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  1. What? My pages are upside down? The ruler is backwards? This is crazy. off pub beta 1024 AFTER my 1.9.1 version locked up and won't open. AFTER I linked two images instead of embedding files. Now I can't open the original and the beta looks like this!@@ This is the second install after I zipped the original and the 1st beta and put them temporarily in the trash instead of applications. All my assets are gone all my presets gone. All my fonts missing. What is happening with your programs. I am over 10 days into watching crashes. 25 of them yesterday, more today.
  2. @ dev team - I have filed a few bug reports already in the last couple of days, but I am seeing almost non-stop crashes with publisher on Windows 10. I can only work about 15 minutes maximum before I crash for any number of things. the last time I was simply trying to move the cursor left in the text block, or rotate an image. In addition, the entire setup is getting pretty sluggish. Clearly there is something else at play in the background, but hoping you might be able to review my file and or give me a beta version that has extensive logging enabled to help understand what is going wr
  3. I found a bug in the latest beta 1.9.2.xxx and last release version in Affinity photo, depending on hardware acceleration. If hardware acceleration is on, notebook with Intel HD Graphics 520 on chip is on, then the gaussian blur filter change the image completely to white with adjusted radius greater than 10px. That happens also with the filter frequency separation. With hardware acceleration of the fiters works well with high adjustments. On my desktop computer with a G-Force 950 this bug is not present. Regards Erhard
  4. The program closes without warning when, in layers panel: I try to nest one layer into another and/or I click to expand the layer to show its contents.
  5. I just installed Affinity Designer Beta and I also installed Luminance Brush Pack to test it out. Although it installed properly, and don't know how to locate the brushes. I spend the last hour installing, reinstalling, logging in, logging out, reading countless forum posts, to no avail. Could you please let me know how can I access the Luminance Brush Pack within the app? Thanks
  6. Hi, when using a mask layer applied to a member layer of a live stack group, the mask behaves strange: observed: If the mask value is 255, the pixel is inlcuded and shown. If the mask value is bewteen 0 to 254, the pixel is not shown. Expected: Values between 0 and 254 should lead to an pixel with accoring alpha. You can try at your own by adjusting the slider of the levels adjustment. You can see that it only affects which pixels are shown (when reaching alpha 255). I might be wrong with my expectation live_stack_and_mask.afp
  7. I downloaded the new beta tonight for Designer and each time I tried to register or sign in, it would either stay on the loading screen forever, or tell me it could not connect. Not sure what to do about that
  8. In the latest Publisher beta I noticed that there is a new menu item in the Layer menu called “Convert to Image Resource”. What is an “Image Resource”, what can I make into one, and why might I want to do so? I can’t seem to find anything in the Help about this, but I might be looking in the wrong places.
  9. Hello, I can’t enter anything above 50 px in the radius input box. The only way to successfully achieve a higher value is to grab an object’s handle (be it corner, or side, doesn’t really matter) and drag it left to decrease the value and right to increase it. Unfortunately there’s no cursor on my screenshot but that’s how I did it. Immediately after increasing the value via the input it resets to 50. The same for moving the pop-up slider. cheers Matt
  10. I’ve had a bit of an experiment with it on curves and shapes but can’t seem to get it to make a difference whether it is on or off? (I did a bit of searching in the forums but started to get frustrated with how the search works.)
  11. I have a bunch of former strokes I expanded - used the new divide function to clear overlapping former strokes and then selected all and hit "add" to merge back as one piece. The last step froze the app - this is not just a 1.9 beta issue, it's happened with all versions at times... I had to force quit the beta and reopen it. When it asked me if I wanted to restore the previous file, it brought up another design I was playing around with prior to this current one I got frozen with. That recovered file was an totally unsaved version - the one that froze on me was an existing file with a name
  12. I'm happy with the new release of the Affinity suite but as always ... I'm a beta cycle man, So I feel such boring and would like to know when is next Beta session planed and what's targeted ! Thanks.
  13. After I installed 3. update for all three programs, my apps are no longer linked together. Before, when I opened my Publisher file, the other two would open as well and would show on the top tool bar so I could jump between the three programs. Now, they are no longer linked and I have to open all three apps individually, which will make sharing and working on files between the three programs so much more difficult. Does anyone know why or have a solution to the problem? Was I on a beta testing or something because I read a question where someone "wished" they could do something like this, but
  14. I was experimenting with batch converting arw to jpg on about 10 files with different parameters (with or without "convert to sRGB macro, pixel format default, rgb, cmyk, embedded sRGB profile). Anyway, I decided to output around 118 images that I'd already successfully output with sRGB macro/embedded profile, and I think rgb pixel format (maybe left at default). Importing in the same dir where I recently deleted a 10-file batch. parallel checked. The batch job spun up and got to "saving" on the first 24 images but never made it past that. CPU hung out high for about how long it would tak
  15. See graphic below. Beta 1.8.4 fails to install on a Windows 7 machine which has been running Afinity software without a hitch lmv968@yahoo.com
  16. Serif allow customers to test new builds of the software even before it is released to the public. These "beta" builds offer an opportunity to trial bug fixes, add support for new file formats and show off new features before they are launched. This post is designed to be an aid to knowing if you are trying the latest beta version of the Affinity software on your platform. Product Name | Platform | Beta Ver. | ====================|================|==================| Affinity Designer | iPad 12.x-14.x | 1.9.2/1.9.23 | Affinity Photo | iPad 12.x-14.x |
  17. I just starting using the iPad version of Affinity and I can't tell how you install betas. Is it done through the MAS somehow? Is there a current beta on iPad?
  18. Hi, Am using AP Beta & found James' great video on adding in lens profiles. I followed it to add in my Sigma 18-300mm lens which was included in the profile. However, when opening a RAW file, there is no lens profile. Here's a screenshot showing the inclusion of the profile file, the lens itself & lens profile distortion box revealing none. Any ideas as to what I need to do? Thanks so much, Julie.
  19. Hi there, I'm using Affinity Publisher and wanted to open a .afpub-file lastly edited with Affinity Publisher Public Beta Unfortunately, Publisher keeps loading the file and eventually crashes without error notification. Opening with the beta isn't an option since the beta has expired. The file contains text, embedded and linked images. It would be great, if I was able to access the file, since there is some data in it, I would not want to recreate in the retail version. Of course, I know, that working with sensitive or important data in betas is at one's ow
  20. Dear Serif and the Affinity Photo dev team... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I fired up the Customer Beta that I keep installed along side my regular release of AP. Imagine my surprise when I checked the export options and saw .TGA as an export option! I'll be running around work tomorrow like a lunatic informing every single artist about this! Additionally, There's going to be more than a few of our tech supervisors that are going to be excited as well. I'm hoping studio management gets around to upgrading to Affinity Photo before the end of the week!
  21. I have a newsletter that I created with the beta version of Publisher which I would like to remake using the current non-beta release. The newsletter has a lot of styles, formatting and settings that would like to replicate in the new document but I worry that anything I bring over from the old document – imported styles, copy/pasted layers, etc. – could bring problems over to the nice fresh non-beta document and somehow break it. What is okay to do and what should I not do? At worst case, if I only have the beta document open and don’t copy anything from it – just to make it ea
  22. Hi, Now I'll admit to being new to AP, coming from PS. But when I go to Liquify Persona, select the tool I want to use, nothing happens. Mac Pro Mid-2012 OS 10.12.6 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB Anyone else having this problem? I looked at the video tutorial for help and I'm selecting the correct layer. Thanks! UPDATE: Ok, now it's working! But when I use the freeze tool, it still grabs the area that I don't want to adjust. Is there a fix for this? I attached an image to show what I mean.
  23. Is there a smooth way of importing existing Publisher files developed under Beta to the new Published version please? Currently when I open a file developed under Beta the formatting is awry and the master pages don't come through ... Thanks
  24. Don't tell me that it's impossible to retrieve files and documents saved on the beta version, as the updates all did until the purchased version? If so is there any way to get access to the beta? Please help!
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