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  1. First of all - THANK YOU for finally fixing the resizing anchoring 😍 I need this a lot for web design where each content page simulates another HTML document height. Now all last used anchor and size-(un)clamp settings are remembered - such a timesaver 😘 All page content is now anchored to the right corner/side after OK. Unfortunately only the master page object always snaps back to center - ignoring the used anchoring. Why is this relevant ? In my usecase i would like to place some recurring header elements onto one or more master pages to have them on each simulated content page. But if the master page layer always jumps to center after resizing i always have to manually shift this object back to top. This is so annoying after time that i don't use master pages for web design at all. Too bad, because that would be very helpful here.
  2. I found two inconsistencies: 1) Now also WebP and JPG XL support zoom 👍. Adding the hand/pan cusor is a good idea 👍. But only if the user knows the shortcut CTRL+1 it's now also possible to zoom to a 1:1 pixel preview for WebP, JPG XL. Eventually it might be better to add some distinct icons to the header or footer of the preview panel to promote all actions the user may execute ? Moreover it's a little bit choppy sometimes when you try to zoom with CTRL+mousewheel or CTRL+1. The reason might be, that you have to ensure that the document preview rectangle is in focus. Meaning if you zoomed out to far and use CTRL+mousewheel to zoom in again or CTRL+1 for pixel preview you often get no feedback from the panel. Unlike in the normal document viewport where you can use the CTRL+mousewheel and all zoom shortcuts everywhere (outside pasteboard, on background) in the export dialog panel you have to explicitely target the document rectangle to zoom by shortcuts or mousewheel. Meaning first click or hover inside the preview thumbnail and then use mousewheel or shortcut. This is counter intuitive because there is a 50% chance that a user might experience the zoom functionality as broken - not knowing that he has to zoom directly inside the visible thumbnail, not elsewhere. 2) Witin one usage session for some fileformats the dialog does not remember the just used last custom settings, e.g. interpolation, quality, lossless. If I do an export e.g. to WebP with 45% quality and bicubic -> OK -> save and open the export dialog for the second time all my last used custom settings are reset to the default WebP settings. For e.g. JPG the last custom settings are remembered with the next export dialog open: I guess this applies to all three apps.
  3. This applies also to Designer and Photo installation. After starting the installer (doubleclick .msix in Windows explorer) the install process starts and proceeds in German. When the App is started for the first time the EUAL agreement shows some Strings in German and the license in English. Maybe this is only in the beta ?
  4. I know this is not ab bug and there are huge discussions about the graphic appearence of the dark/light UX. I found some situations during all day work where i really could hardly distinguish the area a dialog or palette covers. This is especially obviuos with undocked floating palettes. E.g. sometimes it's hard to tell quickly which "X"-close buttons belongs to which dialog. I guess all dialogs and floating palettes would profit from the distinct black (?) outline border that is applied e.g. in the "New" dialog. It may look a little bit less "nice" but for usability reasons this might be helpfull.
  5. I had yesterday three times the problem that my project I was working on disapear at once, no warning or crash reports. this was happening I was using a frankandtoon brush where I was clicking several times behind another. The brush was very small in size. No hardware accelaration on. someone has this also? Afterwards I could started further with a a not saved backup.
  6. @ dev team - I have filed a few bug reports already in the last couple of days, but I am seeing almost non-stop crashes with publisher on Windows 10. I can only work about 15 minutes maximum before I crash for any number of things. the last time I was simply trying to move the cursor left in the text block, or rotate an image. In addition, the entire setup is getting pretty sluggish. Clearly there is something else at play in the background, but hoping you might be able to review my file and or give me a beta version that has extensive logging enabled to help understand what is going wrong. I am so frustrated at this point that I need some help to figure out how to make this all work more reliably. Can you please reach out to me to help me figure out how to get past these issue?
  7. Hello team, I miss in Publisher the possibility of an overprint preview, as well as the possibility to set individual colors or objects to "overprint" or "cut out" (hope this is the right term, maybe "omit" is better?). I did not find a satisfying answer in the forum. Are these features available and I just can't find them? Regards, Puck
  8. I'm happy with the new release of the Affinity suite but as always ... I'm a beta cycle man, So I feel such boring and would like to know when is next Beta session planed and what's targeted ! Thanks.
  9. After I installed 3. update for all three programs, my apps are no longer linked together. Before, when I opened my Publisher file, the other two would open as well and would show on the top tool bar so I could jump between the three programs. Now, they are no longer linked and I have to open all three apps individually, which will make sharing and working on files between the three programs so much more difficult. Does anyone know why or have a solution to the problem? Was I on a beta testing or something because I read a question where someone "wished" they could do something like this, but I have been doing this for at least a year now... I want it back!!!!!
  10. Image created with 2 5-image HDR merge, exported as 16bit tiffs, and then combined as a vertical pano Have not been able to save to Photos Export 16bit, RGB & 8bit RGB Tif and jpeg file size calculated Share Botton Crash Am able to export 16bit RGB tiff to ‘my iPad’ without issue RPReplay_Final1563335210.mp4
  11. Hi there, I'm using Affinity Publisher and wanted to open a .afpub-file lastly edited with Affinity Publisher Public Beta Unfortunately, Publisher keeps loading the file and eventually crashes without error notification. Opening with the beta isn't an option since the beta has expired. The file contains text, embedded and linked images. It would be great, if I was able to access the file, since there is some data in it, I would not want to recreate in the retail version. Of course, I know, that working with sensitive or important data in betas is at one's own risk. I just wanted to ask, if there is some knowledge regarding opening beta files in the retail version or getting the data in some other way. Thanks in advance, Valentin Edit: I was able to open the file with all its references and embedded contents with the current Customer Beta of Publisher version I don't know what caused the retail version to crash since it correctly opened another beta-file (less complex and on another computer). I guess, basically beta-files and retail-files are compatible, but some reference or adjustment made the retail version crash. Whatever, for me, personally, this issue has been solved, before this post was approved by a moderator. Nevertheless, I wanted to post the workaround in here for anyone having similar problems with the retail version.
  12. I have a newsletter that I created with the beta version of Publisher which I would like to remake using the current non-beta release. The newsletter has a lot of styles, formatting and settings that would like to replicate in the new document but I worry that anything I bring over from the old document – imported styles, copy/pasted layers, etc. – could bring problems over to the nice fresh non-beta document and somehow break it. What is okay to do and what should I not do? At worst case, if I only have the beta document open and don’t copy anything from it – just to make it easier to note down various settings – could the new non-beta document be adversely affected in any way? Or should I ‘quarantine’ my old beta documents and never open them while I am working on non-beta documents?
  13. Dear Serif and the Affinity Photo dev team... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I fired up the Customer Beta that I keep installed along side my regular release of AP. Imagine my surprise when I checked the export options and saw .TGA as an export option! I'll be running around work tomorrow like a lunatic informing every single artist about this! Additionally, There's going to be more than a few of our tech supervisors that are going to be excited as well. I'm hoping studio management gets around to upgrading to Affinity Photo before the end of the week!
  14. Don't tell me that it's impossible to retrieve files and documents saved on the beta version, as the updates all did until the purchased version? If so is there any way to get access to the beta? Please help!
  15. Is there a smooth way of importing existing Publisher files developed under Beta to the new Published version please? Currently when I open a file developed under Beta the formatting is awry and the master pages don't come through ... Thanks
  16. This happened. Has anyone experienced this and what is the greyed out x for? It would be great to move these windows out of the way. Hey devs, are you working on this?
  17. Again I am told to download a beta already installed on my PC: why does it happen? Di nuovo mi viene detto di scaricare un beta già istallata sul mio pc: perché succede?
  18. Hi all, I've purchased Affinity Designer and Photo on macOS AppStore and I'm very glad of these products. I see there are newer versions on web, also beta of 2.0. I'm wondering how can I install them if I purchased both applications on AppStore and I don't have a license code. Thanks Mircha
  19. Using Beta on Windows 10 Every time I open it I get a message saying New Beta available. There is a new version of the Beta. Please download the latest version from the first thread of our beta forum. Then two buttons, OK and Download. Clicking Download takes me to Download Version 1.7.0 When I try that, I’m told I already have the latest version Clicking OK and going to the beta forum, I can’t find where to download anything later than what I’ve got. I guess the dialog box is just out of date.
  20. Small request: Could y'all possibly add a "B" or something signifying it is the beta version in your taskbar icons when it is the beta release running? I have the beta in my taskbar so I can use it when I want to try with a certain project, and as of now on the Window version, the icons are different. Obviously that won't be the case anymore when the current version is a RC/Release version, as both icons will be the same. One small change that has been very helpful.
  21. Thought I would share this project with you all. I don't mean to tread on anyone's political leanings; I just wanted to share the project for whatever it's worth (This + ~~$1.50 will get you a cup of coffee) https://www.dropbox.com/s/kurq4tx7kq4p5ob/VOTE BLUE 2.afphoto?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/y27u1d06sebwc8k/VOTE BLUE 2.png?dl=0
  22. Hi I seriously need help, UI is in Low Res/ Blurry I have been trying posting this problem before but with no answer and now I am really dependant of this software, already tried to uninstall and install, update but no solution. It's for the Publisher Beta but I guess one fix covers all. 1.7 on OSX Please Help.
  23. I just attempted to export some assets that I created in AF Publisher into Designer and it said " Import Failed, Unable to Import File." I'm assuming that is because they were made in a Beta version and the official release can't import asset files made in a Beta. My question is, will this be possible when the official version of Publisher is released? or is it not going to be possible to share my asset libraries between programs?
  24. Sorry if I'm not seeing it but when I open APub Beta 1.70.227 it tells me to update via the forum thread, which i can't seem to find. Could be user error lol.. Please assist :)
  25. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher I'm not sure if this behaviour is correct or not - so I'm not sure if it's a bug or not - but I'll try and explain what's happening. I can create some Artistic Text and use the Transparency Tool to give it a transparent gradient. All well and good. Then I can create another bit of Artistic Text elsewhere the page. However, the transparency gradient of the first bit of text has been copied over to the new text but in exactly the same place as it is in the first text, which means that the transparency gradient no longer covers the second text. Is this expected behaviour? It took me a while to figure out what was happening when I first saw this. I've attached a GIF to show what I mean.
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