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  1. I waited all summer to catch this female of natural aviation at the lunch counter getting her fill up. I'm glad Affinity Photo was there when the waiting was over.
  2. Created using Affinity Designer- using various brushes, Gaussian Blurs, and 3D layer effects.
  3. Here are a few vector images I did with Designer. The penguin I did based on a ceramic penguin light we have. The yellowish bird was something my mom asked me to do that replicated a ceramic bird she has. My tea mug. A hummingbird I saw a picture of for reference. A medicine bottle with spray hose in it.
  4. Painted this zebra finch bird on a branch based on a photo I saw using Affinity Photo.
  5. A normal pic, duplicated layer, soft blend, added selective colors and curves adjustments, plus a fine sharpening macros.
  6. A buzzard and a crow over City of Hamburg / Eppendorf Canon EOS 80D Sigma EF 150-600 at 600 1/1600s Handheld Sky smoothed with denoise and bilateral blur Birds treated with mild tone map (20% / 20%) and clarity
  7. This little girl tested my camera to the max. I'm glad she showed up. Nikon D5600, 70x300 lens, 1/4000 shutter speed, 4.8 aperture, 4000 ISO.
  8. I have done digital paintings in photoshop for longer than I like to admit. I got this program to be able to do vectors, but I may now be able to ditch the obnoxious photoshop subscription. I am going to try the photo program that Affinity has to see if I like it, too, but I was quite happy with painting in Designer. This is not as realistic looking as my normal digital art, but it was fun and only took an hour or so. I can see that when I don't feel pressed for time before the trial runs out I could really go crazy with it and get more detailed than I did today.
  9. After upgrading to a decent camera that can utilize Affinity Photo's capabilities I had no second thought of where to take my first photos.
  10. Bright bird on a branch. Upsplash photo reference. Still trying to develop technique. The branch with buds and flower are rough and sort of impressionistic with the most detail reserved for the bird to draw attention and focus.
  11. Finally, all the albino brain chiggers are gone (we had about 14" - 18" of that white junk fall here in southeast Arkansas last week) and it's safe to go outside again. The only positive about the whole mess was I got to stand in the doorway and watch the birds and squirrels consuming what we put out for them. Since I won't venture out far in that stuff, the "goodies" were near my front door. Got some interesting images processed in Affinity Photo.
  12. Recent start to a new idea, all Affinity Designer, still and videos. Part one - Part two - Part three- Please enjoy my artistic madness!
  13. Hello artists and creatives, I am posting three videos and 5 still frames of progress creating an artwork. More to come and post here in time for this. I have been struck by an Idea that may distract me a bit. I will continue this in a few days. Video part one - Video part two - Video part three -
  14. Here is an illustration by me. It is a Bone-Eating Bearded Vulture. I videoed the beginning - and I videoed the ending -
  15. Bird design, made on affinity designer on Desktop! I did my bird that unfortunately passed away in the past week.. in honor of her memory I did this special version of her. anyway thanks all for all the amazing inspiring words during the live streaming The video is going to be available at the Tutorial topics
  16. Chicken design, made on affinity designer desktop! This tutorial is available on the Tutorial section Brushes used: MVB Package Download below https://gum.co/MVBpack
  17. Sometimes I wander about our garden with a camera in hand. This morning I noticed one of those blue headed birds that is not only content with eating the Apricots in summer but has taken to chewing the leaves on said Apricot tree. When I feel more energetic I'll set up a telephoto lens and get a decent shot of these birds. Jeremy.
  18. I've transferred these assets to Affinity Publisher from PagePlus X9. There are other silhouette categories but these are the ones I use mainly. Here they are for others to use in Affinity form with PDFs to edit yourself. Birds.pdf Creatures.pdf Silhouettes.afassets
  19. Nothing special, I took these pictures last weekend at Umhlanga Rocks in South Africa, all pictures taken with a Sony A7II, with the Sony 28-70mm, and all develop in Affinity Photo. This is my first time using Affinity Photo to develop pictures.
  20. It's just a small bird (Kohlmeise, Great tit), but he has made me a little nervous. So many layers I had previously only in some large portrait illustrations. I thought so a bird is easy to draw, but he is not. Respect, little bird ;)
  21. No wonder there is nothing on TV ---- it's broken free and the driver is still asleep .Talk about a magic carpet ride!! Not sure about elsewhere; but in Australia there is a 2-3 month non-rating period, so basically TV is really **** from November to late February This pic is far more complicated than it looks because of the big blue sky . This the original file --- "easier" to swap an Australian blue sky than match it
  22. couple of happy snaps of a little backyard mate -- background was basically painted in/mask out until it looked Ok. As usually, no particular workflow and done for something to do so i don't have to do the many things I need to do Pana Fz300 honest comments/cc/questions welcome. . I still owe someone an answer -- will get to it when I work out how I did it LOL!!
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