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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Greetings, I'm a new user, and just learning AD. (I've used other vector drawing programs in the past). First question: Tutorial says that shear arrows will appear if I hover over the side nodes of an object boundng box. I don't find this. I get horizontal arrows that allow scaling the object in one dimension. I can't get shear arrows to appear. Shearing works normally from the Transform panel. Is there a setting for this? Or was it removed from this version of AD? I'm on MacOS, AD 1.10.5 Thanks! L&R
  2. I have seen this topic come up pretty often and thought maybe I should post this resource here. I know some people need to have native vector arrow shapes in their work so I created a brush for that you can use until arrows are implemented fully in the the application. Just import them into your brush pallet. cheers :) Ronnies Arrow Brush set.afbrushes.zip
  3. 13 vector brushes and 4 gradient types. The original width resolution of the brush textures is 176 px. Arrows 1-176.afbrushes Linked Samples.afdesign Creating a gradient: Linking properties in AP: Linked properties: -
  4. When using snap to exactly place a bullet 'arrow' on one side and an arrow 'arrow' at the other side of a line there seems to be no way to both align correctly using the general alignment switch, as this switch affects both endpoints and they need to have different states. Therefor they need to be switched independently from another. See video below. Serif, could you please consider splitting the general Arrow Placement switch into two; one for the startpoint and one for the endpoint? That way it would be able to solve this issue by letting us switch the 'arrow'-placement of both 'arrow's independently. Thanks for considering! alignment-of-endpoints-issue.mp4
  5. Hello! I posted one day the idea to separate the « placing within the line or at the end of the line » for the start and the end of a stroke but sadly it wasn't popular, so I don't know if this one will be. It would be great to get a third placement options for arrows beside « end » and « start ». A « middle » one would be great too! Especially if we could choose the middle point with a pourcentage of the stroke length It would save a lot of time creating stroke like illustrated in the screenshots I provided in the attachment of this post.
  6. Where do you draw lines? I just see the shapes, don't know where to do that. And, can arrow tips be added?
  7. That would be great if the options “Place arrow within the line" and "Place arrow and the end of the line” were independent for the Start and the End of a stroke. For exemple, that would help a lot in drawing mathematical vectors like a force. Its application point is usually represented by a plain circle and I like it to be centred on a very specific point while I like the force arrow tip on a specific point. What do you think? Thanks!
  8. There is a behaviour that I have been experiencing in Affinity Designer that I find a bit frustrating. I can’t figure out if it is intentional (and I should change my working habits) or if it is an error. Here’s what’s happening… If I select an object in the dartboard, hold down shift and press the up or down arrow key on the keyboard, the object will move 10 pixels in that direction. This is what I want. However, I select the same object in the layers panel, hold down shift and then press the up or down key on the keyboard, the object stays in position but the layers above / below are selected. This is not my intention. I would like the ability to locate an object in the layers panel and move it up or down using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Is this an intentional behaviour or is there any likelihood of this being changed? Perhaps there is a setting where I can disable this behaviour? I’m not one to complain. Affinity Designer is an excellent product, I already use it as my main graphics software at home and I’m trying to use it at work to replace Photoshop. Keep up the good work Affinity Designer team! Thanks very much for your help.
  9. Hi, Is it possible to choose different end types for my lines. I am doing measurement lines and I can not find how to choose an arrow?
  10. Hi just bought this product for my Mac. Scope is working with svg files (edit and create). I'm unable to find how to draw lines (segments) terminating with arrows. I don't want to draw a triangle and groupo with line to generate an arrow but using a native function present in any drawing tool Can someone help? Thx Sergio
  11. Please include start end options for starts and ends of strokes as one would use for annotations and labelling.
  12. I recently purchased some vector based "black arrows" from Creative market, but how do I import them into AF such that I can actually access them from the workspace ? Thanks (newbie)
  13. Please advise when Affinity will enable the drawing of simple vector arrows, thank you. Best Regards, Guy M.
  14. When I draw a line segment, I can change the end cap, how it joins and aligns. I can make the line dotted and even give it a gradient fill. All this is fantastic, but I can't simply add an arrow head. Why not?
  15. What is the best way to create an arc arrow in AD? I used the brush tool one of the forum participants posted but they take forever to make them smooth and perfectly rounded. They never look clean. Would love this option built in and easy...
  16. I have a regular need to create visual processes. Right now the one Im working on has topics around like an imaginary circle. I'd like to have wide arrows following the circle to show the flow of steps to follow. What is the best way to create these arrows? A tutorial would be ideal. Thanks Ed
  17. I am trying to understand how to get the ui download so that I might be able to create arrows and such. When I open files that have arrows in them from another graphics program they appear as lines.
  18. Im trying to create a diagram that is like a large circle only with the circle being made up of 3 arrows pointing clockwise. I don't see a "Tool" image that does this so I was wondering if anyone has a technique to do this? They are going to be "fat" or wide arrows where I will have text following the same contour inside the image. I have another post on how to get the text to follow the same contour. Thanks for any assistance in learning how to do this. Thanks
  19. The current arrow tool is horrendous, nuff said :P My preferred tool for arrows is in Skitch (it is free on App Store). How they do it is: click (arrow begins) -> drag (form arrow) -> release click (arrow points here). It is super natural and fast. Also, every single path brush should have arrow heads. Thank you. Arrows a major pain point, but of course you guys rock and keep it up! :)
  20. Should it be possible to add arrows to the list of line types ? Thanks Claude
  21. Need arrows (or bullets, etc) at the ends of lines, curves, and open shapes (to draw flow diagrams, or other diagrams...) Also a bigger font in UI could be good to use it ergonomically better in screens with high pixel density (where literals are very small in size) E Luengo, MD
  22. Wonderful start on the program! I'm glad to see that arrowheads and dashes on strokes are planned for the near future. These are essential for technical illustration. Four requests for this: 1. That the arrow head on the stroke follows the curve. Right now, Intaglio is the only program I know that does this (haven't used them all). A picture is attached. 2. User defined shapes evenly distributed along the curve. Again, a picture attached. Think of making weather maps, for example. 3. Dedicated arc tool -- the pie shape can be used in a pinch for this but for technical illustration, the arc tool that functions like that in Intaglio or iDraw (which can have arrowheads) is extremely useful. 4. A scale object command -- Again, necessary for technical illustration. It would be useful if it were scale by percent or scale by ratio. 5. (okay, I lied -- five requests!) A select within group tool or key combination -- so one doesn't have to ungroup first to manipulate a member of a group. The program is incredibly mature and usable for a 1.0 release. Congratulations! Rallx
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