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Found 45 results

  1. Started this one as a sketch on a stormy day. I wanted to make it look like it was a photographed piece made from construction paper. The best part was being able to complete the entire thing on my iPad from anywhere I happened to be, rather than sitting at a desk or with a rapidly warming laptop across my thighs. My first piece with the soon-to-be industry standard!
  2. When attempting to drag the color selection tool circle to select a color it reverts back as if nothing was selected. When a selection was interrupted in another attempt by a phone call the selection circle was embedded into the canvas. When choosing the ‘back to project’ option and then reselecting the same project the selection circle was still embedded. Selection of another project was still left with an embedded circle on the canvas. Only way to remove the embedded circle was to completely shut down the app and restart the app again. After attempting many times with the Apple Pencil I decided to use my finger to see if that made a difference. It worked. Attempting with the Apple Pencil again and nothing, then with a finger one last time and again it worked. I have attached a photo of the color selection circle embedded on the canvas.
  3. On previous version the Touch for gestures only toggle in the tools preferences allowed an Apple pencil to be used without any accidental finger touches registering while zooming or rotating using gestures, now however with Touch for gestures only toggled on or off it makes no difference as all touches are registered when using the Apple pencil, it's getting annoying after rotating and the erase tool being used with the pencil it sometimes erases under the touch area! Can this be fixed please.
  4. While in pixel persona, I suddenly lost the ability to control the pressure sensitivity on my brushes. Things were fine one minute, but then stopped randomly. I tried closing and reopening- but no changes.
  5. I am interested in comments about the user experience of using an Apple Pencil with the new 9.7" iPad model, the recently released non-pro model, particularly anything about painting smoothness, lag or lack thereof, pressure & tilt responsiveness, & the like.
  6. Okay so this is my main current gripe with what is an awesome product overall. The inking using a solid brush usually results in an uneven artefact at the end of the stroke. I have screen captured the current issue - actually this is the first time I have seen this since updating the most recent version. Prior to this there has often been a slight weird taper at the start and end of the stroke - you can seen an example in the ‘x’ shape at the top of the video frame. 434889D3-C478-4DD5-8978-1784483253EB.MOV
  7. Help, please!!! I'm on the latest beta update and have run into a big problem. In this particular update the Apple Pencil now is able to select a color to use with the paintbrush. The problem is, at least for me, I can't paint with white or black on a mask. It just keeps picking the color underneath and it's extremely frustrating!! Anyone have any suggestions? I thought the color picker by long touch was fine. It didn't need fixing.
  8. Doing a lot of drawing in Affinity requires you to continually switch between the brush and ereaser. It would be lovely to have the pencil act as a brush, the finger as an ereaser and two fingers to move around. It would be even more nice if you could even minimize the brush context toolbar in fullscreen view. (The automatically hide UI option isnt the same) My suggestion to the Affinity Team is to make different input instruments actions customizable. Lets say I have an Apple pencil, a 53 Paper pencil, and my fingers. Ideally I could chose which instrument performs a specific action, like working simultaneously with three different type of brushes, or having one pencil to move objects while the other fills them with a color....
  9. Hey, I used Affinity Photo for iPad with a regular Jot Pro (non-bluetooth) stylus and felt it served pretty much any need I could come up with, so I never bought an Apple Pencil. Since then, I received an Apple Pencil as a gift and can definitely see the advance over a non-bluetooth stylus for painting on the iPad. But, what are some of the coolest things you can do in Photo with an Apple Pencil that you absolutely can't do with a regular non-bluetooth stylus?
  10. Hi guys, It's probably been answered before but I cant find the answer. Does Affinity have a way of connecting both apps from iPad to Mac and allowing you to edit using the Apple Pencil? I basically want to use my iPad as a Wacom tablet whilst editing with affinity. I do already know about the apps you can buy to mirror the desktop but that's not what I'm looking for. After a few weeks with the iPad app, I'm sad to say I just don't like it like I thought I would. Thank you!
  11. All, While using Selections the I run into multiple problems which occur after initial selection. 1. Trying to drag around the canvas to refine the selection by using the any of the Selections tools and the "marching ants line" disappears and the program will either crash or act like no selection was made. Sometimes panning around the canvas will bring things back but it is hit-or-miss. 2. After refining selection to mask, New Layer with mask or New Layer the a haze appears on the mask layer. This looks like a blur has been applied with streaks all over the canvas. 3.Cannot make selection without first creating a New Pixel Later. The Selections acts as if there is no information to select until the pixel layer is created and then the layer to make selections out of is chosen. Again another hit-or-miss issue. 4. After trying to add an adjustment layer to a mask, Photo will crash and when I re-open the program the adjustment has been applied in a checker board pattern on the mask and I am unable to undo without again crashing. At this point I have to start the workflow over for any meaningful recovery. The Selections problems make this program so unstable that I cannot use it for any work on the go. I do use the desktop version on MacOS but the point of having it on my iPad is to have the flexibility to create anywhere.
  12. Hi, i downloaded Affinity Photo for the iPad Pro (12.9, 2017 version), and so far I am loving it, except for my experience with the Apple Pencil. While I can navigate and change menus with the pencil, I find that, when making adjustments, the pencil draws in a much narrower line than the brush size that I selected. This makes it almost impossible to smoothly draw in larger areas, like the sky in some photos. When I use my finger, the brush size seems to work perfectly. I have played around with different settings and have found that, if I make my brush huge, the Apple Pencil will draw a wider stroke, but it is still much more narrow than the brush that was selected. I am sure this is a pretty dumb question with an easy answer that I am just missing. I appreciate your help!
  13. Hi - what settings should I adjust in the brush dynamics so that tilting the Apple Pencil produces a shading effect, similar to that in the standard "Notes" app? many thanks jon
  14. Hi, after last update when I double tap with pencil in liquify persona it immediately quit to Photo without usual prompt about uncommitted changes in Liquify persona. I like lot of subtle liquify strokes instead of one strong stroke so double tap happens to me every single time :( Photo: Ipad 10.5 IOS 10.3.2 Thank you very much. With best regards, Milan.
  15. I bought Affinity Photo the day it was released for the iPad. I had been waiting for a very long time for Serif to bring this program to iOS and was excited when the demo was released in June of 2016. iPad Pro 9.7” with Apple Pencil The first time I used the app, on release day, it was buggy. It would crash when doing simple tasks like importing a photo, but that was fine. It was release day, and Photo is a complex app. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited for updates to the issues Serif acknowledged. It has been about two months since release day, and I would say it’s buggier than before. A few examples: Smart Selection - Good luck getting anywhere with this. Starting with a large selection size is fine, and allows for bulk selection of, say, the background. But then as I start to use smaller and smaller selection sizes to, you know, select the finer parts of the foreground, its a crapshoot of whether the entire selection will disappear or not. The first time it happened, I had spent around 10 minutes selecting different parts via add or subtract when the all of a sudden, the selection outlines disappeared. Annoying, yes, but I blamed myself. Maybe I hit a cancel button? I was using the Pencil, so I figured palm rejection would disallow non-Pencil input, but hey, those systems aren’t perfect. I’d be more careful next time. Except, each of the next three times of careful selections, meticulously avoiding any palm contact, the selection still disappeared. That’s around an hour of lost time on something as mundane as a selection. This experience is a microcosm of the Photo app experience itself. I never know just when a tool is going to fail midway, or a picture fail to import, or any of the many functions (so many, which is awesome!) will just crash the app. Then there’s the issue of app size. The app is 1.3 GB, which is large for iOS, but pretty normal for a macOS program. I know that the iOS version and macOS version share the same backend, so that probably explains the base app size. But why does the app size then balloon with each photo or project added? I’d add a 5MB photo to the app and suddenly the space take up by the app goes up by 150MB. Why? It’s not like I am short on space (128GB) but if I add twenty 5MB photos (100MB total), the app takes up an additional 3GB. Why?? This is absurd! That’s not even the only app size issue. When I delete the photos from the app, the space is still taken up. It’s as if the cache isn’t being cleared of deleted files. Come on, cache management is such an elementary programming concept. How could you get this wrong? And what’s with the inpainting speeds? A tiny inpainting selection requires the app to reload the image while the selection is being inpainted. Pixelmator inpaints instantaneously. A $5 app has better inpainting abilities than a now $30 app. Unacceptable. I think I will stick with Procreate ($6) and Pixelmator ($5). Serif, if you want to see what a real iOS app looks like, take a look at Procreate. I am utterly disappointed in Affinity Photo’s performance. I will not be purchasing Affinity Designer for iOS when it is released.
  16. Hi, after last update when I double tap with pencil in liquify persona it immediately quit to Photo without usual prompt about uncommitted changes in Liquify persona. I like lot of subtle liquify strokes instead of one strong stroke so double tap happens to me every single time :( Photo: Ipad 10.5 IOS 10.3.2 Thank you very much. With best regards, Milan.
  17. Apple Pencil pressure is not working correctly. - Brush start is strong. - No size setting is ineffective.
  18. I just bought Affinity Photo as I'm trying to move away from adobe products. Overall your software is stellar and I'm really happy with my purchase. Aside from photography I also do digital art and have been using photoshop with astropad for a few months now and it works really well. However, I tried the same setup with Affinity Photo and it works fairly well but there seems to be some random pressure inaccuracies. The lines randomly become thick abruptly. Is there some setting that will sort this issue out or is this a bug that needs to be looked into. I hope someone here can assist me. I've attached screenshots of Affinity vs Photoshop strokes using the same setup. You can clearly seem the random blobs on the strokes. Photoshop Affinity Photo
  19. We know that there'll be the iPad counterparts of Designer, Photo and maybe Publisher. I was wondering, could Serif post more promo clips on these apps, just to whet the appetite even more?
  20. I love Affinity Designer and, if Apple's iPad Pro and Apple Pencil promo videos are to be believed, these products could be the perfect companion for Serif users when they're released in November. Is it possible to use an iOS device as an input for AD? If so, what's the timescale.
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