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Found 194 results

  1. Hi I'm running AD 1.5.3. on Mac Have noticed that when assets are displayed as a list, their names are not displayed at all if the asset panel is not wide enough to display the whole description. I assume this is a bug, as it would be logical to either cut off or wrap the description, rather than not display it at all. Thanks for your attention, regards, Tim
  2. Hi Very pleased to be able to manage assets within AD and am spending a great deal of time creating various libraries for our company :) I therefore wish to ensure that the growing asset library is both backed up frequently and shared as seamlessly as possible with my colleagues. I know that I can export assets to a file, but I would like to write scripts to backup and share with my colleagues whenever I make a change to the library of assets. Could you therefore let me know where are the assets are actually stored on a mac, so that I can target this directly rather than requiring to export each time I make a change and manually redistribute? Is it possible to configure one (or more) locations to store assets? Thanks for your help, regards, Tim
  3. A mixed question and suggestion. For UI work, since we have 1x, 2x, 3x asset export (but no .5x export), why are UI presets, such as the iPhone 6 for example, offered by default set up at retina resolution? This switches from 72 ppi to 144ppi, meaning all assets are exported at @2x by default, correct? It seems the suggested workflow from the Export Persona (which is my standard workflow) is always to work at 1x and export up from there. So I typically switch to 72 dpi from one of these templates. However, the bundled UI assets are all set up @2x to fit the retina-sized presets. It takes quite a bit of grouping and fiddling to proportionally size down these constraint-setup UI elements to work at 1x. I would suggest having all vector UI assets set up at 1x by default based on the Export Persona, but for sake of resizing, I put together a quick video for how I set up an iOS status bar so that it's both using constraints and is resizable with a couple of clicks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0ua2oyt5t19c59/affinity-asset-constraints-suggestion.mp4?dl=0
  4. I'm getting a crash relatively consistently when I attempt to rename a new subcategory in the assets panel. Here's my process: 1. Open assets panel 2. Navigate to my set of assets 3. Create a new subcategory 4. Click rename 5. Type out the new name 6. Hit enter, crashes When I restart the application, the name is updated correctly. I'm running the most recent version of Affinity (1.5) and Mac OS Sierra on a 2014(?) 8gb SSD MacBook pro if that helps. Thanks guys and keep up the good work! Version 1.5 is amazing so far.
  5. Designer crashed after I added a large object to the Assets panel which was located on a second display. Now Designer crashes on launch and I want to uninstall before re-installing the app. Questions: Can I save all my Assets before uninstalling? Where are they stored? I am delighted with Designer and have never had any problems with it up until now. Urgently need to get it back up and running. I'm on a Mac Pro with 12gigs of Ram and lots of storage space. Sierra 10.12 - Designer 1.5.1. Many thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Hello, I have been gathering my assets, but I am finding that AD crashes each and every time (about 4 times today) I create a new subcategory. The last time it waited to crash until I tried to rename it (I was optimistic for a moment). Thanks in advance, Gabi P.S. It would be really great to optimise reordering for assets, I can't reorder or move to sub categories easily, I simply have to delete and add again. (I can open this in another topic if you would like?)
  7. Hi there, Not sure if this bug has been reported or not but AD is crashing each time I create a new category/sub category in the asset manager and then go to open a .afdesign file. This happens every time so maybe quite easy to replicate at your end? Thanks
  8. I am a big user of the assets window. It would be great to be able to drag-and-drop rearrange the assets like in PagePlus,
  9. This probably a dumb question but I am either confused or not understanding how Assets work. The latest version of AD comes with a number of preloaded iPhone assets which is cool. I would like to create assets for my Flyer business. So in the Assets panel I created a new group called "Print" all well and good so far. In Designer I created some assets I can us across multiple documents. Like phone, email, and badges like Equal Opportunity Housing. So now I want to import them into my newly created Print Assets folder. But how do I export thee new created assets so they can be imported into my newly created assets folder. I have tried everything and not having any luck. I have tried SVG and EPS but when I try to import you can see the files but they are greyed out. I can load them into Symbols just fine. But Symbols are not persistent and only work on the open document. So clearly doing something silly and any help/guidance would be appreciated Cheers MK
  10. I've found a lot of issues in 1.5.1 but this has been by far the most annoying and frustrating. I find I have a lot of objects in artboards that I sometimes cannot move. When I attempt to move them a thick blue line appears and they snap back to their original positions when I let go of the drag. Also when I open the Assets window I find lots of copies of these objects have been randomly added into the assets!!! Now at last I've discovered what's happening.... This bug is repeatable: Mac: El Capitan. 10.11.6 (15G1004) Affinity 1.51. - Create a new drawing - Create an artboard - Open the assets view and drag out an asset to the artboard. - Now move or make the assets Window big enough to cover or obscure some objects in the artboard. - Close the Assets window. - Drag objects that were previously obscured by the Assets window - Affinity appears to think the window is still open and it's adding them into an invisible Assets window!!!!
  11. I've started working on a iOS UI design and observed a dubios behaviour of the iOS UI Assets. For example: Let's say I want to make a UI for something and I create an artboard. Best practice dictates that it's better to work from 1x and scale when exporting. Say I want to drag a UI component from assets, it's always rendered in 2x, instead of 1x. This is bad. As it means I have to break it up, rescale and reposition everything, and then use it. Would it not be possible for the assets to be resolution dependent or to the very least, be able to give to the option to select what set of assets you want ? 3x,2x or 1x, depending on you design method ?
  12. Hi, upon starting the program the assets panel always shows the iOS10 category. I would like to be able to set a default assets category though, since I almost exclusively work in one category with our company assets. Is this something that's on the roadmap, or am I missing something big? Thanks in advance, Maarten
  13. Symbols that have been applied to images and put into assets… does not update properly… Video of problem Attached Detailed Steps to problem - Create a Rectangle Name Rectangle (Profile Crop) Convert Profile Crop to Curves Create a new symbol from Profile Crop Apply Profile Crop Symbol to Image 1 Apply Profile Crop Symbol to Image 2 Apply Profile Crop Symbol to Image 3 Apply Profile Crop Symbol to Image 4 Edit Profile Crop Image 1,2,3,4 will update properly Now create new asset category Add Image 1,2,3,4 to new assets subcategory Add Image 1,2,3 from new assets subcategory to artboard Edit Profile Crop Symbol … Only the first image from assets will update properly the rest will not update Capto_Capture 2016-10-10_05-48-28_AM.mov
  14. Hi, Just in case you didn't pick it up from Vimeo comments, the audio is out of sync in your assets tutorial at https://vimeo.com/182383667 - the video lags. Not sure why, but if you don't want to redo it I reckon you're going to have to cut a few frames here and there :). Cheers!
  15. Hi, i took a look to the devs roadmap, so i know it's full and i'm really waiting for that warp/distort tool ;) . But maybe one day you'll have the time to think about that : As a web designer, i'm using iconic fonts (like fontello sets of fonts), and i also use a font manager (of course). I've seen that i can put characters in the assets panel after copy/paste them from my font manager to my layout on affinity. So then i can reuse it afterward and that's pretty cool ! (as i can skip the copy/paste process), and i'm sure you know those fonts come with a stylesheet which name every characters... And your assets panel have a wonderful feature : search-box. So the idea is to be able ton import an iconic font (the all 2000+ in one clic gaahhh...) , with it's stylesheet (naming characters) et be able to use and search directly in affinity... Aannnd maybe, the coolest thing of all would be to be able to export the finished layout with it's iconic font (using only the few characters used in the design) with it's stylesheet up to date. Hope i'm clear enough ! Thx again , you rock guys i love your work as an old Firework user (finally switching) ! Cheers ! Bento
  16. Hi, i was wondering, if there was a way to import an iconic font direcly into the assets panel to use the icons directly from it, than using my font manager to copy and past the characters i need. Like for example i oftenly use Fontello iconic fonts (in one single exported font of more than 2000+ characters) and i can paste them one by one in a text box on Affinity Designer, then i can drag'n'drop them in the assets panel. But as i said ... thats more than 2000 characters so... Is there a way to do it all in one action? Thanks again ! Bento
  17. Hi, i may be wrong, but i miss a hotkey preference for the "Toggle Assets Panel" function in Affinity Designer 1.5 Can anyone point me to a solution or is it really a bug? Cheers, Torsten
  18. New version, new bugs... Try this in Affinity Designer 1.5: - Open the Assets panel - Create a new category Then, try to rename it...
  19. Hi, When I add assets to the assets panel, if the assets are elongated only a part of the asset is shown in the thumbnail, which looks a bit odd (e.g. see attached screenshot). It might be better to scale them such that the longest dimension of the asset fits within the boundaries of the thumbnail area. Cheers, Oliver.
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