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Found 2 results

  1. So: I purchased Affinity Suite V2 from the Apple App Store after first installing the trial version. App Store confirms the purchase: "You have purchased Affinity V2 Universal Licence on 29. November 2022 and acknowledged that if you download or use this in-App Purchase within fourteen days of buying it, you will no longer be eligible to cancel this purchase." After purchase it is not possible to create an Affinity ID to register the purchase!? (I need to register as a new user and using a old Affinity ID is not possible) - All 3 products have the exact same trial mode upon opening with "Buy Now" or "Sign In for existing users" - "My Account" option is inactive in all 3 products I already tried everything I could come up with (hard boot, re-install, checking all forums for quotes like "finding the one program which was used to purchase" etc) but none of the available tips solved my issue. Only thing I haven't tried is going throught the "buy now" dialogue which some have said could solve the problem. BUT: Dialogue warns me twice of in-app purchase which makes me think there is a risk of paying twice for the product. 1 time to Apple and second time to Affinity. ... next thing propably customer service email and hoping there is response.
  2. Resolution: (thank you @walt.farrell) you made think outside the box which is how I came to this resolve Hope this breakdown helps the devs if they also notice this issue. *Particularly logging in, after a purchase* When I initially purchased the V2 apps via the app store, I went through the standard app store procedure: where you double click the button on the side of your iPad when prompted, to confirm a purchase: Well.. I went through that whole step, it literally said $11.99 as I double clicked the iPad button to confirm the purchase. Somehow, the purchase was NOT transacted (I checked my bank account —> nothing there) I immediately felt this is the reason, the app is preventing me access, it assumes I didn’t pay. With that thought, I went ahead and decided to purchase photo 2, through the V2 photo app: I now have access to the app, but not before it slapped me with one more barrier: LOG IN BUG AFTER PURCHASE: after I made the purchase, all my log in credentials were automatically placed in the sign in fields, so all I had to, was tap the continue button to proceed and enter the app, well…..,,, my inputs in tapping the continue button were ignored. I had to reboot the app, and now it’s working. So yea, look out for that. The question that’s still in the air: will I be double charged? I know I mentioned there was nothing in my transaction vids the app store, but apple sometimes shuts reflect onto your bank account until days later. I guess I’ll find out, and if I am double charged, I’ll post it here. ———————————————————————————- Previous Issue Detailed Below, in case anybody experiences this: I’m confused. because if memory serves me correct, when I initially purchased affinity photo for iPad (when it first released), I don’t recall requiring to buy a license to use it. I don’t mind buying the license.. just let know if this is what I have to do. I just bought all three affinity apps in the app store for $11.99 each (photo, designer & publisher) Here’s my issue: 1. Launch photo v2 2. Sign in (I do enter the correct credentials) 3. No license prompt 4. Now I cannot access the app My mind is telling me, I have to purchase the $99 universal license to access the app? (is this correct?) If the $99 license is indeed required, will this one license apply for…. all of the affinity v2 apps I purchased? Thanks.
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