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Found 17 results

  1. Yesterday, I started doing production work in Affinity and I have already lost nearly all my work due to the software hard-crashing every hour or so (with hardware acceleration disabled). The recovery files seem to have been saved over an hour ago and are completely worthless whenever I need them. Please let me change the autosave settings to be at a five minute interval and let me decide the number of copies to save for the file so they cannot end up being corrupted or overwritten.
  2. I think automatic iCloud backup of the user data is needed on iPad. Such as assets, brushes and swatches... I've seen many people have lost it by accidents. But unlike PC/Mac, its not easy to copy user data on iPad. So automatic backup would be useful.
  3. Hello, I have googled and searched through this forum but haven't been able to find the exact answer to my question. From a point of view of backing up my Windows laptop, if something were to happen, I could reinstall AP, BUT, I would then need to reinstall the plugins I've added in plus the macros I've created. I believe that these would be all I'd really need to back up, although if there's a way to backup the pgm, including my customisation, then that could work too. I guess I'm looking for files that I should backup & their locations. Thanks 🙂 Julie.
  4. I would like to see Affinity formally support a complete application data (settings, macros, brushes, etc.) backup/restore and beta replication. While the user posts (below) are helpful, as an unsupported interface, there are no guarantees this approach won’t eventually break or cause undesirable side effects. Over time the application data constitutes a significant level of time/effort by the end user. We should be able to backup/restore without trying to reconstruct the previous instance from memory/notes. While a one button solution or a script/macro would be nice, even an Affinity sanctioned process would be a help. In a related vein, replicating the application data between a production release and the current beta would be very helpful, and likely entice more beta usage. Thx https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/89539-copying-over-user-data-from-beta-to-retail/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/138159-beta-preferences-sync/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/141415-affinity-applications-settings-backup/&tab=comments#comment-782023 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98906-faq-what-exactly-do-the-clear-user-data-options-clear/
  5. Hi, Is there any article that explains how to backup Affinity applications settings and add-ons ? I need to locate the paths that keep all the add ons and preferences that I need to restore the application on a new system to avoid download all the add-ons and setting up Affinity Store. Thanks.
  6. Hello Everyone Hello Team I think it is time to think about bring an internal tool/function that will allow users to backup their full #Designer #Photo #Publisher profile and restore that full backup when needed. I mean, it often happened to me (and I guess to many) to be called on reinstalling my PC (windows actually) and find out I have to redo everything from the very beginning and considering my personal collection of assets, brushes, palettes etc. have i'm an unexpected way over the years ... I'm spending an hour or more to make everything work as expected or just be back like on my previous setup and this goes also for tab/studio alignment etc Really it's something different which is need to make this happen and former Adobe products will agree with that it's just painful to set everything back to the right place we want them. if in any case this was asked or there is an existing topics on this already please admins, feel free to move this in there as I personally couldn't find where to insert this and chosed to create a new topic. Hope this will happen at some stages and make a lot of people happy. Blessings !
  7. When the iPad is backed up to desktop computer, not to iCloud, are the files saved in Affinity Photo restored to the iPad if the iPad is rebuilt/restored from that backup or are those files lost? The files I'm asking about are not stored to iCloud or to Files or anywhere outside of the app.
  8. If the target of this product is for professional use there needs to be not only an automatic timed backup feature but an ability for version or revision creation.
  9. Hi, it is possible to somehow backup and restore my Affinity Settings, Workspace, Shortcuts, etc? I could use it in the migration to a new beta. Thanks
  10. I was working on a document in affinity designer (on mac) and I was trying to edit a photo so I clicked on edit in affinity photo, this wasn't what I wanted and for some reason I thought it has duplicated the file and opened it in affinity photo so I closed the affinity window and clicked don't save. when I went back to designer I was horrified to see that the document was gone. Is there any way of recovering this file either through affinity or caches or temps, anything??
  11. This might not, at first, seem to have much in relation to Affinity but there is a point to me asking the question (see below). I have a WD external USB drive for my backups but the software that came with the drive didn’t work very well (I couldn’t tell it exactly what to backup and the restore process took a very long time). I then looked at using the basic Windows backup function instead but I just can’t get it working the way I want it to (faffing around with libraries and it doesn’t seem to do anything most of the time). So I’m stuck with not having a reliable automatic backup. My general requirements are: * Windows-only – Windows 10-only if necessary; * Easy to select what to backup – e.g. click on a folder and press the “keep backups of everything in this folder” button; * East to select what not to backup – e.g. click on a sub-folder and press the “don’t bother backing this sub-folder up” button; * Easy to restore previous version of file – e.g. browse to the backup I want and press the “restore this version” button; * Easy to set when to backup what – e.g. Backup <this> folder once a day at dinnertime, and <that> folder every hour; * Lets me set exactly which folders and files I want to backup, not just the ones it thinks I might need (very important as most of my stuff isn’t in the Documents folder); * Keeps multiple versions of each file, up to a limit which I can set individually by folder – e.g. keep the last <X> versions of the files in this folder; * Low system overhead – e.g. I don’t want my system slowing down noticeably while the backup is happening; * Low cost – e.g. less than £50 and no subscription (like the Affinity apps). I have no current use for: Cloud storage; Encryption; Backup to multiple drives/RAID; Anti-ransomware; Email backup; Drive cloning; Multiple licences; Removable storage backups; Transfer between machines. Since the Affinity Apps – especially Publisher - can produce rather large files it would be great to be able to set different backup schedules for different folders so, for example, my important files are backed up often, but my experiments are only backed up every now and again. The Affinity apps use and produce large files so it would be nice to have something that can handle these without much fuss. I’ve noticed a few discussions about backups on this forum recently so I thought it might be useful to pick peoples’ brains and see what’s being used out there. So, does anyone have any recommendations? What are you using and why do you like it? What were you using and why did you switch to something else? I’m currently looking at EaseUS Todo Backup Free, which looks okay, but doesn’t seem – as far as I can see at the moment - to give me as much control as I want.
  12. Hello there, how can i restore my pdf presets (for exporting pdf files) after re-install affinity designer. Before the re-install i ve zipped the Library/Containers/com.serifslabs.affintitydesigner folder. Should i simply overwrite the the folder? Thanks in advance.
  13. Unfortunately, there is no "function" to save the studio. (If so, please prove me wrong). That does not mean you can't save it manually, and even keep multiple versions of it to suit your different workspaces. As a bonus or drawback, some of your preferences will also be saved or recalled by the same process. To save your Studio configuration (MAC) The following allows you to keep a safe copy of your studio configuration, including the Toolbar and other preferences (I did not know which ones at this point) Quit Affinity Designer From the finder top drop-down menu, select GO and press [option] — [shift] or [^control] on some systems. A new item called Library should appear in the menu. Click it. Navigate to this location : Macintosh HD/Users/YourUserNameHere/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Preferences Copy the file com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner to a safe location of your choice. I recommend a cloud base storage, so you can get it back on a new or different system at anytimel. Go back to work with peace of mind, your Studio configuration is now safe. To recall the Studio If the studio go astray, or the toolbar plays hide and seek on you: Quit Affinity Designer Copy back com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner to its original location (From where you saved it above) — Replace the existing files Note that the studio will come back the exact same way you had it at the time you copied the file for the first time. Changes you made between the two procedures will be lost. Forever. I have not tested it yet, but I'm sure that some other preference settings will be affected as well, I just don't know to what extent. Multiple Studios: You can make multiple Studio arrangements and save them independently. Just copy com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner to different locations. Be sure to label them properly, so you remember what they are. Very useful on a laptop that uses an external monitor that is not always connected. If you're comfortable with MacOS Automator, you can even create series of app/scripts to save or restore your Studio configuration(s) automatically. Not the smoothest process and I wish there was a prebuilt function for that… But until it does, or someone proves me wrong, it's a workaround. Enjoy!
  14. Sorry if this is repeat question - Im wondering what exactly iCloud Automatic Backup saves when I enable it on iPad and on Affinity ? I understand currently, the only option to backup/save files is to copy/export each project, so I dont understand what the backup app on iCloud does. Thanks
  15. Hi! I really want to get Affinity Photo & Designer but I think I only have 2 maybe 3 years left for my current laptop computer (she is great but she is old). Do the programs, when purchased, come with a backup discs mailed to your home, or would I have to buy the programs all over again if I switched to a new computer? Thank you for your time. 3=)
  16. Hello everyone, both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Mac are not able to open their files if the files are on locked media (which of course includes optical discs like CD, DVD or BD discs). As a person who is used to backup finished work onto the BD-R discs, I am quite unhappy about this fact - most of time when I go to backups, I need to open old files only to check or print them and this means I have to always copy the file to the harddisk first. To be honest, I don't understand this lock at all, because if you open the file from unlocked media, don't modify anything (just for example print it) and then close it, the file is not modified at all - so apparently when I would open file from CD and close it, Affinity apps will not modify anything too. Besides, the error message is provided by Affinity apps and not the macOS, so apparently Affinity apps know which file is on locked media and which not - so if the problem is that something in the apps needs the file to be unlocked (tools, history...?), what about making these parts unavailable (disabled) when the app detects that the file being opened is on locked media? Or if it is easier to make, just open the file in separate window without any tools around, only with ability to print it? (If it would be possible to click on objects and copy them to the clipboard, it would be great too). I use many other Mac apps, but Affinity are the only ones where I noticed this lock - you can open even the files in apps like Pages, which has the for-user-transparent saving (the file from locked media simply opens as locked - you can view it and print it as much as you want, but if you try to do any change, Pages shows you message that you have to make a duplicate). So is it possible to remove from both apps the lock for opening the files from locked media, please? Thanks and have a great day.
  17. Hi All: I'm completely new to Affinity, don't know a thing about using it, and just bought it today. Before I begin to try to learn to use it, can anyone tell me how I can download a copy of the software for backup purposes? I purchased the program through the App Store, but would also like to have a backup copy in case I need it. Is that possible? Thanks! -- Ray
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