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Found 41 results

  1. Hi there! I am new from Illustrator and looking for a way to crop my workspace to the artwork bounds. Have a look at the images attached: I want to crop the background so that my icon's background is just what's now marked red. How to fit to Artwork Bounds? Thanks and best regards
  2. Hey guys, back in 2011 I took some pictures (1) and combined them into an artwork (2). I had to use PS (I think it was CS5 if I remember correctly). The whole thing is related to the fairy tale ›Der Froschkönig‹ written by the Brother’s Grimm. Well, a few days ago I picked the same pictures (1) and created a ›Remake‹ just for fun. This time I used AffinityPhoto 1.5.2. and made the artwork completely new. Instead of the perfume bottle I decided to add the boat, the paddle and water lilies. (3) The result is (4). The file is up to 300 MB and runs smoothly on my 6 year old iMac.
  3. Hi guys! New member here. I produce film music and also been doing some 80's retrowave/synthwave music. Didn't wanna go the Photoshop/Illustrator route with the subscription so found Affinity Designer (also iDraw/Graphic) but seems Affinity is the better one here? Anyhow, I don't know all the effects and names for everything more than layers etc. But wondered if it is possible doing somewhat like all the stuff here in Affinity: The 80's retro designs with cool backgrounds, layers and reverse pyramid designs with some cool retro fonts with layers (behind) and sometimes adding effects like shimmer/lights and splitted colours in the text string. Is this possible in Affinity and do you guys know what the effects are called? I could also just find a background and make a nice font to it. Oh yeah, how many/good are the fonts if I want to make the typical Retro designs inside Affinity?? Much much appreciated and all feedback is welcomed. I will absolutely watch the stickies with the tutorials and perhaps I'll learn more from there, but wanted to give you some examples. //D
  4. I would love it if you could make a perspective crop tool. I photograph a lot of artwork and every now and then despite my best efforts a painting might be slightly out of square and such a tool would be very useful, a conventional crop tool doesn't always work if the camera back isn't perfectly parallel to the artwork, this sometimes happens when working on location in makeshift studios. I am sure such a tool would be brilliantly useful for other crops also. Thank you :)
  5. A remake I did of a grade 11 drawing~ ^.^
  6. Final concept art for client's top-down JRPG game. All work done with Affinity Photo. You can see more of these concepts and some of my process on my Artstation profile. Enjoy!
  7. ZVK


    This is the cover of a sample pack and my FB banner (2nd and 3rd image). The cover was made on the pixel persona of AD with a light retouch on AP. And the banner was recently made on AP since I've just acquired the app. How it looks on FB. https://www.facebook.com/aurantiummusic/ Really love to make textures on AD and AP.
  8. My Strawberry Monkey

    Album Covers

    Loving the new artboards, makes life in AD so much easier. Here is a selection of album artwork covers i'm working on. If you wanna see how these were made click here. Allan
  9. Hi, I am providing the source files of these two arts. One of them, with which I participated in the affinity photo contest. Soon,i will post more works. I hope you enjoy! Files can be downloaded here Best Regards, Heli Herrera
  10. Hi, my two latest Composings completely made with Affinity: https://flic.kr/p/x33bpj - Somniare https://flic.kr/p/vNYke9 - Eternity
  11. Hi Folks, i Share With You some illustration i made. They are my first try, I took inspiration from illustrations found in the network and reconstructing them from scratch.
  12. ! Audio Police !

    my 3rd AFFINITY

    after buying AFFINITY last week i did my 3rd artwork first made with apples pages .. then import to AFFINITY .. then export as PNG
  13. ! Audio Police !

    504 Free Chicken

    my new artwork for my last atmospheric new disco tune
  14. ! Audio Police !

    my 1st AFFINITY

    after buying AFFINITY last week i did my 1st artwork
  15. ! Audio Police !

    my 2nd AFFINITY

    after buying AFFINITY last week i did my 2nd artwork http://instagram.com/p/wXREjViSHo/
  16. ! Audio Police !

    my 4th AFFINITY

    my hand on AFFINITY

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