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Found 8 results

  1. Bookmarks in the anchor/bookmark panel should be displayed in the same order as they will be generated in the pdf document.
  2. Currently, when manually creating a bookmark or generating from a table of contents, the anchor that is used as a target is created at the end of the paragraph or selected text. It's bad. If the target paragraph or selected text spans more than one line, when you click on such a bookmark in the pdf document, only the last line of text at the top of the pdf document will be visible, and the entire paragraph or text should be visible. Indesign creates the anchor at the beginning in the bookmarks to avoid this error and Affinity Publisher should too.
  3. When bookmarks are generated from a multi-level table of contents, the program should create nested bookmarks with parent/child relationship.
  4. The functionality of manually arranging bookmarks is very limited and could be improved. It is only possible to drag a bookmark over another to create nested bookmarks and the oposite, but you can not change the order of bookmarks, by selecting them and move to a desired location. Also the anchors panel should display bookmarks in the order the will be generated in pdf.
  5. BUG - tested on a new document New Document Create a Text box Double Click on Text to highlight Right click and select Interactive > Add Anchor The selected text is used as the Anchor text Check in Anchor panel that Anchor is created Double Click on Text to highlight Right click and select new option Interactive > Anchor Properties Edit the text Check in Anchor panel - another Anchor is created - so two Anchors even though you intended only one but edited it. See screen shot showing this stage. Double Click on Text again to highlight Right click and select Interactive > Delete Anchor Check in Anchor panel and the first Anchor with original text has been deleted. Each time you edit Anchor Properties a new anchor is created - so you must continually delete the old one. The correct behaviour should be that when you select Anchor Properties that you are changing the existing anchor - and not just piling a new one on top of the old one. The correct menu item name to edit an Anchor Property should be Edit Anchor Properties - so that it is clearer that this is where you can change Anchors. FEATURE REQUESTS 1. Alternatively you should be able to edit an Anchor Property in the Anchor Panel. 2. The Anchor Panel should display the Anchors in the page order on which they appear - not alphabetically. Or alternatively there should be a sort option. 3. When you select Export Anchors as Bookmarks in the PDF export dialog it would be nice if this was persistent and when you restart Publisher that this option is remembered. The reason I use Anchors at all is in order to create Bookmarks in PDF exports - this is a requirement for submitting PDFs to governmental bodies in my country. This is the main reason I use Publisher in fact - so I can generate the book marks and manage the pages in my submissions. It would be even more helpful if there was an option for Anchors act as Page Bookmarks - some PDF readers scroll to the text that the anchor is attached to - so if the anchor is applied to text at the bottom of the page (because that's there the text is in an illustration) the PDF reader scrolls too far.
  6. I completed a document but wanted to create nice bookmarks for the PDF. This is when I discovered that the anchors were a complete mess and there were many many copies of objects that didn't exist and in some cases there would be 5 or 6 anchors pointing to the same object. I cleaned it all up and was trying to get it to stop throwing errors on export. Now I have an issue where some anchors are being nested under an incorrect anchor. I can click and drag them to the correct anchor but when I update the table of contents they go right back to the incorrect anchor. I have tried deleting and retyping them, moving them to a new page, creating an alternate set and then deleting the old set and then renaming the alternate set. However, each time, updating the table of contents puts them right back into the incorrect location. I have posted my file because it's an odd issue. The problem occurs with "Tier 3 Talents", "Tier 4 Talents", and "Tier 5 Talents". The first page of talents is inexplicably being pushed under the incorrect anchor heading. I've tried trouble shooting for many hours and I thought I found a fix by deleting, recreating, and then renaming but once I completed the second set that way they all went back to being wrong again. Gorevan_Core_Rules.afpub
  7. https://youtu.be/_q2xyPGAtiI?t=96 Bookmark sublists under many conditions export out of order. I created a list of examples of where things work and where they don’t. These are PDF files. Here is a code a came up with as I found more and more variations affecting behavior. All PDF files were made from new documents in Publisher. I never reused or deleted info on a single document. On a Mac, green = tag “Yes” where export is ok. Orange = tag “No” where export is out of order. Cl = Changing Letter Cn = Changing Number L1 = one letter L2 = two letters + = separate groups groups of letters or numbers A> = all lowercase RL = random letters For example: L4 A> + Cn = Four letters in lower case, space, changing number like camp 1 The PDFs show the order of of text and bookmarks in the file. The bookmarks show how the bookmarks exported. Some observations: A letter, space, and number export fine. A letter next to a number does not or A # exports fine A# does not. A# does not export but put a word in all caps before and “WORD A#” exports. However a three letter word beginning with a capital letter does not… “Word A#” does not export. However an eight letter word beginning with a capital letter does export… “Bookmark A#” exports without error…..Oh boy, just discovered “Wordword A#” AB# exports but ab# does not. So capital letters definitely change things. You may find it helpful to search documents ending in examples with a letter and changing number. For example search the folder for “L1-Cn”. Beta Samples.zip
  8. So, in the old versions of PagePlus X8 and X9, I could Insert > PDF Bookmarks automatically, by choosing which text styles were in which part of the bookmark hierarchy. So Heading 1 would be a main bookmark, and Heading 2 would be a level beneath it. When I exported to PDF (and ticked the Include bookmarks tickbox), I'd get all the bookmarks in my PDF no problem. I can't find this functionality within Affinity Publisher. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
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