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Found 44 results

  1. Hi I'm only a newbie but is there any way to convert a bitmap image to a vector.
  2. Wilfred Hildonen

    Vector for dummies

    I am not very into vector and AD was like a magic wand to me. All of a sudden I knew how to create vectorised artwork on the fly, so to speak. I thought. Then I was asked to work on a project which would have to be vector. I imported a logo I had made earlier and exported as an eps-file. All vector. I made an elegant brush which I thought was vector. And when it all looked as I wanted it to in AD, I exported it as .eps and sent it to the print shop - and was asked why I sent them a bitmap when they wanted vector. After lots of tearing my hair out accompanied by swearing in multiple languages, I finally learnt what was wrong. If you import an image into your artwork, using the tool for that, it is being transformed into a bitmap image, no matter what it was earlier. You need to open up the vector-file in AD as an individual file and then copy it and then paste it into your artwork. Then it remains a vector-file with all layers and info intact. And the brushes you create in AD are not vector, not even when you create it in Vector Persona. It is bitmap. The solution here was to export it and having it traced, something a very kind user helped me out with, since I don't have programmes with such a feature - a feature I hope will be added to AD soon. So, my question is whether it shouldn't come up a warning to us vector-dummies? I know, it might be annoying for the true pros to see pop ups notifying about such as they consider self-evident, but there are solutions to that. Either being able to turn that off or on in the preferences or having an option in the message: Don't show this message again. Just a thought. It would have saved me for a lot of frustration. And probably helped a lot of others as well.
  3. Hello, I can not find a Bitmap mode in 1-bit Photo Affinity off I need to process files that keeps strictly their mode and their resolution. This is copydot files and it is important that it be treated as such. It is provided a 1-bit Mode? If that were the case , it might be interesting to have a true improvement over Photoshop that generates moiré patterns when you want the resample . (This messages was à Google Translate). Clyde
  4. Ralph


    In CorelDraw I can import a bitmap (say a JPG logo which has been copied so many times that it is long past the scruffy stage) and TRACE it. This function finds the edges and creates objects from them. It approximates the colours of fills and the end result is a vector graphic which can be edited back to its original condition. Also very useful for creating vector graphics from scanned drawings. This feature is essential for more than half the vector graphics I create. Please put it on your ToDo list.
  5. In CorelDraw I can import a bitmap (say a JPG logo which has been copied so many times that it is long past the scruffy stage) and TRACE it. This function finds the edges and creates objects from them. It approximates the colours of fills and the end result is a vector graphic which can be edited back to its original condition. Also very useful for creating vector graphics from scanned drawings. Does AD have anything like this? - I can't see any references in the Help system (which has a lovely UI!) Which reminds me that I can't find any import options from Twain or WIA sources. Does AD have anything like this? - I can't see any references in the Help system (which has a lovely UI!)
  6. Hey! I just bought Affinity Designer this week. I have some experience in Adobe Illustrator, but am fairly new to vector art. I want to start selling vectors on Shutterstock and am working on a set of simple fruit and vegetable images to get familiar with vector creation and the process of exporting them in a format customers will be able to use. Shutterstock requires that vectors be uploaded as EPS files. I tried uploading this as one of my first images: 7-5-16_fruit_n_veggies_peapod.afdesign It got rejected because it contains bitmapping. Is this because I'm using an effect that gets rasterized that I'm not aware of, or is it because EPS rasterizes no matter what? Or is something else going on? I appreciate any help anyone can give me.
  7. How can I create and export files from a scan or some line art logo, to create files I can easily color in InDesign by choosing their bitmap content in the color list?
  8. Hi! I am used to using Adobe package, where is a strict division between software for vectors and software for rasters.I saw that the Affinity moves away from this scheme. Affinity Designer can create vectors, but also raster paintings? In addition, I heard that, both- Affinity Photo and Designer are using the same file extension. So I can open the file with the vectors in Affinity Photo? Could someone explain that to me? :P Which program is better to buy for digitalpainting? (for example, in the style of: http://memod.deviantart.com/gallery/) Thanks for all your help! :)
  9. AD & AP: The "Bitmap" fill type option is only availabe if Gradient tool is activated. If it's possible and convenient with the Serif software design concept, please add this also directly to the Fill and Contour option of Text tool. I once used it with the Gradient tool "accidentially" correct, but it's over two weeks ago and I could not recall from brain (or whatever there is) - I was searching for over an hour... :rolleyes: :wacko: :blink: Cheers (time 4 a beer :P), Roland
  10. Hello, This are my first steps with Affinity Designer, and here my first question: - I found how can select a bitmap object, but can the selection convert to a shape? For clearify, see screenshot: Regards, Christophe
  11. Hi There, I have just bought Affinity Designer and am just learning to use the tools. I have previously used Illustrator and am finding the transition relatively straightforward and really like the programme. One thing I used to be able to do in illustrator was to drag and drop an image into the swatches tab and then use that image as a tile fill to create prints/patterns (useful when designing clothing). I also used clipping masks for similar effect. Do either of these functions exist in designer or would I need to purchase Photo as well? Many thanks
  12. I'd like to fill a circle with a bitmap image. The forums told to use the gradient fill on the shape an select bitmap. Unfortunately I don't have the bitmap option (I have the german version activated, but there is nothing similar) in my Affinity Designer 1.4. How can I do that? Is it as Alternative possible to cut a circle out of a bitmap with the geometry tool? In the attached File I'd like to place the bitmap in the inner white circle to get a button with the image and a black border. Before I draw that in InkScape or before in CorelDraw, but I'd like to switch to Affinity ... marvins.afdesign
  13. I'm using Designer 1.3.5 and I'm trying to remove a portion of a bitmap I just pasted in. So I go select my bitmap, then go to the Rectangular Marquee Tool to make my selection and then go to Cut or hit the delete key and the entire bitmap disappears? Bug? Or something I'm doing wrong?
  14. Hello, This could already be a known issue, but it seems that when using the gradient tool and choosing the "bitmap" type of fill in the dropdown to select and image, upon import the app consistently crashes. Thank you.
  15. Hi Affinity forum, I decided to buy the app for the price that is relative light engagement. Well, I use Photoshop since 2.51 version I enjoyed alot this new deal in graphics at this time. It was fresh and exciting to participate to this Adobe's journey. The big problem with Adobe which has a real expertise in bitmap is the expensive price they ask, socially unfair for real enthusiasts artists who couldn't afford the software solution. 20 or 10 years ago, there was an unreasonable needs into graphics business so prices jumped due to a mad inflation. Adobe has decided to deal with PC that has attacked the Apple market. Adobe has became an industrial software sometimes agressive, they attacked Quark Xpress market with In-design solution. But now how I can change of bitmap's software after more 20 years of photoshop's use ? Can I really transpose serious tasks (color management, quality image manipulation)? I use PS for verifications and corrections in professional way with approved settings by the profession. Will Affinity extend his software to exhaustive industrial norms workflow ? PS: Affinity seems to exploit deeper than ps .tiff files. I have been positively surprised by .tiff flexibility inside app. Levels are great! they push .tiff to a real pixel density and colors keep their soul. A good taste in photography rendering algorithm. One more bitmap software is ever a good news.
  16. Hello, some features I miss so far is the possibility to change the colormode to bitmap. That would be fine. A other feature I request is an automatic stitching tool for overlapping pictureslices, so they can rearranged and stitched together. For example from a double page in a pdf-file. And make it better than the PS-function ;-) .... that's what you do everytime, of course! Regards Torsten
  17. One of the things I do a lot is create masks for bitmapped images. It would be incredibly useful to have an edge-detection selector (a "magic lasso" sort of thing) so that I could easily select the object on the bitmap image that I need to mask. Admittedly, this is more of a bitmap-drawing rather than a vector-drawing sort of thing, but it's annoying to have to load an image into Gimp to create a mask, then load that mask into affinity designer.
  18. I was playing with the Bitmap Fill, which is buried within the Gradient Fill type Pop-up menu. This doesn't make too much sense as a Bitmap is not a type of Fill Gradient.... Perhaps a better place is as another tab under the Move tool's Fill pop-up palette from the toolbar across the top: