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Found 3 results

  1. Currently I'm trying to do some photo editing, but also to annotate the photos. I find that mostly Affinity Designer is the tool I want to use, but sometimes once I've used a photo as a layer I want to go in and modify that - for example blur out faces and even car number plates. Can I do that within Designer, or do I have to go out and do the blur in Affinity Photo or some other tool, then re-import the photo, and maybe even have to do all the layers which have been stacked up all over again? I'm hoping that either it will be able to do some photo operations (including blurring) for selections within layers in Designer, or alternatively that a photo in a layer can be exported quickly to a photo app (could be Photo - but not necessarily), which can then be used for doing the photo bit, then re-importing the edited photo back into the same layer. The point is that sometimes one doesn't notice that this is necessary until most of the detail has been worked out, so it would be good not to have to redo all the work just to get some part of a photo dealt with.
  2. Hi friends, As I have writen before, I am not able to blurr the shrinked outline of a selcted image, applying the blurring effect. I do not give up.l I have tried a new way.....and that is using the blurring brush on the outside of the previously, shrinked selection. The effect that I have got is the same, though seems to be a longer action doing it, the brush does affect only in the way that I wish as prime goal, Meanwhile...the developpers can see if what I am in need can be worked out, I must day that I keep on working with the app, being now a proud customer of it, Thanks a lot. You are a good team. Rosa.
  3. Hi friends, Now that I have purchased the Affiniy Photo Inhad dreamed that this one of my former questions would be answered by the working of the app. ut I am desappointed for is not. I am longing to get the selection outline being softened by a slight blurring, but as much as I repeat the action, select-shrink-invert selection-apply blurring....the result is that the blurring does affect the whole shape and. not the outline that is outside of the "marching ants" I have followed a moderator's instructions or tips and the hing does happen again and again, Can anyone have tried to do this action and succeed? I would appreciiate, again a bit of. help in this, Is important for my conpositions and though I coulld refine the outlines with Photoshop...mmmm....the thing is to get ride of it as much as possible...you see. Thank you so much in advance. Rosa
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