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  1. I began with a photo and did some tracing. Then applied gradients. I'm not entirely happy with the result, but it is my first effort. I wanted to share it. I welcome feedback or tips, pointers to tutorials, etc. I'm trying to learn to create somewhat realistic images that still have a vector personality to it. Anyway, I'm shy about my work, but I do welcome your comments. Honestly, the hardest part for me was the nose, the hair, the mouth, the eyes, the lips, the face, the skin ... lol ... in other words, I need to improve every part of my skills. But again, I just wanted to share something with the community.
  2. I'm currently studying Python and wanted to try all of the escape sequences, however my code appears to have a fault. Could you please assist me in locating it? My Code: string = """backslash - \\\nsingle quote - \'\ndouble quote - \" ASCII bell - \a Lorem ASCII backspace - \b Lorem ACII formfeed - \f Lorem Unicode - \N{prabhu} Ipsum Carriage return - \r Ipsum 16 bit Hex value - \u1234 32 bit Hex value - \U12345678 ASCII Vertical tab - \v Octal value character - \123 Hex value - \x12 """ print(string) Output: Error: SyntaxError: (unicode error) 'unicodeescape' codec can't decode bytes in position 137-146: unknown unicode character name
  3. I am new to photo editing and just downloaded Affinity Photo. I have seen some of the tutorials, however, I have not been able to find my edited photos except by right clicking on the Affinity icon and then clicking on photo in the list. Is there a file they are stored in?
  4. Hey guys, I am a real beginner and thought about buying the Affinity Designer Workbook. My Question is now, are the books even up to date? The Affinity Designer Workbook is from 2016. How much has changed in the program itself and the features... Would you guys recommend me to buy the book or is it not worth it anymore?
  5. I am a B&W photographer. My RAW files end up a bit too dark and, consequently, lose detail. I am trying to learn how to use the radial gradient tool to lighten up areas. I would appreciate being pointed to a few good tutorials for beginners on this topic. I am not talking about using the Gradient Map. Thanks,
  6. Hello designers! I have a new Affinity Designer tutorial for you. This one is all about the pen tool & node tool. It's a long one and goes from beginner to advanced and I cover pretty much everything possible. I also go over the corner tool and there are a bunch of exercises. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iowyjv8ezA
  7. Passthrough Vs Normal. This tutorial shows the difference between passthrough and normal in grouped layers. This is an Affinity Photo beginners tutorial and number 22 of my Digitally Fearless Power tools of Affinity Photo playlist. This is an Affinity Photo beginners tutorial and number 22 of my Digitally Fearless Power tools of Affinity Photo playlist. https://youtu.be/gRZ1vFhwdss
  8. Don't say Covid 19 is only bad (even if it is!), thanks to a big dent in my workload I finally found the time to get my hands really dirty in Designer, that is doing some "old style" illustrations instead of the usual logo work. Some input would be nice !
  9. Hey gang. I am new to Publisher. I made a master sheet, and put frame text in the sheet. I also added a header. The header uses the Times New Roman typeface. So does the frame text. I pasted some text off the internet into the first page and was surprised by how it looked. I don't know why it looks like this. Did Publisher apply styles from the web page? I expected the text to be styled like "suffrage cook book" and not in the heavier styling you see here. What's going on and how do I fix it?
  10. REMOVE RED EYE TOOL How to use the Remove Red Eye tool. Part 16 of my Digitally Fearless Powerful Tools of Affinity. I also give you an alternative tool because like in all graphic apps, the Remove Red Eye tool might not be the best choice in some cases. https://youtu.be/_FqDyGeQcWQ
  11. I'm new to Affinity and coming upon this issue the last few days. I must have toggled something somewhere without realizing it. When I go to PRINT an image (even a black and white photo), my preview shows it with a RED FILTER over it. I haven't applied any filter and don't see it when I'm in the work space. If I choose to print in black and white, I'm getting the effect of the added red filter (darkens everything and lowers contrast). This is happening with any photo I open in Affinity, even without adjusting it whatsoever. Any ideas what I've done? Thanks!
  12. Painted Face in Minutes! Affinity Photo beginner tutorial on how to give a face a painted look in just minutes. The tutorial uses black and white photos and a black background to manipulate the photo. https://youtu.be/lhoqEDRjELQ
  13. In part 2 of my Creative uses for the Stamp Tool I once again show you how to think out of the box. This beginner tutorial uses the stamp tool to create a frightening ghostly effect. https://youtu.be/Bn4hkAwb1LY
  14. Finally got around to spending some time with Affinity Photo. I love it ! just wanted to share a couple of pics with you :)
  15. Hello All, I've just bought publisher and I'm struggling to work out where to begin, as I am completely new to desktop publishing software. I followed the tutorials link, and watched the interface overview video, but the rest all looked rather specific. I also tried searching the FAQ's but didn't spot anything. Any advice on where to start? Perhaps a sample simple project with a workthrough... In case it helps, the project I have in mind to start with is a large poster, with lots of elements that need to line up, with a consistent text style for the captions that accompany each image. Thanks, Nick.
  16. I've been persuaded to change to Affinity Photo, after a good many years using Graphic Converter as a pixel editor on my MacBook Pro's and desktop Mac's. The relevant work I've done is scanning and cleaning up old documents, sometimes generating diagrams mostly made of solid-colour lines. So far I've imported a task I was working on, and re-saved it as a .png, with a file-size (800KB) half that which GC had produced, so I'm pleased about that. However, that is as far as I've got. I tried opening a marquee on my work-piece, wishing to shift a clump of pixels sideways, but after an hour or two trying I found no way to move the contents of the marquee sideways, only the marquee itself. Not very usefull. For a rest between efforts I clicked on the page I spotted behind the working one. This was called 'New Document'. I clicked on 'My Presets' and found that the list of platforms included no computers at all, only tablets and smartphones. I've never indicated that I work on either of those, so I've no idea where Photo got the idea that I might wish to? So I don't really have much idea where I want to go next. I'm used to being able to plant or delete pixels one at a time, but there doesn't seem to be a tool for that. And corralling stuff in a marquee doesn't seem to let me do anything to them. I don't want to paint anythingm so the various brushes don't help. I sometimes want to change the colour of things, but first I need to put them where they belong and clean up what is usually a scan, with untidy edges to everything, Where (if not here) should I seek help? Best regards, Tony.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new here, and new to Affinity Designer. I have no experience with any other vector drawing programes so I really am a total Noob! Please can anyone explain how I might create the texture pattern attached? Thank you! John
  18. Hi, I am new to the Affinity Photo so sorry for the basic question. I have looked at tutorial videos online on how to cut a section from a image. The two methods I found is the selection brush tool and the pen tool. Every time I use these tools to cut an image, the edges of the image that is selected has rough edges or not smooth. I use refine but nothing really helps. How can I cutting an image with smooth edges and place it in a different image?
  19. Hi. So I've had Affinity Designer for about a year but have never really tried to expand my art in the digital direction. This will be my first attempt at a vector illustration. Suggestions and feedback welcome! Sloth:
  20. Hi zusammen, ich hoffe es ist nicht unverschämt, unhöflich und total daneben ... Ich habe lange mit mir gerungen, ob ich diesen Thread hier mache. Denn es handelt sich um profane Werbung. Und dann auch noch um Werbung für mich und mein Produkt. Nämlich um meinen Einsteigerkurs für Affinity Designer. Liebe und kreative Grüße Heike
  21. Hey guys. Im a new memeber here and new to these programs by Affinity. Anyways I've dabbled a bit in the past in illustrator and inDesign but pretty much forgot everything. So now im getting back into Graphic design simply as a hobby but this time around on Affinity. My question here is which affinity program should i use to create a Restaurant Menu? I was thinking of using Publisher. Is that the right tool to use? Any good tutorials for similar ideas made on publisher? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello community! I was always using pixelmator and just bought afphoto as pixelmator is quietly dying. Pixelmator was super easy to use where you can drag an drop effects into the photo. On afphoto, I saw how to do a certain things but not all the effects offered by pixelmator. I was wondering if there were a video tutorial made just for this transition: Pixelmator to affinity photo. How can I achieve the pointilize effect for instance? or the honeycomb effect? Anybody knows? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Cheers :)
  23. Hi I'm new to affinity and I'm a home designer without much skill. I know the basics of Affinity Designer. Please can anyone help show me how to replicate picture 1 using picture 2. I came across picture 1 on the internet and loved the way it hazes out (or fades out) on the left hand side. I can see the picture has been extended and then hazed (or faded out) to make it look like one long picture and I'm trying to do the same with picture 2. I am sure that it would be quite easy for someone who knows their way around Affinity Designer so I am reaching out to the forum in hope that you can help show me what to do, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this post. David
  24. In this beginner tutorial, I'll show you how to use Affinity Designer 1.6.1 to draw a dartboard with simple tools. The following tools from the toolbar are used in this tutorial: • Move [V] • Node tool [A] • Rectangle [M] • Ellipse [M] • Graphic text [T] I mainly work with the following panels in this tutorial: • Transform • Layer • Swatches / Color • Stroke With power duplication we also get to know the function of rotation and changing the rotation origin. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  25. Prior-AI user here. How can I join 2 nodes? None of the options in the Action window seem to help. I'm basically trying to turn this "O" into a "C":
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