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Found 213 results

  1. Artboard Selection option not shwing in new document creation tab
  2. Hi, When I create a new file, lately there is an artboard already created, which has the same dimensions as the canvas size. Is there a way to start a new file without having an artboard already created by default? Thanks, Chris
  3. Hello, is it possible to show guides outside the canvas area? because when I drag them outside, they vanish
  4. Hello, I couldn't find an answer to this so apologies if I missed. I'm not a heavy user of the Designer but I thought it should be straight forward: Designing an UI for embedded device with multiple screens. I created separate artboards for each screen, all scattered across so I can see them all. I used the Export Persona to create slices for each on-screen element (buttons etc.). I need their coordinates to use in the code. While in Draw Persona, every element has XY coordinates related to the artboard. When I switch to Export, the elements that are not on the "initial" artboard have their XY related to that initial artboard. As example: - two artboards 320x240 px. side by side - both have a button in top left corner (and in the Draw Persona both have their XY = 0,0) - slice of the button on the first arboard has XY = 0,0 - slice of the button on the second has XY = 370,0 I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or maybe my approach is not right. Attached image shows example slice in a tiny artboard (71x85 but the element's XY=644,476):
  5. When ever I tried to create a artboard within the document the toolbar drop down selection is limited to apple devices and few other mobile devices. why can't I choose different sizes for example A4, A5 or sizes that are useful for websites? affinity products are not used by designers only to design stuff for apple or just for mobile. Is there any way to add custom artboard size to the dropdown list in dartboard toolbar.
  6. Hello, I can't believe I have to ask for something so simple... but I can't find this, and I only found something from the forum for Designer, which didn't apply. So, how to I add pages or artboards? Cheers!
  7. Font edge smoothing seems to be totally absent when using, prefs > Artboard Background Grey Level - set to low. This becomes a visual annoyance in a workflow with multiple artboards in a complex layout. It appears as if there is no anti-aliasing therefore font is poorly rendered (pixelated) - making indistinct and hard to read artboard titles. Chalk & cheese
  8. I created a new artboard (Briefpapier) and placed the Logo there. Then I started configuring the helplines on this new artboard. Suddenly the Logo fades. I can´t find any reason for this. When I grab the Logo and move it on the other Artboard on the left, the color is back to normal. The same happens when I copy and paste the Logo into the new artboard. Please help :-) Thank you
  9. Hi, I have some problems with the export persona and exporting. I have a document (see attachment) with two artboards, where I create patterns, two front pages, which differ and a mutual back page. I would like to exclude the pattern artboards and to export each front page together with the mutual back page separately. In the tutorial videos it said "when you create an artboard, a slice is automatically created". This does not seem to be the case when I duplicate an artboard. In the export persona the "non-duplicated" artboards had in the Layers panel the export icon, the duplicated did not. As expected, selecting the other front page and clicking "Create Slice" fixed the problem for my page. Consequently I thought, that removing the Slice in the Slices panel would remove the slice for my one pattern artboard, instead it says "Delete Objects? You are about to delete the artboard "Pattern Dot". Do you want to keep the objects it contains or delete them?". So I chose "Keep objects", but the action did not just remove the blue frame, but deletes the whole artboard. That is not the expected outcome. As far as I understand the export logic, I could create a group consisting of front and back page and create a slice for the group, resulting in a PDF export of the two pages as desired. This means, that I would have to duplicate the back page in order to create two export slices - correct me, if my understanding should be wrong. Okay, much written, not very much said: My key questions are: How do I remove the "blue frame" from the pattern artboard in the export persona while keeping it? Is my assumption correct, that I will have to duplicate the back page artboard in order to achieve the desired two distinct exports? Thank you very much in advance! Cheers Vince Spiralblock Druckvorlage A5 EEC.afdesign
  10. Admittedly I'm a brand new Affinity Designer user. I purchased Affinity Designer for work on one specific image I purchased from Shutterstock. I'm very used to Sketch for UI/UX Design. Basically, I'm trying to do the following very basic steps with Affinity Designer. The image I purchased is a .EPS, and loads fine in Affinity Designer. The download is a rectangle with a lot of white space at the top and bottom, I need to remove the white space, and just focus on the image. The download is 452x452. The goal is to create a @2X and @3X images for Xcode Assets. I created an artboard around the image, and the artboard is 378x226, not quite the size it needs to be. I need to scale it so it's close to the 454x267 size I need and then export to the scaled sizes for Xcode Assets, which would be 2x (908 x 534) and 3x. (1362 x 801) all the while maintaining the pixel perfect image. Thanks in advance.
  11. I cannot export artistic text to pdf when using an artboard. Export to jpg works fine. Not using a artboard export to pdf is fine. test.pdf test.afdesign
  12. I am trying to export my artboards as I have done a thousand times before.... but since I updated to 1.6, all of my new artboards do not show up with blue boxes around them in Export persona and I cannot figure out how to select them for export other than dragging a box around them as slices. Any idea why this would be happening? I have attached a screenshot of the issue, thank you.
  13. Hello all, I have a 48 page document made up of 24 two-page spreads. For printing purposes I'm required to set up each spread as 2 art-boards. I'm trying to use the Export Persona and slices to do this. My question: How can I export 2 pages as one spread? I set up a spread-sized slice, and both corresponding artoboards are visible, but it only exports one side/art-board in a full size spread document, meaning one half of the spread is blank... Any suggestions are very welcomed. Peace!
  14. Brett Stebbins

    Artboard turns into text box

    Using new Affinity Designer v1.6 Artboard turns into text box when using Frame Text Tool Create new document with Create Artboard checkbox selected Select Frame Text Tool and hover over Artboard (Artboard will then highlight) Click on Artboard Artboard then turns into a text box (oops)
  15. I have a template that I have been using to create designs at the right size and resolution. But when I made it, I didn't realize that I would need the artboard. Anything I pull to the side, is invisible with this template. But on designs that have an artboard, they remain visible when off to the side of the document. Do I have to make a new template or is there a way to add an artboard to an existing document? Thanks
  16. Is there a way to edit multiple artboards at the same time? I need to resize a pdf document for all pages. Each page is an artboard. When I click on multiple artboards, it gives a combined size, which is hard for resizing. Instead of clicking multiple artboards of 2x4 and it displaying 4.5x4...can I click multiple artboards and resize each to be 4x8?
  17. Hi, I'm using AD mainly for webdesign, which works great. At the moment I'm on a print project and I've been struggling with export tools: slices sizes and position. I created a test business card and the slices don't match with the artboard. The resulting PDF shows white lines (TestCard.pdf), I assume, corresponding to the positioning and size error between slice and artboard. Based on an answer by MEB the position and size were done whole numbers (Capturar-1.PNG). But on Export Persona, size and position changes (Capturar-2.PNG). Surely there must be a way to avoid this... --- While writing this, it occurred to me that maybe the slices uses px as units and not mm, which means the conversion from mm to px, results in decimal numbers. Is this it??? If so, how to work around it? This is for an online digital printing service, so, no bleeding. --- Thanks, Pedro TestCard.pdf
  18. Hi, I prevent, sorry for my english, i'm french. I have a problem with the "pixel" mode on artboard. I'v founded a bug in June and no one have a solution. The bug is the following : When i draw a circle on an artboard, and when i zoom in or zoom out, the display of pixel change, and the height and weight of the artboard change. I send an attached file to show you the bug. To see the bug on your computer : Switch on pixel perfect mod or pixel display (in don't know how is named in english) Make an artborad on 15px/15px Draw a circle in the entire artboard. Zoom out, and see the dimensions... Can anybody help me to solve this heavy problem ?
  19. I have a designer document with multiple artboards. When I attempt to print a single artboard by selecting it by name from the print dialog the preview shows a completely wrong artboard. Printed artboard is the one show in the preview, but it's the wrong one. See included screenshot for details. I've also attached a test document that can be used to reproduce the bug. OS version: macOS 10.12.2 Designer version: 1.5.4 print artboard bug.afdesign
  20. My version of Affinity Designer: I'm running Windows 10 home. I've got a quite similar problem to this one and it's been very annoying because I can't work on my important project the way I would like to. When I try to resize or move any artboard in my project, the app crashes immediately. I've also tried to create a new blank document and create a new artboard in it – at the same size as one of the existing artboards in my original document. And then copy and paste all the objects to this new artboard from the old one. After doing this, it behaves still the same and crashes immediately. It happens also on other computers with clean installation of Affinity Designer. And I also tested the customer beta – problem still occures. Because I seriously want you to resolve this problem as soon as possible, I am also attaching my working file for you so you can easily replicate it (FYI it's just a mockup). https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9fRyW-4FM2EZkJ1RkRhQ0h0TWM I'd be glad if you give me some feedback for this issue. Thank you
  21. Hi guys, I am fucked up beyond all repair. I am working on a project file with several artboards, symbols etc. ... and now my file has fucked up in the way, that if I move an exsiting artboard or a copy of one (I have to create more app-screens) AD just crashes. Now I stuck and don't know how to continue working with all the former work which is in that project-file... Cheers, Stefan. AD_CrashBug.txt
  22. Hi! I lost my Adobe Illustrator from my other computer and had to start over so here I am with Affinity Design. I recently downloaded AD and have been messing around with it lately - I really like it! When I was working with Illustrator, I used to do majority of my designs in Landscape mode, rarely portait (although I will be doing more Portrait for Grade UI Kit!). I have been rotating the artboard but it's getting annoying each time - is there a way I could quickly select Portrait or Landscape mode for a specific artboard? Another side question - I really liked the visual assistance (distance, connecting at exact same anchor spot, middle part of the line, middle alignment of artboard, aligning, etc.) in the Illustrator and I do see it every now & then in AD, but just not as often as it was in AI. Is there a way to change this to increase assistance? Any helpful tips/tricks would be very much appreciated and looking forward to getting better & perfecting my skills with AD! Thank you, Dalton
  23. Hi, I have experienced dozens (maybe even hundreds) crashes of Affinity Designer - it crashes when I copypaste an artboard and start dragging it to a (mostly right) side. I checked all Macbook/Magic mouse settings and could not find any reason why this is happening. It is extremely annoying, as the work is very often not saved, even with the restored file. Thanks for your help, Alena
  24. I have an AD document with around 150 artboards. The current file size is 163.3 MB Each artboard has a character vector illustration in a different pose, to make a new pose I often use a previous one as a starting point. If I duplicate and then attempt to move an artboard, AD crashes. The work around I have at the moment is to hide all the artboards (including the one I want to duplicate) and then duplicate and move the artboards I want one at a time. I understand that this is most likely due to the size of the document. However I am hoping this can be addressed as the ability to contain an entire project in a single AD document is one of the best features. I think it's possible as my system resources are not being taxed from what I can tell. I'm using a 13-inch Mid 2012 Macbook Pro El Capitan 8GB RAM 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
  25. Hi! I did not notice if this bug was in previous versions (now I'm using, but now when copying the Artboard all Symbols turn into Groups. How i "fix" the problem for now: 1) I copy artboard 2) Delete everything from it 3) Copy all objects from the previous artboard. In this case, the Symbols do not turn into Groups. In screenshot two artboards: Original (with Symbol) and Copy (with Symbols turned into Groups)