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Found 110 results

  1. Is there a way to export all artboards as pngs...without having to save each one at a time?
  2. Hi! Have been using Designer for a week now and I like it a lot. There is a thing with the PDF export. It is rather not intuitive if the Artboards are exported in order from bottom up (in the layer panel). Best, Kris
  3. This is a list of enhancements I would like to suggest for the Export persona in Designer: The selection border around selected slices should be visible at very small zoom levels. Currently it's very hard to tell which slice is selected on zoom levels below 50%. There needs to be a way to completely hide (toggle show/hide) the slices markings (the slice title and its border) Double-clicking a slice in the Slices panel listing would zoom into that slice. In the Layers panel (back in Draw Persona) if you double-click a layer AD will zoom it in to fit the viewport. This would be very, very useful in export persona too, in the Slices panel. The Slice Selection Tool selects objects within the artboard instead of the slice. It is far easier to select an object than to select a slice. Maybe the tool should select slices on click and objects on shift+click or something like that? Its name is misleading. There needs to be actions (buttons or keyboard shortcuts) to select all/select no slices or to check/uncheck the selected slices and invert the selection. In fact, it is confusing that selected slices are not exported, only checked ones are exported. Why not make exporting selection-based? Only selected slices would be exported, no need for checkboxes and confusing selection behavior. Selecting a slice highlights it on the Slices panel listing but does not scroll to it, this would be quite helpful Thanks!
  4. I need the ability to draw across multiple artboards. Currently, even if I arrange artboards next to each other, when I draw a shape across two or more artboards I can only see the part of the shape that fits in the artboard the shape was started in. The same thing happens with text. In the picture I am including I drew a rectangle across two artboards but it only shows on one. I also wrote test across two artboards but it also shows on only one. I am also requesting a way to set up the spacing vertically and horizontally between two or more artboards. For example, set the artboards to be right next to each other at 0" or to be separated by a specific value such as .5" or 3pxls or anything like that.
  5. Hi, there is a inconsistency between deleting a single artboard and multiple artboards: A.) 1. select an artboard 2. hit "backspace" to delete >> a popup dialog appears, offering 3 options (see screenshot) B.) 1. select two or more artboards 2. hit "backspace" to delete >> they will be erased without any question I expected here the same popup dialog UPDATE: C.) 1. select one artboard 2. click on its name to be able to rename it (the name is automatically marked to get be able to type in the new name - that's great btw) 3. instead of starting to type in something - hit "Esc" 4. hit "backspace" to delete >> it will be erased without any question I expected here the same popup dialog Cheers, Stefan
  6. The more I use this software the more I like it!! :D One silly thing - you can create multiple art boards but you can only print them one by one? The PDF workaround is ok but.... I can see how printing all art boards to one page would work for very small illustration comps but not for simply printing out A4 or letter size concepts to present.
  7. I've searched this forum and I haven't seen anyone requesting the artboard feature, for Affinity Photo. It's not a deal breaker feature, but it's really nice to have. My usage would be for mockups, I often take photos of blank paper packaging in several angles and it's convenient to group them all inside the same file. Thanks! EDIT: Actually, I've just stumbled upon this very feature inside Affinity Photo! I've done it by creating a new iPad document and then duplicating the default artboard. However I can't see any way to add extra artboards through the menus, nor I see a way to convert a normal photo/image into a artboard. There's nothing in the help system about this either. I guess this is now a Questions & Feedback topic, but I can't move or delete this topic by myself. A little help here please? Thanks again!
  8. Just a little thing really but - currently, as soon as artboards are cloned they appear in the layers panel under the same name, and it's difficult to know which is which without clicking around the place. Of course they will eventually get proper names, but it would be lovely if they just named themselves Artboard 1, Artboard 2 etc when cloned. That is all.
  9. hi, i cant work ! every file i work - sooner or later it crashes randomly when trying to make any actions. even cant save - crash on save it starts with crashing on adding artboard (manually / by insert artboard button / by duplicate) and then crashes randomly. i dont lnow what to do, Please help ! attaching files: frist file : crashed randomly - try to insert new artboard at the bottom of the wrokspace second file - try add artboard 3rd file - cant save - crash Thanks Tirvia Design back up.afdesign trivia design 3.afdesign trivia design part 2.afdesign
  10. In a document with multiple artboards the Guides Manager places guides erratically. It's rather hard to describe, but it's really easy to reproduce: 1. Create multiple artboards inside any file, preferably with 2. Open the Guides Manager and try to add vertical and horizontal guides 3. Modify their position using numeric values (for example, 20mm, 50mm, 85mm) 4. Instead of accepting the values Affinity will override the value with random (?) negative values such as -322,2 mm 5. This only happens in one of the axis while the other works fine, which axis misbehaves seems to be related to the position of the artboard on screen Strangely guides placed by dragging from the rulers work fine. Until you try to edit their values that is... Everything seems to work fine in documents without artboards. Thanks!
  11. Not sure if this is a question or a feature request. It may already exist. Sometimes when working with symbols I want to stop and start a new iteration. I'd love if I could duplicate an artboard and the symbols on the original were also duplicated and became independent. As it is, if I duplicate an artboard with symbols and work on the new duplicate, the symbols in the original also change. In other words, symbols are document wide. Would be great if they were artboard wide only -- or at least to have the choice. Is it possible already? Maybe I'm missing something.
  12. I noticed that the very useful expressions for sizing and positioning content using the Transform panel only work for pages and not for artboards. Can variables like artboardwidth, artboardheight etc. be added as well? Thanks in advance!
  13. HI dear affinity dev team, very good job, i dont miss illustrator and sketch at all ;) but what keeps me from working late nite is the bright canvas background. would really love if i can change the white around my artboards to something darker. best, pascal
  14. Hi, I just learned from one of the video tutorials, that an artboard can have a color, which is a nice thing to have. I tried it and realized, that it seems, that the color does not extends into the bleed, when exporting the document. Is that so or do I miss a setting? Thanks Sebastian
  15. I created a document in Affinity Designer, drop some images in it. I deleted some pages, created some more artboards, renamed all the 17 pages and finally when I export the document as PDF generates a 18 pages PDF. Tried several times, hours and a day after and the result of exporting the document is the same: It generates a page more.
  16. Hello there, Artboards help in organising stuff, but as soon as you have more than 5-6 artboards, things get hairy. The layers panel might have hundreds of items. Being able to organize content into "Pages", would be a huge time saver. Both for navigating a big document and for editing it. And it does not sound as something complex, from an implementation perspective.
  17. First of all, I think the Constraints feature is excellent, every other design app is missing this feature (except SubForm but it's still in development). Constraints needs to be taken a step further for affinity to really rule the web and app design community. What we need to add is breakpoints for element reflow. Programs like Photoshop and XD still require us to design separate artboards for each breakpoint, and while the constraints-feature is good, it doesn't solve the need for elements in the design to reflow according to the artboard's width. So, while I can make fewer artboards in Affinity, I still need to make at least 3 or 4 to demonstrate to my developers how I want the elements to reflow from 1080p down to mobile. Adobe Edge Reflow came close to tackling this, but it was scrapped and they don't seem to have included it in XD yet. I'm talking about elements on the screen behaving like justified text, so the artboard's width decides wether items will "jump" to the next row below or back to the row above according breakpoints set in the horizontal ruler and min/max widths set in the constraints for each item. I imagine this means constraints need to be set on single elements that can be grouped, then those groups can have constraints added to respect columns (like the Bootstrap grid), and finally the groups can respect overall breakpoint constraints. My mind boggles a bit at how to solve this in the app UI, but I'm sure it's possible.
  18. Hi! I made a simple template for my everyday web-design needs, which i'm glad to share. It contains five pseudo-artboards which are Desktop, Tablet Landscape 1024, Tablet Portrait 768, Mobile Landscape 480, Mobile Portrait 320. They all have semi-transparent grid over them so you can start quick. I think templates like this are good to emulate artboards untill we have real artboards in AD and are just nice way to start your design projects. Will be glad to know what you think of this template, any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to modify it in any way possible. AD-Web-Template1.afdesign
  19. Hi everyone. I've been using the Windows beta, and I like so far. One thing I don't understand is how to manage the many artboards I generate when doing mockups for a website. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but I am getting dozens at a given screen size. How am I supposed to keep them together without it being one large area that I have to spend so much time scrolling and it becomes unwieldy? I apologize if this is an obvious question, I don't typically do design work, so all this is new to me.
  20. I am creating stickers to make a few product samples. I will print on transparent adhesive foils, cut the stickers out and stick them on the boxes. 2 stickers fit on one A4 page, so I created a file with two artboards. When printing, I select "whole document", which seems to produce what I need. But it does not create the cut marks corresponding to the artboards. Instead, it only prints cut marks at the circumference of both items, but not for each of the artboards. This does not make sense to me, because, given I choose to print all artboards and to print cut marks, I would assume that cut marks are printed for each artboard. Analogously to properties like bleeding that are specified for each artboard, I would assume that each artboard also has its cut marks. Attached is a screenshot of the print preview, showing the black cut marks. In red, I sketched the missing cut marks that I need.
  21. I am excited to share with you the official announcement of my new Affinity Designer course on Lynda.com. It been out for a couple of weeks now and just getting around to sharing with those of you who might of missed it. Much of the course was based on the features found in Affinity 1.4, but I think their a good amount of tips and techniques in this short 1hr and 18 minute course. I made this course for the designer/developer who need to get up to speed on UX/UI specific tools and features fast. Anyway, check it out and again thank you all for your continued interest and support! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COURSE Course Description Learn how to incorporate Affinity Designer's features into your own design process. Here Ronnie McBride shows how to set up your preferences, use artboards, create custom color themes in the Swatches panel, apply styles and gradients, and create wire-frames, mock-ups, UI assets, and hero graphics—all with Affinity Designer's versatile tool set. Once you find out what you can do with Affinity Designer, you may never go back to expensive design software again. Topics include:Setting up your preferences and interface Creating new documents Using artboards Creating a wire-frame or mock-up Creating UI assets Exporting for prototyping ` Check out my other titles in my signature below.
  22. Hello, I love artboards in Designer. I would suggest though an option to enable grid-snapping for artboards, independent of object snapping. I guess most people don't require fine-tuned adjustments of their artboard layout. Currently, it seems I need to enable snapping, only to arrange them, e.g. horizontally or vertically align my artboards. The fact that they snap even to objects in other artboards complicates this further. I apologize if this is already a feature, in which case I'd like to know how to enable it :) Best Regards, John
  23. Hi, Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information for my problem at the moment. (Vimeo: Affinity Designer - Artboards: Basics) Maybe someone can help me. I’ve set up a Trifold Artboard and would like to know (secret...) how to put one image (big size) on the entire surface of the 3 Artboards (trifold) together. The same for one text (Title) on the 3 artboards (Trifold) Many thanks in advance cago
  24. I often resize artboards to match new variations in content, e.g. adjust artboard height after creating a design version which is bigger or more compact. Would be great if it was possible to quickly adjust the size of the artboard to perfectly match the content.
  25. Is it possible to PNG/JPG export a document with artboards into multiple files, one per artboard?