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  1. With version 1 I purchased from Serif directly, so I couldn't use the Windows App Store to install, as you'd have to purchase it again from the App Store. However, with V2 licencing the App Store install is free and then you activate. Does this mean updates are installed automatically and saves the hassle of downloading files for every update? Are there any downsides to installing via the App Store? Does it install to the same locations as the standalone install file?
  2. Long ago I purchased AffPhoto and AffDesigner at the AppStore but later bought AffPub at the Affinity Store. I am up to date with all three apps from these two locations. I often use the first two above via the persona choice within the third. However, it now appears that the first two apps above need to registered (see snap below with question marks in the doc where tthe icon of these two apps should appear), but of course I cannot do this via the Affinity Store and the AppStore say that I'm up to date. Question: Does the snap below mean that there is a disconnect between AffPub and the other two app? Is it a matter of registering the two? If so, how do I reconcile the different purchase sites so that I do not continually have this problem? Affinity has rescued me from Adobe's "dungeon," and thus I'm happy to purchase new copies of any of the apps in order to solve this problem
  3. AppStore MAS Installment: the MAS update under El Capitan here indicates for v.1.9.2 a 355 MB download. It starts the download of 355 MB and after that when it reaches the state to install, during installation, shortly before finishing installing it says "wait" and then reinitiates a new download of 708 MB. - So one always downloads 355 MB and then continously another additionally 708 MB here (aka 355 + 708 MB all in all)! - The same happens for the Photo installment. - BTW, I've seen this same behavior also previously for the v1.9.1 Mac AppStore updates! So the overall behavior here is always, MAS starts the update by downloading first a lower overall file size of 355MB and installs it. But shortly before finishing the 355 MB installment, it autoresets and reinitiates a new huger 708 MB download which it then installs! See this screencast showing the above said in short too ... screencast_install.mp4
  4. AppStore MAS Installment: the MAS update under El Capitan here indicates for v.1.9.2 a 379 MB download. It starts the download of 379 MB and after that when it reaches the state to install, during installation, shortly before finishing installing it says "wait" and then reinitiates a new download of 729 MB. - So one always downloads 379 MB and then continously another additionally 729 MB here (aka 379 + 729 MB all in all)! - The same happens for the Designer installment. - BTW, I've seen this same behavior also previously for the v1.9.1 Mac AppStore updates! So the overall behavior here is always, MAS starts the update by downloading first a lower overall file size of 379MB and installs it. But shortly before finishing the 379 MB installment, it autoresets and reinitiates a new huger 729 MB download which it then installs!
  5. Are there any benefits when buying the version from the website? Great day, Pablo
  6. hello! I am unable to download the latest update on the mac app store – the circle animates forever, nothing happens. I'm on mojave 10.14.4 (and don't intend to upgrade). since I can't update the publisher, I cannot continue with my work, as I'm getting files incompatible with my current version. please help me Jo
  7. Hi! I've bought Affinity Photo and Designer via AppStore few years ago. I see both of them in my purchases but when I try to install them (click on cloud icon) the spinner appears but nothing happens. I've tried to wait for a long time, nothing changes. MacPro 5.1, OSX Mojave. There is no info why apps can't be installed. I have them installed on Yosemite (previous system I've used). Is that possible that there is no way to install them on new system if they exist on other one even if I don't use them? Any help will be great.
  8. I purchased Designer and Photo through the App Store in 2014. I was updated to 1.7.1 on both apps. Recently neither would open and id have to force quit them. I tried to update to latest versions on app store and it didn't fix the issue. I deleted the apps for a fresh install and now the app store is asking me to buy the apps again even though I've already paid for them in full. How can I reinstall these apps without having to pay again? Thanks JC
  9. If you purchased your Affinity app through the Mac App Store you may see the error Failed to Open File when trying open a document into the app. You may also get the error Failed to Save Document when trying to save or export a document from the app. You may also notice the app taking several minutes to load. This issue is caused by using a Font Manager to activate a large amount of fonts and Sandboxing. Any app purchased through the Mac App Store will be Sandboxed. Sandboxed apps are designed to prevent unrestricted access to user data and system resources. It also limits the amount of files/resources a Sandboxed app can open within the app. If you're using a Font Management app and you have a large amount of Fonts activated, 2,000 or more, and they're not stored in one of the below default macOS Font Locations, you may experience the issues mentioned above: Library > Fonts System > Library > Fonts Users > {Username} > Library > Fonts If you suspect that you're having this issue, open the Console app and then open the Affinity app and look for any errors similar to: Sandbox: Affinity Designe(1637) deny(1) file-read-data /Users/{Username}/Desktop/Font Cache/{Fontname}.ttf To get around this issue, please deactivate any fonts that are not needed or try moving your fonts to one of the default macOS Font Locations specified above.
  10. Good morning. I downloaded Publisher from the website and payed. When I look in the Mac Appstore it still shows I can buy it... In the future I want to be able to only use the AppStore. How would I do that?
  11. Could anyone let me know how I can transfer my Appstore version for Affinity Design to a Windows PC. I made the call to switch to PC from mac and I now need to transfer the license. Many thanks!
  12. Hi, I purchased AffinityPhoto via Appstore. So I don't have a product-key to update or re-install my product. I am going trough the procedure with Apple for the second time now and I will document it here. Hopefully it will safe other peoples time! More to come when the process & documentation is finished.....
  13. Hi all, I've purchased Affinity Designer and Photo on macOS AppStore and I'm very glad of these products. I see there are newer versions on web, also beta of 2.0. I'm wondering how can I install them if I purchased both applications on AppStore and I don't have a license code. Thanks Mircha
  14. I searched on the Internet about the difference between buying Affinity Photo through App Store and the Web store, there should be no difference in my conclusion. However, I have been purchased it for a week, but I still cannot receive the email of downloading the free Marco pack. What's going wrong?
  15. Hi I have purchased Affinity Photo on both Mac and iPad via the Apple Appstore, how do I obtain the FREE extras that come with the launch of 1.6.7? There doesn't appear to be a way for customers who have made purchases via the Appstore to download them? Thanks
  16. Hello together, I'm new in this forum and therefore first let me send warm greetings to the "affinity family". My problem: I bought affinity for MAC in July in June 2017 (Nr. MQMFHMMS4X-1) through the App Store. And now it refuses to update. I did never change my Apple ID since I work with Apple computers (which is quite a lot of years). But the AppStore always advices me to log in with another ID. There is no! Can you help me? Yours, –Karsten
  17. Hi!!. Im having a problem with the purchase of the software from the App Store in mac. When i click to buy it doesn't take my credit card, but this never happened to me before. I already buy another software from the appstore at 0,99 USD to see what happens but worked ok. I can't get to buy affinity and i need it so bad. Sorry for my english. Im from Argentina and my apple ID too. thanks in advance.
  18. I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer through the Mac app store a while ago. Can I create an account on your website by clicking the 'purchase for mac' button, verify my previous purchases, and then re-download the Mac versions on a windows PC so I can have the .dmg images available for use via USB? Thanks for your time.
  19. You make your choices, I'm making mine. I would buy Mac versions of your software – in additions to the Windows license I just purchased – immediately if they would be available directly from you. Unfortunately you chose to sell your software for the macOS platform only through the "AppStore" from Apple. As you have the purchasing process setup now for your Windows version, I can't see any reason not to offer the same for Mac. As a professional user I don't trust Apple anymore, a company which actively ignores professional users these days, and there is no chance at all that I will become further dependent on them. I migrated to Linux and Windows for some art direction work, but still have my 2008 Mac Pro running perfectly. I'm very much looking forward to your others options, Photo and mainly Publisher. I'll sincerely hope that you are reconsiderung your choices, best regards erik
  20. For bizarre technical reasons I won't go into, I had to change Apple IDs when I updated to macOS Sierra (actually before, but this problem didn't surface until now.) Because I have a new Apple ID, Affinity Designer won't update to 1.5 through the App store. I get an error that updates are not available with this Apple ID. Makes sense. What can I do now? Going back to the old ID is not an option. Can I download and install both Photo and Designer again ( I am a registered owner) under the new Apple ID? Will my Affinity registration still be good? I thank you for your help. Don
  21. I just got a mail inviting me to download 1.5 from the App Store. When I go to the App Store it doesn't offer me a download. The text is for 1.5 with a what's new section etc., but the button simply says Open. When I click it simply opens my existing 1.4.3. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi, although I have understood that you sell exclusively through the appstore, I hope that you can help me out here. I recently moved from China to Portugal. In China I still have a working credit card and an Appstore account, but (obviously) not a working Chinese mobile number anymore. In Portugal I have a debet card (not a credit card) and although it has a Visa logo it cannot be used in the Appstore. I really cannot care less if you need me to pay any costs associated with the purchase of your software through other channels than the appstore, I just hope that you can offer a little bit more flexibility towards people that really want to use your software but don't have access to the appstore. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Piet
  23. I would like to buy both software, and say goodbye to adobe once for all. But not on the appstore. Any plan to release them on your official store soon? I'm sure you want know why : I'have been designing between Switzerland / Sweden / Canada / USA the last 10 years, appstore is block to one country : eg. when I will move to the US next winter, I will change appstore and my app wouldn't be available anymore. Hope you will do this move and offer both solutions, like a lot of different independant companies have done before ;) ( out of subject : http://bohemiancoding.tumblr.com/post/134322691555/leaving-the-mac-app-store ) Hope to read you soon, congrats for what you have done so far. So stoked! Arnaud
  24. Hi, I bought some hours ago Affinity Designer but download process in AppStore remain in wait...... My internet connection work. I restarted Mac two times. Logout and login to AppStore two times. Please help me! Thanks, Daniele
  25. Hello team! I have a question for you: why the version under App Store repository take so long time for upgrade?! We need an upgrade for Yosemite iCloud Support, Fix on Fonts selection and many other think!
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