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  1. In the File Explorer on Windows 10, I expect the "(right click on image file) > open with" menu to list Affinity Photo as an option, but it doesn't. Suggest registering as a handler for image file types, during installation. I think there's a way to register with the "edit" and "open" verbs, but I'm not familiar with the process. This might help: Guidelines for File Associations and Default Programs.
  2. Hey all, The Windows beta of Photo is now available to try for free! Grab it here: https://affinity.serif.com/blog/affinity-photo-for-windows-is-available-now/ Here's a short (8 minute) video that just runs through a few of the basics for the Photo Windows beta and will hopefully answer some questions you may have: Direct link if you can't fullscreen the video: https://vimeo.com/190854361 It covers the concept of personas, opening images, panels, raw file development and exporting. I'd also just like to point out that we have over 120 video tutorials for Photo ava
  3. Hi, I'm trying the new beta ( in windows 10.The Denoise Live Filter doesn't seem to work at all, I put a video on line where I show what's not working and hope it makes it more clear what I mean. https://youtu.be/u8ofDztWR-k
  4. Hello everyone! I have a question about Affinity Designer: if i'm using Affinity Designer on windows since beta, i still need to buy it after beta expires? Thanks, Best regards!
  5. Usually all my Affinity changes show up in Apple Photos but when I go to make further edits in Affinity all the changes get lost. Is this happening to anyone else? Is this a bug? It almost seems like I should just edit all my photos from the Finder since it doesn't look like the Apple Photo to Affinity Photo "edit in" feature is working. Frustrating. The layers usually get flattened when exiting from Affinity but does that mean I can't go back and keep the look of the edits I just did? That doesn't make sense to me.
  6. Why isn't there a download-thread with the latest release of Windows Affinity Photo Beta like for Windows Affinity Designer Beta?
  7. Hi, I note that Affinity Mac has Location Panel with map function. I cannot see this in the Windows beta? I have over 100,000 images with GPS Lon/Lat/Alt in the exif. Will the Map/Location function be included soon? cheers, Paul
  8. Hi, On PS I have the Tools toolbar moved to the right of the UI near to layers and other panels for ease of use. Will the function to move the toolbar be included in Windows version? cheers, Paul
  9. Hello... I know that beta builds carry with them the risk of things like this happening, so this isn't a complaint, just an FYI. While using the latest Affinity Designer Beta build (26820) on the latest El Capitan Developer Beta build (15A244d), attempting to use the transparency tool results in a crash of Affinity Designer Beta. Happy to provide more details to help if needed. Thanks for your amazing products and even more amazing and prompt support! Serif rocks! ~ PixelPoetix
  10. I downloaded the Windows Affinity Designer beta trial -- I think within the last 2 weeks. (?) I tried it out a couple days ago, then got an email that there was an update, tried to load the update - but the link from the email to the update led to a page that offered it for $49.99. Seems that must have been the Mac version; since the Windows version is in beta. I have been unable to run the beta at all. A message comes up that says the program has expired. Nor can I buy it, since it's in beta. This seems strange. Does the Windows Beta version have a fairly short use period? Or did I so
  11. Hey there, I have no idea if it has been mentioned before but it looks like the "Objektivfilter" tool (sorry, no idea how to translate it) is currently broken in the Beta 4. Whenever I try to pick another color than the standard brown, it will reset to the brown again. See attached file and try it yourself. Greetings Bike.afphoto
  12. I understand that one of the candidate builds will eventually turn into a release version very soon. This is something to celebrate, of course, but it brings me to a question. I know it's a naive one but I have to ask it anyway. (I'm quite disappointed with some of your competitors' practices.) Your current rhythm of improvements and fixes is great, as is your unusual responsiveness to users. Are these qualities really part of the company policy? Will you guys keep doing this even well after the beta is over? Thanks for any thoughts.
  13. I don't usually rely on betas to do my main work but it seems like the only solution for me to open the file. Is there going to be an update to AP 1.4.x that will allow me to open AD 1.5 files? I am not sure if I want to rely on a beta.
  14. How close are we to a final Windows version. It is working great on my Windows 10 machine and I can't wait to get the paid version!
  15. Hi I'm completely new to Affinity, and downloaded the Beta hoping that Affinity Designer for Windows might be able to replace my ageing copy of Illustrator. Plus points: Ease of use, and I loved the concept of the same software having two "identities". But here's what I would need to know/see as a consumer to feel confident about using this instead of illustrator: 1) Unless I missed it, it looked like this software has no autotracing function. (I trace my own artwork to turn into design motifs). 2) Can I be confident that everything designed in the programs's raster identity t
  16. Hi. When I'm exporting to the PDF, final document has a different colour profile. Check the screenshots please. 1. My document has Rectangle with colour 30/90/80/10 CMYK and colour profile FOGRA39. 2. In export I set "Use document profile" and "Embed profiles". 3. But the final PDF document has colour profile "CGATS TR 001" and colour numbers are different too (20/83/66/11 CMYK). Any idea please? Thank you.
  17. I can't believe how this software can be this affordable compared to Adobe CC. Definitely switching from Illustrator and Photoshop. Very valuable software. Works without any issues on this specs (Acer Aspire 3820TG): i5 M450 (2.4 GHz), 4GB of RAM, HD 5650 VGA, 120GB SSD.
  18. Hello all, here is my feature request thread for the Windows Beta and the programs in general. You can find my bugs thread at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21303-blacksheeps-bugs/ You can find my beta roughs thread at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21321-blacksheeps-roughs/ For reference here is my computers specs: Intel NUC6i7KYK (Skull Canyon) Processor - Intel Core i7-6770HQ Skylake-H, 4C/8T, 2.6 GHz (Turbo to 3.5 GHz), 14nm, 6MB L2, 45W TDP Internal Graphics - Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 (Can be upgraded via Thunderbolt 3 based External
  19. Hi, I have attempted several times to open the 10-day trial for Affinity Photo, but I keep getting a popup that says the trial has expired. I was a beta tester for Affinity Photo a year or so ago (or whenever the first betas were released), but I haven't actually used the official release and wanted to try it out before I purchased it. Do you have any suggestions/things I can troubleshoot? Not sure if there is a file from the beta still on the computer that is keeping the trial from working. Thanks! Quinn
  20. I am interested in switching our printshop to Affinity software in the next year, starting from the moment Affinity Publisher comes out. Why? Because it is great software, sometimes even better and faster than its Adobe counterparts. Is there a way to get into the beta program for Affinity Photo and Designer? I own Affinity Photo and Designer. And even more I want to get in the alpha or beta program for Publisher. In our Printshop we have a Apogee CTP-rip so I can render pdf's to see if some features produce print errors and so on. I am used to preflighting and checking pdf's for CTP-
  21. hello, i just downloaded from the app store the new 1.4.1 version of AP and the 1.4.1 beta 4 versione does not start anymore (as expected). in the last few weeks i spent some time to change the configuration of the toolbar, but the new app does have the default configuration again. is there a fast way to port the beta configuration to the released app (i.e.: copying or renaming or overwriting some preference file, or something like this)? thanks in advance stefano
  22. Hey guys! Today I ran into this little bug I guess. While moving two objects at the same time – which are placed in different layers – their layer order gets messed up. Here’s a quick demonstration of the problem. I want to realign the object so it better fits the composition. I know there're better ways to handle this … I’ll give it a try, but still. https://youtu.be/2R-xT7wam7g Cheers Dennis
  23. I'm trying to use the new beta version, but each time I try to open it it tells me that a paid version needs to be installed. A paid version IS installed. What can I do?
  24. I am wondering if there might be a beta program someday for Affinity Publisher? I am in a bit of a predicament. I have been working on some flyers and newsletters for a friend. When I started, I decided to try Scribus, since my version of QuarkXPress was old and would not run on my Intel Mac. Scribus was just too quirky, so I looked around and found Affinity. I purchased Photo and Designer and have begun to use them. I read about Publisher, but since it was a bit down the road, I decided to go with MulitAd's Creator Express which was only around $40 on the App Store. It made a huge differe
  25. Title says it: if I want to center a group of elements they just disappear into Designers »vast, deep, grey void«. :ph34r: :lol: This occurred a couple of times to me in the latest beta and in some previous versions as well. I uploaded a short clip for demonstration. https://youtu.be/zQLXYLThT0w Oh, and don’t mind the music, I forgot to mute it … :) Cheers Dennis
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