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Found 6 results

  1. I’m not sure about the best way to share astrophotography processed with Affinity Photo. I decided to try the “Share your work” forum, but if there is a better way, please let me know. I am an experienced astrophotographer who has used a wide range of specialized programs for pre and post processing of astro photographs. These days I’ve been experimenting with my favorite general purpose image processor, Affinity Photo, along with the remarkable collection of astro macros developed by James Ritson. I have much to learn, but so far the results have been excellent. NGC 1955 is an emission nebula located in the Large Magellanic Cloud. (Technically, NGC 1955 is an open star cluster embedded within the nebula.) To collect this data, I used a remote telescope in Chile: 20 inch Newtonian, F 3.6. The object was imaged in three narrowband channels, Ha, OIII and SII. I processed the image with the Hubble palette, which is SHO, modified with a large shift in the green channel toward reds and golds. The built-in tools of Affinity Photo, and especially the innovative JR Macros, made this project a pleasure. NGC1955 SHO.tiff
  2. I have been trying to get astro stacking to work. The crash happens at different steps in the process. I have not been able to identify a consistent crash sequence. So, here are steps that I've done that have led to a crash (multiple examples). Specs: windows 10 version Also, when I say crash, I mean the app literally crashes and is no longer running. When I open affinity photo again, there is no partially saved document (if that's a feature for the astro stack, which I am not sure of) to restore. First 4 crashes: New astro stack Add Files for Lights. I selected 15 .arw (sony raw) image files. (These opened and appeared fine, except they were shot vertically and were displayed horizontally--in case that matters). Add Files for Dark: I select 1 dark file, upon confirming my file selection the app crashed. Next Few Crashes: 3. I was able to complete the selecting of a Dark file. 4. I press Stack and almost immediately crashes--I do not believe a progress bar had time to pop up. Next crash: New astro stack Add Files for Lights. I selected 5 .arw files. I selected the Dark file I press stack (it works this time) I press apply. I'm taken to the photo persona with 1 image pixel layer and 2 adjustment layers. I toggle the adjustment layers to see how they affect the image. AND IT CRASHES. I REBOOT MY MACHINE. Next Crash: New astro stack Add Files for Lights. I selected 5 .arw files. I selected the Dark file and it crashes Next 2 crashes: New astro stack Add Files for Lights. I selected 2 .arw files. I try to click on each image to ensure it's loaded. When I click on the second image IT CRASHES. So, I have not been able to successfully use this feature, which I was looking forward to. It seems many suffer this same problem. I am posting in hopes my "crash reports" can help. dark.ARW light-2.ARW light-1.ARW
  3. Hi folks, Photo keeps crashing when I load 16bit Tiff images into the new astro staple function of v1.9 (the app just closes itself). 8bit Tiffs seem to work fine. System is a MPBr 13 2014 running macOS 10.13. Anyone else experiencing this? Best, Johannes
  4. Hi everyone I have recently expanded my photographic hobby into astrophotography. Some time ago I watched a tutorial on the stacking feature in Affinity and thought I would give it a crack with some images I've taken in the last three or four weeks. I have to say that I am very happy with the the very first images I took and ran through Affinity. The process is somewhat quicker than dedicated stacking programs for astro but the results (for me) are very very satisfying. I thought that perhaps those that are interested could post their images and discuss different processing techniques that they have used. So I guess I'll get the ball rolling with my first astro edited with Affinity Clear skies D
  5. Hi Just signed up here so please bear with me.... I've been trying to stack some night images to make a star trail image. Is there a limit to how many images that can be put together? Affinity Photo always seems to give up the ghost. Ive been trying to put together 100 images. Then 50. And nothing. Although it says its loading a document, it never does. Unless its going to take hours and I'm not patient enough? Thanks K
  6. Unless I'm missing something on Vimeo, I haven't seen anything from Affinity on developing milky way photos, which I assume is kind of a common task. It's also something I'm terrible at so far, both with Affinity and Rawtherapee. So I'd love to see an official video, or even a series on developing milky way shots to bring out the color, and developing astro photos in general.
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