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Found 200 results

  1. DSignUrr

    Artboard Phantom Pixels

    I've got an odd problem. I have a document with 9 artboards, all 1080x1080. I made the first one from a 1080x1080 square, and then cloned this artboard and edited the contents for all the others. When I go to export, I'm getting the size 1081x1080 for 2 boards and 1081x1081 for the other 7. I've gone back into the Draw persona and checked each of the artboard sizes and they're all 1080x1080. I even went one by one and re-entered this dimension into the Transform window. Still, when I go to export I've got these random 1081 dimensions? Any ideas?
  2. Shotster

    AD Bug: Symbol From Artboard

    Create a new document (I used RBG/8 with ProPhoto profile). Create a new artboard. Select the artboard and make a symbol from it. Drag a new instance of the symbol into the viewport to create a 2nd artboard. Place an image onto one of the artboards (by using File -> Place). Be sure to drag to size the image while placing it - i.e. don't just click. Notice that a kazillion copies/layers of the image are created in the layers palette. The app will eventually crash if you continue to work with it in this state. -Steve
  3. Hi! I just found a bug in Affinity Designer that makes it crash consistently. To reproduce, open the attached Affinity Designer project and try to move either of the two art boards. Affinity Designer will crash immediately. I tested this on two different MacBooks running macOS 10.12.6 and Affinity Designer 1.5.5. Maybe this report can help make your great software even more stable. :-) Cheers, Daniel affinity-designer-crash.afdesign crash-info.txt
  4. I noticed when resizing an artboard that guides don't stay in position. Occurs with files that have existing guides as well as with setting new guides. Affinity guides bug.mp4
  5. Hi from XD i suggest the artboard rename directly on double click, here an example.
  6. As already mentioned in the title AD is crashing when I try to move or scale an artboard. I had this problem already certain days ago - copying the items of the artboards step by step to a new file solved it. Unfortunaly the bug appears in the new file now as well. Always making a new file can't be the final solution. The crash pop Up shows the errorcode 0xE60D7363 or 0x0000005 but the crashreporter says it cannot find an error report to send, or the error report is invalid. Im working with AD I will attach the .afdesign file herescreendesigns 2017.afdesign
  7. As the title describes, AD crashes when I duplicate the artboard. I saw that this happens on a Mac Version too, (see here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/42277-huge-bug-when-alt-duplicating-artboard/ I uninstalled and re-installed AD but no change :(. The solution in the Mac-Forum was to delete the Symbols, which makes the file worthless. The Error Code: 0xC0000005 + Cannot start the Crash report!! Any ideas when this gets fixed?? I did spend some hours on this file whould be bad if I am loosing the work. Best regards NOD
  8. Im laying out a photo book using Designer. There are potentially 100 pages, Is there a way to re-arrange the placement of art boards into a grid matrix instead of the endless left to right scroll? I find the grid layout to be a lot easier to work with and visualize the final product. Can artboards be rearranged? When working on a project like this sometimes I want to swap page 10 with page 35 for example, Is there a way to drag and drop to rearrange the artboard order? Guides, setting up guides that are the same for every artboard is a bit daunting with the current method, I have to select the precise location for every artboard. Is there a way to place guides at the same locations on all my artboards? Thanks for the help or consideration of adding these features to the artboard functionality.
  9. Hey, Is there a way to turn off artboard white outline? If there is no such option, this should go to the suggestions thread.
  10. When manually exporting an artboard, the list in the dropdown does not match the list in the layers panel. The list does not seem to be alphabetical either. Meanwhile, in Persona Export, the list of artboards appears as they do in the layers panel and I think it should also apply to the manual export by arboard list. See my screenshot. A final note is that people arrange artboards logically, and even in the layers panel, artboards usually have a logical order in the user's workflow. This is the most important reason I think the list in the manual export should adhere to the order of the layers panel besides consistency across this area, the layers panel, and the export persona.
  11. Long time Illustrator user trialing Designer. Enjoying what I'm seeing so far. :) In Illustrator you could export all Artboards as individual PNG/JPG/BMP files. Can, or will, Designer do this?
  12. Hi guys, I have a project file here that, at least in my current environment, brings AD reproducible to crash immediately when deleting one specific artboard. No matter if it has content or not. (So at the moment I see no way to get rid of it ... ) The crash report has been sent to Apple already, so that you will get it definitely. But I can make a .ZIP for you, with the file screening and crash-report included. Cheers, Stefan UPDATE 1: AD also crashes if you want to "raster" that specific artboard. UPDATE 2: it seems to be the same/similar case I already reported here (because AD also crashes if I start to move the artboard around): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/38419-ad-crashes-when-moving-artboard-around/
  13. 1)I was snapping tool for slice is not accurate. 2)when i create slices and after i create an artboard all my slices automaticaly moving
  14. I've searched the forum and online and haven't been able to find too much, or even a specific topic about these paste features. I use a lot of artboards and find that copying and pasting from one artboard to another to keep the same position of the copied contents on the different artboard would be the best. Equally, being able to paste the copied contents in front or behind a selected item/layer would be even better.
  15. Is there any way to paste an object into the exact same place (X & Y coord) from one artboard into another artboard in AD? Every time I try it seems to retain its Y coord, but not its X coord. Thanks for the help! :)
  16. billgatto

    Error on artboard PDF export

    I have a problem, I created an A4 brochure that I then exported to PDF for submission to the print service. On affinity dimensions are correctly indicated 210x297mm. While in the PDF file are 210,06x297,01mm. They are minimal numbers but they block the procedure. Why is this difference? Thank you
  17. Hi, there is a inconsistency between deleting a single artboard and multiple artboards: A.) 1. select an artboard 2. hit "backspace" to delete >> a popup dialog appears, offering 3 options (see screenshot) B.) 1. select two or more artboards 2. hit "backspace" to delete >> they will be erased without any question I expected here the same popup dialog UPDATE: C.) 1. select one artboard 2. click on its name to be able to rename it (the name is automatically marked to get be able to type in the new name - that's great btw) 3. instead of starting to type in something - hit "Esc" 4. hit "backspace" to delete >> it will be erased without any question I expected here the same popup dialog Cheers, Stefan
  18. I'd like to see an option to export all artboards to whatever format I wanted and for it to just use the artboardname. This would save time for mockups. Thanks
  19. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone will read this request, because there are so many in this forum. I´d like to see the possibility to create an artwork over several artboards (instead of slicing) for commercial print. I use it in Illustrator for large banners with best control over the pages side by side, with all the necessary marks on it. Will such a feature be possible in later versions? If so, AD will be the one and only. :)
  20. I've searched this forum and I haven't seen anyone requesting the artboard feature, for Affinity Photo. It's not a deal breaker feature, but it's really nice to have. My usage would be for mockups, I often take photos of blank paper packaging in several angles and it's convenient to group them all inside the same file. Thanks! EDIT: Actually, I've just stumbled upon this very feature inside Affinity Photo! I've done it by creating a new iPad document and then duplicating the default artboard. However I can't see any way to add extra artboards through the menus, nor I see a way to convert a normal photo/image into a artboard. There's nothing in the help system about this either. I guess this is now a Questions & Feedback topic, but I can't move or delete this topic by myself. A little help here please? Thanks again!
  21. Hi, Today I found that some exported images (export from artboard) had a lighter row of pixels to the side, while I was very sure the rectangles were positioned perfect in the artboard (300px wide in a 300px artboard with both coordinates starting at 0). I then discovered that the exported images had these errors because their respective artboards were not positioned at full pixels in the canvas. I'll attach the .affdesign file so you can export the examples yourselves. In it are two identical artboards, but the second one is positioned a bit off, which will provide a lighter row of pixels. It's actually visible in pixel preview too. To me, this looks like a bug. Thanks, Bauke
  22. Here is a list of bugs that happens in relation to copy / paste artboards in different files with dummy stock photos see "test-original.png": 1) Artboards are not displayed properly after new file is created see screenshot. Background color is also not maintained. To reproduce: - Copy your(s) artboard(s) - On file menu -> "New from Clipboard" Screenshot: "Like_this_until_layer_clicked.png" If you click on the layers, then it goes back to normal, but background color is still gone anyway. 2) Moving artboards in the new file after the action "New from Clipboard" causes AD to crash with the error "" See screenshot: "Moving_artboard_on_new_file_crash.png" Which is followed by another error message: "Cannot start the Crash Reporter The Crash reporter cannot find an error report to send, or the error report is invalid". It also works/fails with the simple "Copy/Paste" into a previously created file. I can't share the original files I'm working on, but I could easily reproduce by adding a few pictures if you don't have any try https://unsplash.com/for dummy stock photos. and creating artboards with them. My (.afdesign)files are nearly 1GB... but I could crash AD already with files from 200MB... Hardware: AMD FX8350 GTX1070 16GB RAM (which from what I see should be enough AD is barely using 1-2GB) Few SSDs... OS: Windows 10 Pro
  23. I love using a lot of artboards. Many times, when I try to select a series of elements on an artboard by pulling a box around them, I accidentally grab another artboard. Because AD requires pulling the box around the whole element instead of just a part, this happens quite often. It 'd be good to have a position lock on artboards to prevent this. I already tried activating the lock on an artboard in the layers tab, but this makes the contained elements unselectable.
  24. Hey there, Affinity Designer: Although in Slices the checkbox Export Selected of the related arboard is NOT checked, the artboard gets an icon that indicates that the artboard gets exported in the Layers panel. Actually the artboard does NOT export. (See Attachments) Greetings, Johannes
  25. Hey there, Affinity Designer: When switching to export persona I get the small Attention-Icon that says: "This item has duplicate paths" although the artboard is empty and there are no paths. In the attached screenshot you can see, that two artboards above - which are also completely empty - don't get the error. Greetings, Johannes