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Found 5 results

  1. Hey folks - I'm having to go back to basics on booklet printing since my 16-page document isn't printing properly, and I'm trying to troubleshoot why with a simple dummy file. Take a look at the screenshot attached. I've manually done the impositioning on all 16 pages, and I want it to print front to back for the booklet that I will staple together. The problem Is illustrated in the screenshot where I'm trying to print the booklet, however it's not printing page 16 next to page 1. For some reason, it prints page 16 on one spread, then prints page 1 on another. All other spreads seem to print as expected. Why would it do this even though I've laid it out accordingly? I've tried looking in Document Setup, searched Youtube a bunch of times, and am not finding anything. I'll also attach the original Affinity Publisher 2 file so that someone can hopefully tell me what I'm doing wrong. I really (REALLY) want to leave the world of Adobe behind, but this is something I could've banged out in InDesign in no time flat. Hoping it's just some simple setting and not a bug in Affinity Publisher 2, otherwise it's back to the 800lb Gorilla for me. Let me know what you find! Thanks in advance for your help. dummy-16pages.afpub
  2. I'm new to Publisher but know my way around software well. Never really picked up more than the basics of InDesign, so I'm enjoying getting to know Publisher. I'm working on layout out a comic and sometimes I change my mind on what pages to include or the order. I can delete or add pages and move them around etc which is great. However, when I do this my artwork goes out of alignment as my guides are asymmetrical (1/2 inch more on the 'Inner' guide) to give more room for the spine fold. I'm thinking this could be solved in one of two ways I can think of: Lock placed artwork to guide (auto aligns horizontal and vertical to guide) Select all, align to guide (aligns horizontal and vertical to guide) for the entire document Are either of these possible? Or am I thinking about this the wrong way. As of now I am just clicking on every spread, select all and then align horizontal, align vertical, rinse and repat. It gets old quick.
  3. Hello I am trying to print a booklet of 16 page A5 onto A4 landscape. I have a art graphics printer that has duplex function. Despite my best efforts I am unable to print my booklet correctly. When I use the dialog box for printing with Affinity Publisher to print the booklet booklet selected double sided selected Short side selected for binding Duplex printing has worked for the booklet, but the rear pages print upside down Please can you help solve this as I am printing a forest of paper and wasting ink and of course my time in trying to solve this. I look forward to hearing from the forum with a solution Thank you
  4. It's kind of blowing my mind that this isn;t already a functionality within Affinity since you can easily print documents as a booklet (and if I am just missing how to do this entirely, please fill me in), but I think the ability to export a document to PDF as a booklet is definitely a feature that should be added to Affinity Publisher ASAP. I attempted to just export as individual pages and then print as a booklet from Adobe, but the inner-margins are screwed up when I do it that way too (the pages are ordered correctly, but they spaced way too far apart). Sharing digital printables for planners online is fairly popular these days, but it's nearly impossible to export files from Affinity in a way that is easily downloadable/printable for others because it doesn't allow you to export in Booklet form. If Affinity would add this feature, it would be GREATLY appreciated, and heavily utilized, I'm sure. Haha
  5. Hi, I have a document which I would like to send in PDF format using booklet option. The problem comes with the blank space it leaves in the document. See attached. How can I generate a PDF file, using booklet arrangement of pages, and have edge to edge result? Size of the spread is exactly the same as the selected paper. Thanks
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