the canvas to allow for a creation of a border of say 1inch and apply the border by adding a new fill layer, the new fill layer is snapping to the original pre-cropped size and not to the new cropped size in the new created document. I hope this makes sense..!! Many Thanks Simon R
  2. I am new to AD. I have been using DrawPlus for some time. I need to create a circular border design within a donut. I can find no forum or info that addresses "border or borders". I need something like an X with a top and bottom. I need this for a circular logo. Thanks
  3. Hello Mask was created from black and white image I want to erase white edges by adjusting mask boundaries I want you to tell me a good way Thank you 4691.afphoto
  4. Hi Guys, first post here... Currently trialling new options as alternatives to existing software at the minute. Personally I've used Fireworks for the last few years mainly for digital based designs. However going forward we need something new. Having looked at a few options Affinity seems to tick more boxes than the other options and looks great so keep up the good work :) Anyways on to the question. I'm guessing this may have been asked a lot but cant find a definitive answer. So simply when creating a shape and adding a border (Stroke) you get the fuzzy antialiasing edge. One side of the shape has a solid 1px border and other sides you get the extra faint line. Small issue but also very off putting. Am I doing something wrong here or is there a way to stop this so a 1pt / 1px stroke or whatever value stroke is solid with no fuzzy edges? The zoom is 100% here and I've made sure the shape was a realistic size like 500 x 200 px. Bottom left is zoomed in to show the aliasing. Thanks in advance Michael
  5. Hello, I am having a stroke issue with AD version on windows-10 . When drawing a vector shape from the tools with no stroke selected it ends up with a little red stroke. I have no FX selected & even set the stroke width to 0-pt even though the stroke is set to none. I have attached a screenshot showing the issue. It may be me & that I have missed something along the way but I don't think so. I also have AP & it doesn't happen in that. I found this topic in the forums but it's not quite the same https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32154-thin-black-line-around-shapes-designer/?hl=stroke Any help apreciated Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, is there a possibility to set the starting point of a grid to the border of the document? In my specific case I need to have a grid with 4mm spacing and a border of 10mm at all sites of the sheet. Can I move the gird in that direction that the grid lines are lined up with the left a top border? thank you
  7. Let’s say I have an object with a fill and border, both have the same color but the border’s lightness is 10 points lower than the fill’s. I would like to change the color/hue/lightness of the fill and have the border color/hue/lightness change with it while keeping the lightness at the same distance from each other. Sounds complicated, I hope you understand what I mean. Is there a way to achieve this?
  8. DBMiller

    Resize Canvas

    I've been trying to add a white border and a drop shadow off the image. In Photoshop I would create a duplicate of the background - expand the canvas on the background - add a shadow to the duplicate layer. This doesn't work in Affinity. The border is never equal all around or centered, even though I click the 'center' button. How would I go about re-creating this effect in Affinity? Thank you.
  9. Hi, how can i dissable the red thin border when drawing circles or rectangles in AD? Contour is set to none.
  10. Firstly a big thank you to the Affinity Photo for Windows team for this software. I am learning more and more about it and liking it the more I use it. I would like to see a simple but accurate and consistent of adding a border to an image. In Photoshop it is done by going through "canvas size" and in Paintshop Pro (a program that I have been using lately because of problems with PS) it is even more simple, you go to "add borders". In both you can select what colour you want. I like to add a 4 pixel white border, then a 4 pixel black border to images that will be projected or posted on Flickr. The two methods do not remove any pixels from the image, whereas in the tutorials for Affinity it appears that pixels may be lost. Also it does not seem to be as accurate, or as easy, as I would like. Many Thanks John.
  11. Apologies if this has been answered, I looked but could not find. Is there a way to add a border automatically when exporting or printing the artboard? in Inkscape, this is done simply by checking "Border on top of drawing" in the Document Preferences - Page Set-up. Thanks.
  12. Hello! I'm trying to apply an inner shadow effect to my rounded rectangle. I don't want the inner shadow to apply to the border, only to the fill. This is how it works in Photoshop, for better or worse. I've fiddled around with the stroke and effect settings, but I cannot seem to achieve the goal, except by creating two objects and having one be the border, and the other be the fill. Is there a way of having the effect only apply to the fill, so I don't need to manage two distinct objects? Using RC2 on Windows 10. Cheers Alex
  13. Hej, when I edit the constraints of an object inside a layer which has an outer border - that border gets clipped. It is a rather minor problem since I can set the borders inside - yet, it was kind of confusing first. It could be helpful that the assistant sets the border inside automatically and informs you about that. Or it doesn't do anything but still informs you about an consequence one might not have anticipated at first. Also it would be nice that the interface reflects that it is impossible or rather effectless to set an outer border to those layers. For example the button could be gray or whatever. What do you think? cheers Steffen edit: oops. Just saw that the border gets set to 0px - but it is still possible to set it outside again‽ Whats going on?
  14. Hi guys, I do not manage to change any of the attributes of the surrounding frame of any Frame text. I would like to have a background color and some more padding towards the border. The only way I managed to do so, is to use a formatted square and align artistic text over it. Is there a way to apply formatting to the frame of a fame text? Thanks Lars
  15. I've only just started using Affinity, and want to know if there is a simple way of adding a border (black or white) to an image. In Photoshop it was fairly straightforward, using the resize canvas and selecting a colour. If there similar functionality in Affinity?
  16. Hello, today I´m wondering how to insert graphic text with an automatic frame. I have to label some places and would like to differ some of the labels by bordering them with a frame. I guess that a manual bordering would cause inaccuracies, so I´m looking for an automatic solution. It would be great if someone could tell me something about this. And if so it would be very helpful if this would be possible very detailed as I´m not used to design and affinity :) . Thanks in advance und my best regards, sandfraeulein
  17. Hi there, I have a problem with Affinity Designer.app concerning the file-size of svg-exports. When I just export a simple elipse the filesize is very small, but as soon as I add a ring to the elipse and adjust the border a bit, suddenly the exported svg turns way bigger (>100kb) because every pointer within that ring is exported instead of the figure… The same figure in Illustrator exports just fine. This seems to happen as soon as I switch the border-style from outer to inner… Is this a problem with the settings or with the svg-export-module of Affinity Designer.app? I attached the two files, same Figure, different border-style -> very different Export size as SVG Kind regards Hubi svg export bug.zip
  18. I need to put a thin black border around white lettering - meaning that each letter has its own border, to highlight it against an image. How is this done? Thanks
  19. So i was today seeing a small bug. When you set the border size to 0pt and not to no border, the item gets a border. I think it should behave like no border or at least not visible border then. This is complete reproduceable. I attached a screenshot and the testfile. Cheers, Torsten test.afdesign

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