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Found 200 results

  1. In help there is information that it is possible to add stroke to artboard in Designer. However it just doesn't work. I recorded my attempt to add stroke to artboard. Help: https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/pages/Artboards/artboards_clr.html no stroke on artboard.mov
  2. Hi, I have a file with 72 pages (done with the artboard). The export to PDF looks fine, but when I want to send the PDF to a print shop, they refuse it as the pages have different sizes/formats. All artboards are copied from one "master" but some of the pages (20, page 2 to 21 from 72) create the error. I already tried to copy a "correct" page and delete the faulty page, but the result is the same. Also Adobe Preflight shows the same error message. Does anyone have an idea, what I could try to get this fixed? Thanks Tobi
  3. Hi, I have just downloaded iOS 11 UI kit from your Affinity mailing from few weeks ago. It is said it's made for iPhone X. I creat new file in Affinity Designer: File -> New -> Type: Devices, Page preset: iPhone X (Retina) -> OK This new file has an artboard of 375 pt in width. Now I try to add UI objects from the iOS 11 UI kit made especially for iPhone X and... those UI objects are 250 pt in width. When I try to scale them to fit the artboard 100% width, they don't scale correct, because they are grouped with some constraints. So... It is nice to have those presets and UI kits from you, but they don't work together. Or am I missing something? I would apreciate your help, thanks in advance
  4. hi there, It seems i can not rename Artboard1, Artboard2 etc. in names i prefer, am i right or overlooking something?
  5. Has the "view selected artboard" keyboard shortcut been changed from "shift-command-0" to "view selection"? I'd like something different than the "view selection" key short as I use that keyshort to view selections and I miss having the ability to see the whole artboard when I have something else selected. Plus I don't want to have to select the artboard in order to see the current artboard full frame. Am I missing something??
  6. Copying artboards and then hitting "New From Clipboard" will initially create a document that does not use artboards. In this state an export to PDF would cause all artboards ending up on a single page. The document will enable artboards only once an editing action is performed. PS: As far as I've understood there is currently no easier way to only export selected artboards into pages in a PDF document. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. I'm doing a lot of work with Mobile UI/UX Design and i'm trying to find alternative ways of doing the mirror display/phone preview similar to Adobe XD. I love using affinity designer, but I can't seem to find anyway of reflecting what i've created on an artboard to a real time display on my phone? Any suggestions?
  8. I'd like to see the option to change a colour of an artboard when working in Designer. At the moment I'm using extra colour-filled layer to work on design when artwork is in white. It works, but it's not ideal. Thanks.
  9. I have some design to be done in white. How do I change colour of the artboard? I was looking for half an hour and can't find it. I know, I can add a coloured layer beneath everything, but I would prefer to do it without adding the extra layer.
  10. 1. Is there a way to crop the document/canvas/artboard to the exact rectangular area of the selected objects? In photoshop, you could cmd+click on the layer's thumbnail to select the entire object in the layer, then press C to switch to crop tool, and it automatically fits the crop area to the selection, so you get the minimum canvas size that fits the object. How do you achieve this in AD? While it's able to cmd+click on a layer to select the objects, I can't figure out a way to do the cropping for the canvas other than adjusting the document size with numbers. 2. when exporting, the "Area" dropdown menu is greyed out, how do I enable it? Thanks
  11. Hi, I came across this odd behavior in Affinity Designer while working with document with more than one artboards. If one has any other artboard than first one active with selection, invert selection does not work, instead whole first artboard becomes selected. Tested with Tested with Affinity Designer in Windows and with latest beta Here are the steps to recreate this problem:
  12. I have a master document with many artboards (around 100) , each of which represents a page or spread in a graphic novel. Each artboard has one document embedded in it, that represents the editable information where the page or spread is put together. This works well because the master document is relatively simple – I edit the original document that was embedded to make changes, then replace the embedded document. I have to add several thousand speech bubble to the document. I have been creating a symbol that I recreate in each subdocument, placing them, and then replace the embedded document. It occurred to me that creating one symbol in the master document would let me place speech bubbles on every page in one place. Since I often have to balance the flow of the speech in the novel, this is good because I can drag from artboard to artboard, and the symbol will remain connected to the original definition. That way if I want to make changes to transparency of the background, style of border, corner radius etc, I can do so in one place. Even though a speech bubble symbol is in a given artboard, when I double click that item and see the embedded document open up in a new tab for editing, the symbol is not part of it. Why? Even if I accept this behaviour, when I then copy a bubble in the master layout, and then go to the embedded document tab, pasting it in leaves it not in the original position, and not to the same scale as it was. This seems weird, and unhelpful. Even accepting the limits on Symbols, why can't they at least remember scale and position information when copied and pasted to another doc?
  13. At present the print dialogue always defaults to Document. I would prefer it to default to the currently selected / active Artboard. (Obviously this would not apply in a document that has no artboards) Thanks for your consideration.
  14. Dark artboards seems to have unexpected white borders. Please see attached files. Affinity Designer v1.6.1. dark-ab.afdesign
  15. Hi, I was wondering if I could request a very simple improvement to artboard presets and setup. Basically when you have multiple art boards open within ONE document and then you use the artboard tool to create yet another artboard. The presets this tool gives you is quite limited and it only has devices to choose from. Nexus, iPhone for example. I use artboards a lot for stationary like a4 letters or business cards. Could you include some basic presets for paper sizes and other similar objects. This would be really handy instead of having to use the transform tool and remember the various paper sizes. Great product - absolutely love it. So grateful. Thank you.
  16. I frequently use artboards to create multi-page documents within AD. Could newly inserted document sized artboards inherit the existing document margins by default? Currently… Create a new document, with margins. Use Artboard tool to convert document to an artboard (Size: Document > Insert Artboard) The margins disappear, and must be created again.
  17. Hi, Loving AD. Couple of q's. 1 - Is there any method to change a text phrase across multiple artboards in AD? There are 100+ pages (boards), and I don't relish the idea of doing this manually. 2 - It would be so nice to have artboards listed in the same way layers are listed in the sidebar and showing only the board you're working on the dashboard. Is that possible? So far, I've only been able to add the boards either on top of each other or dragging side-by-side. The dashboard work area gets so crowded it's confusing and I'm constantly needing to zoom. There must be a better way as the way I'm doing it is cumbersome. Thanks in advance! graf
  18. My artboards are getting scaled up and I have to keep adjusting the export size by one pixel. For example, if I create an artboard of 1920x1080, when I export, the file dimensions are 1921x1081 or sometimes just 1920x1081 (one dimensional). If I click the dartboard title and check the size, it shows 1920x1080 in the Transform panel, but when exporting it always jumps up 1px.
  19. This problem still exists, even on the latest release. I'm having trouble working around for multiple art-boards each time I open the document. I have posted a video to explain what's troubling me. As you can see, this problem is only with the art-boards. And also, the values once entered in the document creation window is stored in the document setup field and it doesn't update at all. Please watch the video to understand the issue more clearly. Please solve this issue soon. Thank you!
  20. Dazmondo77

    Multi Artboard Spot colour problem

    Hi Got a bit of a problem with a 2 artboard T-shirt design (2 variations) setup as 3 spot colours to print onto black t-shirts - not had this problem before and I've done quite a few t-shirts all setup in spots with front and back prints and everything as worked great unto yet. The one difference on this job is that I've created the caricature as a symbol in spot colours so any tweaks are reflected throughout the document, everything has worked great until saving the print ready PDF - the first page is as it should be set up as pantone 148 and 032 and a black (which will be output to film or direct to screen in negative for the white) - but the second page of the PDF is CMYK??? Back in the designer document all the spots are set as global colours so by editing the colours you can easily track down anything throughout the doc which is not set as a spot - and everything is setup correctly Anyhow I'm just gonna re-lay this one out as single pages which I'm guessing will fix the issue but just thought i'd make you guys aware (see attachments) Cheer's
  21. 1. Create new document 2. Add artboard 3. Export to PDF The resulting pdf has artboard 2 as page 1 and artboard 1 as page 2.
  22. AD's "print range" feature when printing set to "document" results in an usable rectangle centered on all artboards rather than printing an artboard per page (or at least offering that option). e.g. currently designing a tri-fold brochure, so I need artboard 1 to print on one face and artboard 2 to print on the other. AD only lets me print one or the other via manual selection, while selecting the desired "document" range results in the following: This is what my artboards look like, each is an 8.5x11 document:
  23. Currently in Designer it's really annoying on my eyes when I'm using artboards, and the viewport frame turns from a nice dark grey to a (comparatively) glaring white. My eyes might be a bit more sensitive than usual or whatever, but I find myself being distracted by the inconsistent and glaring viewport colour. It would be really useful if we could customise the background colour a bit - either from a few preset options or just using the colour selection tools. I don't want to just use a rectangle is because it isn't infinite so when I zoom out (which I do often) I'd still get the white colour, and it doesn't save for new documents, so I'd need to make the rectangle all over again. It also covers the background of the empty areas in each artboard. Thanks
  24. Could we please have a keypress to select the parent of the currently selected object? This would allow for fast navigation within the Layers tree and adds a fine grained version of the Select All command, progressively expanding the current selection from a single object, up through the current group, layer, artboard, and document. Thanks for your consideration.
  25. While it makes sense that new objects are appended to the top of a layer, as they are likely to be placed on top of other objects, it does not make sense that artboards are treated the same way. It would be much more convenient, if artboards were appended to the bottom of the layer list and even better inserted at a reasonable position. Imagine that you have three by three artboards. I would expect them in the order top left, top center, top right, middle left, middle center, middle right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right. If I insert a new artboard in the middle row right of "middle right", I would expect the initial position of the artboard to be between "middle right" and "bottom left" in the layer list until I I move the artboard to a specific position. It would also be convenient to have a function to automatically reorder the artboards according to their position from the top left to the lower right. Just my two cents. Oh, I forgot one thing: it would be awesome, if I could navigate the artboards by using PgUp and PgDown keys - maybe with Ctrl modifier.