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Found 200 results

  1. First off - great product, thank you. I'm just doing my first project trying out the Windows Beta, having finally found what looks like a great alternative to Adobe Fireworks (at a significantly lower price!) My only niggle so far: it would be good if, having set a custom grid size on the first artboard, subsequent artboards picked that up as their default. I understand that you may wish to have different grids on different artboards, but if they defaulted to the same, that would be handy. Keep up the good work.
  2. The attached graphic was created in Adobe Illustrator with multiple artboards. When opened in Illustrator each panel has its own artboard which is fitted to the size of the panel. When you open in Affinity Designer for Windows the first artboard is very large while the other artboards are correctly sized. applied-products-future-applications.ai
  3. Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to setup multiple artboards, and have some for print (CMYK and inches) and some for screen (RGB and pixels) Thanks
  4. torzim@icloud.com

    Conflict between Artboards and Guidelines

    If I use more than 1 artboard (side by side) the definition for X=0 (Or Y=0) for Guidelines is not reset for the new artboard and the Reference ist still the first artboard. In settings for guidelines there f.e. are hundreds of percent showed. In the rulers X and Y is correctly reset to the actual artboard. I think this is a BUG. (I found one more problem, but I think this is no BUG: slices are not union in export-persona und the union is to do in normal-persona. No BUG ???)
  5. Brett Stebbins

    Artboard Label Covers Scrollbar (UI Bug)

    In the Export Persona of Affinity Designer the Artboard "label" covers the scrollbar. See attached screenshot.
  6. Do you have a plan to improve Artboard guides for universal workspace?(can see my attached file) I think this way is easier to create UI design, brochure and etc. On the current version is really awkward and rarely to use but It's better than nothings, however I can use copying an object from an Artboard and paste to other Artboards with the same position instead of making some guides ;). Cheers.
  7. I've tried the "Scale with Object" option, but it can work only grouped elements. Can It work with Artboard? Please help.
  8. Is there a way to change the artboard size after it has been created? I currently have an artboard that is bigger than the selection I have- which I know I can create a new one based on selection but I would rather just change the original artboard to selected size than create a new one and delete the unwanted size.
  9. Hey guys! Im setting up my document for wallpaper creation - (sidenote) I think we need all apple devices in, not just mobile. It would be nice to have iMac 5K, iMac 4K, 15" MBP Retina as options and iPad Pro 9.7 Anyways. When I did Device>iPad Pro>Insert Artboard - It gave a resolution higher than 5K Same goes for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, and 5 It would be nice to get the exact resolution that the website details. Is this a bug, or is there a reason Im not figuring out?
  10. Hello everybody, I've bought Affinity designer to set up Artboards for webdesign. Right now I am working on an administrator dashboard for a SAAS application. I have a few artboards. To name a few: - Favicon artboard - Logo artboard - Background image artboard - Dashboard homepage design artboard. It would be nice if we could use artboards in other artboards, like a portal. Right now I am editting my logo in the logo artboard and then copy the logo over to the dashboard artboard. It would be nice if I could put a reference to the logo artboard in the dashboard artboard, so that changes made to the logo artboard would instantly appear in the dashboard artboard. Best regards.
  11. Dear all, pleeeeaaaase help. I have finally finished the design for my leaflets that should already have been printed days ago. Now I exported the artboards to pdf documents and printed them out. Unfortunately the printout differs from the pdf in case of the front side (the one with the blue soabpox running down the hill) where the text area's background is printed out in plain white instead of a text area with a background. :( Then for the other side, the pdf differs from the artboards in Designer, as you can see on the second screen print attached. :wacko: Slowly but surely I am getting in big trouble and badly want to finish this part of the project. Of course, this is all voluntary and free time work, but nevertheless, we have to spread the leaflets now. So any hint would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much! :unsure:
  12. Dear all, I created a workspace with different artboards, choosing 300dpi for printing. One artboard shows a poster, another one the draft for a folder, but some other ones will be used for web, as a facebook header and as profile picture for example. As I do not need 300dpi for web graphics, I am wondering how I have to combine these artboards. Or should I create separate workspaces for print and web? I'd love to have everything on one workspace, as it makes copying and moving the elements from one artboard to another so comfortable and easy. As you can see, the facebook header is much to big, as I only used the dimensions but not the actual resolution for a header. The background for the website does have the correct size but does still have 300dpi. Plus, when exporting the website background as a jpg, it turns into extremely light neon colors... might that have something to do with the export? As I have to create and finish a six paged folder today, (as in the Beetle Builder example on Vimeo), any information on how to use / combine artboards for web and print would be highly highly highly recommended! Thank you very very much! :-)
  13. This may be simple, and I've just missed it, but I can't seem to make it work. If for instance I have several artboards side by side and one background image spanning the width of all the artboards, it seems like I can only make the background image part of one artboard or none. Placing the image below all artboards in the layers panel, while visible, makes it appear in no artboards on export. Is duplicating the image into each artboard the ony option?
  14. Hi! I usually use AI and in there, I can choose "match artboard to art dimensions" and it will change the size of the board I am working on to exactly what I've created. This is helpful in letting me see all of what I have created (I often copy paste/reflect objects to make patterns) on white or on a specific color. So, I have two questions: 1. how to i get things that are off the current document size to be visible, even if they are off document and 2. how do i match the document size to the selected art? Thanks for your help! Colette
  15. Hi there, I want to create a logo and insert this within multiple other artboards. Is it possible to do so without having to copy it every time the "master"-logo is changed? regards :)
  16. WalterBeiter

    Artboard guides disappear

    I've just set up several guides using the guides manager. I did some pretty hefty calculations. With integrals and sh*t to get them to the right position. (just kidding, it was way easier but took quite some time). And now that I have set them up I would like to use them! So I started selecting the first artboard (which is in a group) and boom, all guides vanished. Brought them back with cmd-z. Selected an other artboard. Again, those sneaky guides just disappeared. This also happened, if the artboard was outside the group. However, I can select the group and those guides stay. If nothing is selected in the document, the guides are visible. The guides were completely removed. The guide manager showed no guide at all after selecting an artboard. See the screenshots for reference.
  17. Hi! When an artboard has n.5px height, slices in export persona can't be vertically aligned to a grid. The same issue might be in horizontal direction. Thanks, Janek
  18. Hello, When you copy some elements to a new artboard, the x and y coordinates doesn't get automatically updated (you have to click again on the elements to update them). It's not really important but it could save some time if it did. Here is the video: https://cloudup.com/iKmd24gDoSP Thanks!
  19. Nested layers and artboards with layers cannot be opened and viewed in the Layers palette. There is the circle where the opening triangle should be, but clicking it only selects the layer/artboard. The triangle is apparently still there, hidden and unclickable under the "Enable/Disable Layer" check mark at the right edge of the palette. If there are two or more artboards, no layers are visible at all, only the artboards, again with the empty circle and the barely visible triangles under the check mark. The bug is present both in AD and AP 1.4 on OS X 10.8.5. (No newer OS X installed and no plans to upgrade anytime soon.)
  20. Hey, Just wanted to share the latest tutorial with you all. This week we take look at a practical use of the new artboards feature in Affinity Designer. In this episode we create four album artwork covers for use in iTunes or Soundcloud. Click the link below, enjoy and subscribe to stay up to date. Allan How to create album artwork
  21. First of all, great updates supporting artboards. Although, it was hard to find where the artboard button/menu is w/o searching for this forum. I totally agree this thread about the artboard menu position. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/15714-thank-you-for-the-artboards-feature-but-can-i-say-something-about-it-as-well/ Back to my topic: After creating an artboard and put layers inside of it, I decided to change the size of the artboard. What happened is all layers dimension inside of the artboard also changes accordingly; text layers get squished and shapes also changing. Suggestion: Move artboard with all sub layers altogether. Resizing artboard should not affect dimensions of child layers. What do you think?
  22. It would be handy to not only see the first artboard in quicklook but all of the artboards in that file.
  23. When I start a new document, the artboard is centred in the middle of the screen, if I accidently scroll off screen, it won't come back, it just keeps snapping back off the screen.
  24. I typically will keep assets outside of the art board when I am working on things like fonts, colors, etc... I have several things I am working on (Illustrator) and when I open up the .PDF in Affinity all those assets that were outside of the art board are missing. I can't seem to retrieve them. Any thoughts???
  25. For drawing Rectangles, Circles etc ... It would be great if you got a dimension window directly after selecting the tool and click without dragging on the artboard .. (As in Illustrator) That way you can work precise and enter the dimensions immediately ...