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  1. I need to replace Aperture. Does Affinity serve as a library for photos? If not, which applications allow Affinity as an external editor and preserve the original RAW or NEF files for future editing?
  2. leaving Aperture and starting from scratch. looking for a library (similar to Aperture's) that works well with Affinity.... on Mac. Need to be able to categorize events and shoots in a similar way.
  3. Hi, I have opened a Sony RAW file in AP and also opened the same RAW file in CaptureOne. They present compeletly different on the same screen (see attached screen shots). As you can see the detail i.e. green bush mid foreground in the AP software is very very poor compared to capture one software at both 50% and 100% zoom. Also I note that the histogram in the develop persona is completely different to that shown in CaptureOne. The histogram changes when I "develop" the photo and become are more aligned. However, the detail in AP is still very very poor compared to CaptureOne, am I doing something wrong in the initial "document set up" stage of the AP process? Attached images are: Screen Shot 50% Zoom. Screen Shot 100% Zoom. Screen Shot Histograms Compared.
  4. Hello All. Long time lurker, now trying to get a bit more serious with the current production version of Affinity Photo on my Mac. Apple's Aperture has a "Show hot and cold areas in your photos" viewing mode. It's a convenient way to highlight areas at the extremes of exposure, allowing you to pull back adjustments just enough, for example. Is there a similar viewing mode available in Affinity Photo? I've had a look and I don't think there is anything close to this - but I'd love to be proven wrong! Here's a quick with/without example. On the right, the red indicates areas which are blown out and the blue shows areas of near total darkness. Cheers, Gary
  5. It would be so wonderful if Affinity could somehow obtain Apple's code for Aperture or replicate it and bring it back to life as live product with new features. You would please so many Mac owning Professional photographers! So many of us have tried Light Room and Capture One 9 et al. They all fail at so many levels to replace Aperture. It is both the retouching and the file management that is needed in a 100% Mac interface.
  6. I recently completed a trip and shot hundreds of RAW images on a Sony DSC-RX10M3. My OS is 10.11.6 I was preparing to process the images on Aperture when a friend introduced me to Aperture. I do not see any information about how to manage each image once I have completed any adjustments. What do you suggest? Right now I drag my images, which are organized into projects in Aperture, into SmugMug for sharing. Please help me see how I will use Affinity if I purchase your software - to organize and export.
  7. First of all you haven't responded to past messages so I almost didn't write in again. I'm giving it one last chance before I give up on your software. When I first got Affinity I was shown how to use your editing features within Aperture. I did exactly as you taught me. Now some months later after editing from Aperture to Affinity and back I find that the saved photos are no longer readable on Aperture. I also find that photos that I uploaded to Flickr are no longer readable there. They were originally so these were once readable and they are no longer. All that editing work is lost. I don't think that people at your company any longer care about the Macs. You are all into getting the windows going You haven't updated your software as promised for batch editing etc. Someone should let the mac community know this so that serous photo editors don't waste their time on your product anymore. I don't mean to be unkind but since your support seems to have disappeared and it happens at a time when I really need it there is no other way to put it. Ron Taube
  8. Since Apple stop support pro-user software, you are my hope now :) . Affinity Designer and Photo are amazing. Now i read you develop a DAM Solution. That's really amazing. 1. Apple Aperture is the best picture managing software for pro user i ever found and used. Use it for inspirate the affinity DAM software. Clever Keywords with drag and drop, very fast filepreview, dynamic intuitive GUI are only some great features of Aperture. Another great little fast tool is Pixa. But Aperture is no more supported and Pixa have missing features. Now you are the hope for Pro-Users. 2. Must have: Offline no-Cloud solution for Companys with sense of security. i am so exiting, let me know when beta is out :D Great job!!!
  9. I'm new to Affinity, after struggling with the demise of Aperture. ​My Aperture library is stored externally. How do I get projects from Aperture into Affinity? It's currently driving me nuts!!!
  10. With photoshop I choose in Aperture Edit with…, work on my photo and save the picture ( ⌘S), the changes appearing Aperture. With Affinity Photo saving the picture don't work well. The Save function ask every time for a location to save the picture and won't save the open picture to his original place (e.g. in Aperture Library). It makes the work between Aperture and Photo not really practicable. am I making something wrong?
  11. I did a couple of searches before posting this topic. If I missed the already given answer, I'd appreciate a link to that topic. I'm still using Aperture and whenever I tried other RAW converters (except Lightroom, but I still like to keep my private Mac Adobe-free), I always missed a well thought workflow like the one i'm used to have in Aperture. But since Apple abandoned it and the new photos.app is close to useless for my intentions, I am looking into all other possible solutions. Like PhotoMechanic or PhotoSupreme, but I would prefer, how to say, just a better Aperture. All included: Development, Management, keywords, faces, places, plus lens correction and a real fine Editor like AP is. Now I'm just wondering: Have you guys any plans to create a DAM in Affinity style? Speaking for me, I'm willing to pay as much as I used to pay for Aperture on dvd or PhaseOne, I'm just not willing to get another "only RAW converting" piece of software. And you guys did a really awesome job in such a short time of development! Keeps me thinking, if anybody gets it done, it's Affinity Serif.
  12. i am working (still) with aperture. all my pics are stored in the aperture lib. to work on a pic in aphoto i klick "editing in aphoto". after editing save, cmd W. going back to aperture, the edited pic is not there. instead it is in my binder "pictures" with the ending .aphoto. i can not reimport it into aperture. why? whats wrong? thanks for your help. regards asch
  13. What file format should I choose when importing Raw files from Aperture to Affinity Photo? The choices listed are jpeg,tiff,png,psd, all different size settings and 8 or 16 bit.( I don't use photoshop). Thanks
  14. When importing raw files from aperture to AP,when they show up in AP they're jpegs not raw files.Same thing happens when I move them to the desktop then to AP. When in AP/file/open/import a raw file from Finder to AP,it opens as a raw file in AP-that's the only way it works.How can I directly import raw files from Aperture to AP and have them open as raw ,not jpegs? I probably have something setup wrong,can someone help me out? Thanks!
  15. Affinity Photo may be added to Aperture as an external editor. The benefit is the added photo browser function of Aperture. In order to add Affinity Photo, add it as an external editor in the "export" tab of PREFERENCES. See the added Affinity Photo.pdf file. Affinity Photo.pdf
  16. OSX 10.11 Media browser won't open files in either iPhoto or photos both of which are stored on an external drive. (won't open on board files either) I am experiencing endless Affinity crashes. I would like some advice on how I can access my RAW photos for editing as at the moment I am disappointed with my purchase.
  17. Hallo, obwohl ich immer noch kein Internet habe... Ein neues Tutorial auf YouTube. Wie man ein unterbelichtetes (versautes) Foto doch noch retten kann. Dazu wird im Modul "Develop Persona" gearbeitet. Das funktioniert am besten mit Fotos im RAW-Format, aber auch mit JPG. Viel Spaß dabei Euer Jack Bauer Hello, although I still have no Internet... A new YouTube Tutorial. How to rescue an underexposed (waste) photo. That works well with RAW-Files, but also with JPG. Have fun with the video. Bye Jack Bauer
  18. Hi, I am starting a ten day trial. Previously used aperture and wondering how to import photos directly from aperture to Affinity please?
  19. Könnt Ihr Aperture von Apple übernehmen und weiterpflegen?
  20. I'm really enjoying affinity photo and designer software, and it will be great if affinity creates a program to manage the content and photos, like bridge, lightroom, aperture, iPhoto, Photos, etc...
  21. I'm glad to see that the links work well to Aperture or Photo (with: File- Share - Media - Photo - Aperture - Project; Fichier - Partage - Media - Photo -Aperture - Projet) Yves
  22. I appreciate the possibility to open Aperture catalogue photos directly from the Media Browser window. But there's a big caveat : presently, only preview JPEG files are shown and opened in Photo whereas the referenced files (RAW in my case) stay invisible. Bug or feature ? Best regards Volker
  23. That's it. Follows the long story, which you may not need to read to answer my above question :-) Hopefully I'll explain myself clear. And thanks in advance! Muchas gracias! I have been for the last year or so running a solution combo that includes Apple Aperture and Pixelmator, after abandoning Adobe Photoshop... which I used in my practice since v1.0. I am currently trying to include Affinity Photo in my workflow. Yes, I can tell Aperture to open files in Affinity, but it is super cumbersome to have to use the Save As... command in order to save the .PDS file that Aperture sends to APh. APh won't defaults to the file's origin folder, etc. So, I'm trying to test the Media Browser in the hope the workflow may be more streamlined. Now, strangely, Affinity Photo (APh) shows in the Media Browser an old Aperture Library that I used to run in a drive that's not even running anymore. The Aperture Library resides in an external drive, not in the "blessed" Pictures folder. Have any of you run into this situation? How do I point a Media Browser to an Aperture Library located elsewhere but in the "blessed" Pictures folder? Would you kindly help a fella? Yours, Cesar Alsina www.cesaralsina.com | www.graphicbiz.biz
  24. I need to move from Aperture but I have hundreds of gigs in my Aperture library. How can I work from the Aperture library? At this point many people have large libraries with full metadata support. Their folder structures are dependent on the app that created them. What is the best workaround for effectively opening work in AP in that scenario? I assume you will not make a plugin for Aperture, but what cataloging apps besides Lightroom do you see supporting?
  25. I've been using Share > Add to Aperture to place photos edited in AP into my Aperture library structure for some time now. When I did this today with an edited NEF, here's what happened: Original 24MP Crop and clean up using clone tool, export resulting file as JPEG, drag to the album in Aperture - 18MP image but Share > Add to Aperture results in 0.9MP image ... Hadn't noticed this before but went back and checked, and it seems to happen in photos that have been cropped and cleaned up with the clone tool, but as the "export" option demonstrates, it's not because anything has been lost. Any ideas? Is it a bug or a "just one of those things"?
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