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  1. I have many asset libraries and looking for an easy way to compare contents, is it possible to extract thumbnails from asset libraries?
  2. SAVE 50% ON UNIQUE AFFINITY DESIGNER TOOL KITS IN THE ARTIFEX FORGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE! To claim this massive discount head to artifexforge.com and use the discount code 'BLKFRI23' at checkout. Be quick! The sale must end 11.59pm on 1st December (GMT) See some of our best-sellers below or head to artifexforge.com now to see the full range! >>SAVE 50% ON THE LINOCUT LOVERS COMPANION NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE STAINED GLASS CREATOR NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE PATCH WORKS NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE SPIROGRAPH TOOL KIT NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE STAMP COLLECTION NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE MOSAIC MAKER NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON ESSENTIAL SHAPES NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE VINTAGE NAUTICAL MAP MAKER NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE PALS NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE ZEN FINE LINER & MANDALA CREATOR NOW!<<
  3. Haunted Forest Toolkit Added a Set of Vector Trees to supplement the Zombies! 13 large Vector base trees 21 Branches 12 Grunge Bases .zip contains a single AD 2.2 file with 7 artboards You can chop them up! and use them with Zombies! Trees Branches Grunge Base Affinity Designer 2.2 File: Haunted Forest Toolkit.zip
  4. As its Halloween😀 A free set of Zombies to play around with The zip file is an AD 2.2 file with 7 pages of vector assets (Some of the artworks are heavy on the nodes so did not add to assets panel!) All Vector created from ink drawings Samples as below AD file in .zip Bodies 01 Bodies 02 Bodies 03 Bodies and Heads 01 Bodies and Heads 02 Bodies and Heads 03 Extras 01 Zombie Toolkit.zip
  5. Since switching to Designer from Illustrator last year, I now have the latest D2 and update. I have created a number of assets in the asset panel by creating a new category I named 'my assets'. I just opened a design I've been working on and was going to save it to my assets, but to my horror, all the assets I had saved over the time I've had Designer seem to have disappeared. When I select the my assets category from the dropdown menu, there is nothing there, and there isn't even the three line icon to save new assets! I have restarted my computer and tried it again to no avail. I notice also that the default assets that came with Designer are missing now too. Anybody have any ideas what is happening?
  6. Here are a few of my AI Chip + Logo Icon Assets, these assets are plain vectors (grouped vector curves). This AI set is kept in b&w (graylevels), so you have to color the curves yourself if you have a need for colored representations. The corresponding assets files: ai_chip_logo_icons.afassets - Have fun with these free to reuse AI assets! 😳
  7. This includes the brands, regular, and solid icons provided by the Font Awesome 6 Free Desktop download from their site. All I did was add them to their own asset category and sub-categories so now all you have to do is use my file to get the same icons. I'll put together just a social media sub-category and move them from brands to that category later tonight. font-awesome-6-assets.afassets
  8. Here are two of my Badge (Label) Assets sets, these assets are plain (silhouettes) + vintage (grouped) vector curve(s) based badges/labels. The two sets do contain various forms of these. NOTE that the assets for the below shown vintage badge set don't include any preapplied text, it's below just shown this with text way in order to give you an idea how they could look with some used/applied text on them! The corresponding assets files: Badge_Assets.afassets - Have fun with these free to reuse badges!
  9. Hello, i looking for assets, Found and downloaded various assets, thanks! But unfortunately not for architectural and network planning. Thank you for every type I receive Philip
  10. When I import any asset to the assets panel, for some reason the category selector is disabled. It is impossible to navigate to another asset category, unless you restart the program.
  11. Hi, I have noticed that Symbols that are copied (copy and paste) from one document to another are not added to the Symbols Panel in the destination document. They do still function as Symbols. In contrast, a quick test shows that adding a Symbol from the Assets Panel adds the Symbol to the Symbols Panel immediately - at insert. Is the copy and paste behaviour by design? This behaviour can and has caused some confusion…. As a result of the copy and paste behaviour, the Symbols Panel does not provide a catalogue of definitions of the instances of Symbols in the Document. Is there another panel that provides such a catalogue? I prefer the Insert from Assets behaviour, but it compounds the potential for confusion. Regards Lionel
  12. Hello all Affinity forum users! I have come today (first time) having a slight issue. You see, I downloaded the assets that were given out to users who upgraded from Affinity 1 to Affinity 2, but I did so manually (old habits die hard). Then, after realizing that Affinity 2 has an "Account" page, I decided to download the rest of the assets from there, since it is easier. In doing this, I also re-downloaded all of the previous assets I had downloaded before, because I thought that Affinity would recognize that they were the same, and prompt an either "replace or don't copy" prompt for these downloads. This did not happen, and it just downloaded them... again. Now I have 2 sets of brushes, 2 sets of assets, and 2 sets of macros. How would I go about removing these? I can see the ones that I have downloaded from the "Account" section have locks, and the ones manually have this sort of "chain-link" icon. Would I have to delete them all manually? (Psst. It would be really cool if Affinity had (has?) a feature to where it knows if you have the assets/brushes already, and prompted you with a replace/duplicate/not do prompt, for idiots like me)
  13. Seamless Pattern Overlays Extracted, Modified and extended a set of Pattern Overlay Assets. (Part of the Comic Book Toolkit) Built to make use of the new AD 2.0 feature of being able to drag images | Vectors from the Asset Panel and onto the Fill Swatch (Good for grunge artwork and vintage effects!) Assets Content 1. Set of Positive Dot patterns (scalable using Fill Tool) 2. Set of Negative Dot Patterns (scalable using the Fill Tool) Use 1. Select your vector object 2. Drag Asset to Fill Swatch on context bar 3. Adjust with Fill Tool Or you could just use the vectors If need to change colour -drag out and recolour objects | Create new sub-category and add as required.. can be added to swatches (no need for Styles) Or Use adjustments to recolour and effects with Transparency and Layer Settings Samples as below: Positive Negative Seamless Dot Pattern Overlays.zip
  14. Planetary Toolkit A Collection of Vector Planets For Untamed backgrounds Added 2 planet Asset categories from the Planetary Asset Collection constructed for the Untamed Project. The full set contains 15 Planets All vector with layer stacking of textures to create variety Found the New tools extremely useful (Knife and Vector Warp) makes editing much quicker! Asset Planetary Planet 01: 1 Complete version | 3 Greyscale (Adjustment layer edits) | 15 optional textures and patterns mostly wrapped in container shapes Planet 02: 1 Complete version | 2 Greyscale (Adjustment layer edits) | 1 mixed Colour | 15 optional textures and patterns mostly wrapped in container shape Sample Sheets P1 P2 Assets File Planetary.zip
  15. Some Affinity Designer v.1.10.5 based Easter Stuff vector assets. - Note: the assets are compound of unlocked, grouped vectors, thus when moving, resizing etc. inside docs, make sure to always select the outer group layer. The assets file: easter-stuff.afassets You will find a bunch of other Affinity related things under some of my other resources contributions, see therefor: Retrospective of resources contributions Have a nice and peaceful Easter time!
  16. Unterschiedliche Darstellungen der Inhalte zwischen Windows und Mac. Horizontale Linien Windows Wenn «als Liste anzeigen» aktiviert ist, wird die ganze Linie dargestellt. In der Standardansicht wird bei Linien nur der Anfang dargestellt. Mac Darstellung der Linien in beiden Ansichten falsch. Beschreibung («anzeigen als Liste») Mac Beschreibung fehlt bei einzeiligen Texten (Das Original wurde mit Windows erstellt.) Assets ap.afassets
  17. I was inspired by the grid tool in illustrator and was sick of using the pen tool to make grids over and over again. Included is 100+ grids of various sizes and shapes. Theres even a word placement generator asset. I hope you enjoy, these vectors are royalty free and for commercial use! https://lonbrodesigns.gumroad.com/l/100gridslonbrodesigns
  18. Affinity Photo V2 For some reason I'm getting theses pink frames around every single object in assets that I insert in a picture: These are not selection frames! And I have no clue where they come from, what they are supposed to be good for nor how to get rid of them. I disabled all possible setting in the view menue already - but they remain. Most likely it's just me beeing stupid - but can't find anything. This effect did not appear in AP V1. Maybe it's just a setting I overlooked. If someone's got any idea please share. Cheers, Timo
  19. Affinity Designer V2 & Photo V2 Hi, I search the forum but could not find any answer to my question: I created in Designer V2 new Assets, reordered and renamed Asset categories. In Photo V2 I can't find those new Assets. How can I synchronize them?
  20. Frankly

    Asset packs

    Are there more assets packs that I can get for designer V1 that I can import to use the same way I can with the assets that came with V1? The Designer version I have only came with a pack called iOS.
  21. Here are a few Paper Effects as vector assets (...since some new forum user recently asked me for such things). The assets file: paper-effects.afassets A paper effects samples file: paper-effect-samples.afdesign And two curled paper sample files: curled_paper_template.afdesign curled_paper_sample.afdesign As mostly all freely reusable, have a nice time!
  22. Some this year (2022 and again last minute) Affinity Designer v.1.10.5 based Xmas trees as vector assets. The assets file: x-mas-trees.afassets You will find a bunch of other Xmas related things under some of my other resources contributions, see therefor: Retrospective of resources contributions Have a contemplative and peaceful Xmas time!
  23. Dear all, My sin - I am new to Affinity. Last week I downloaded V1 Designer and was impressed enough to purchase V2. However V2 has lost all the default assets from the Asset panel. All advice welcome and apologies to the mods if this is the wrong lcoation or has been answered elsewhere. K
  24. Here's a little fall season set of some assets & styles for the community. Caution: the included Fall & Halloween styles are very huge in size, since these styles are build out of 3600 x 3600 px bitmaps, so they can also be used on demand for higher-res printing purposes here. The corresponding fall assets & styles set files: fall-assets.afassets (275 KB) fall-holloween.afstyles (283 MB) - Have a nice fall time!
  25. This time I share here my Halloween Assets I + II set, these assets are mostly vector based silhouettes with a few exceptions. The two sets do contain various things in order to create some spooky Halloween graphics. The corresponding assets files: halloween1.afassets halloween2.afassets You can for example do things like these with those Halloween assets ... - Have fun at Halloween!
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