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Found 6 results

  1. Wondering how Affinity Photo is preparing or has prepared the integration of AI like Adobe does at the moment. I saw that Adobe Photoshop is now able to work with AI. Insert objects with written statements, remove items enhance the image and edit in seconds in stead of hours. Ai is now entering the photo tools. It’s amazing and I’m looking forward to get such also in Affinty Photo. It is for me worth to switch back since my workflow and edit time will be substantial reduced. Have a look at it below and just like the title says, it’s amazing. Serif, Can we expect such also in short term? Is is already available as plug-in in a certain way? or will this be End Of Life of Affinty Photo?
  2. Will they introduce artificial intelligence tools in affinity photo and designer? It is undeniable that it is here to stay, and I think that if many design or illustration tools are not included, they may become obsolete.
  3. A Request: How About Creating an (Artificial Intelligence) Affinity A-I (similar like Adobe Firefly) a prompt to - image / graphic design / publishing, and much more... app?
  4. I’m just sharing the knowledge: Seems we can now be at superhuman speeds with what I consider the tedious, drudgery side of photo manipulation. (Selections, masking) Meta Releases open source Segment Anything Ai Tool, available to the public. Instantly make selections and Ai will even make several selections within that one subject: the human, their sunglasses, their shirt. All selections automatically made and layered. Better showcase in video, then website after video: Website: https://segment-anything.com/demo Gizmodo Article: https://gizmodo.com/meta-ai-sam-photo-segmentation-facebook-photoshop-1850304361
  5. Well it is simple ! I personally am amazed with the level of precision acquired by Adobe since they've implemented the Adobe Sensei technology. I recently was asking myself (now i ask to Serif) how fun and interesting would Affinity Photo (and maybe the two others) if Serif develop an intuitive and efficient intelligence that will power their software. not only Adobe but Skylum took the same path and powered their software with Artificial intelligence and now and they are getting very popular, not only that the tools are getting much better and really saves time for impressive results. Just put everything here and hope Devs and staffs will read and indicate us if something similar is coming to Affinity, if not then i tried and it was fun to try. Blessings.
  6. Well, I have not a lot to say, the title says it all. Affinity line of products have great tools and impressive functions but I strongly and deeply believe it is time for the thing to get an Ai. There are great benefits from implementing Ai with deep learning. Resize, crop, selection, tone map, snap, resources management to only list these can get great benefits from it. Even most common tools such as pen tool, fill tool, transparency tool, defringe, haze removal, live perspective, blend/replica tool etc can benefit from it to. Devs should think about and put something on the rails, please don't the 100% ready route implement step by step, tools by tools and have us to work with it and revert telling how it is doing so you can better it and deliver a top notch or next plus ultra software line of products. Blessings !
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