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Found 6 results

  1. Since using the Beta version of Photo (since yesterday) I have been having annoying problems with all brushes, be they selection, dodge, burn, custom or normal paintbrush. I do not have the 'Always show crosshair' ticked, so I should not see the crosshair but I do. Every time I select a brush, it starts off as a crosshair even though it is a large brush. If I press Caps Lock, the crosshair becomes lighter but remains a stubborn crosshair. I can change the brush size using CTRL and ALT but when I release these buttons, I get the cross hair back. Then, when using a brush, once I have released the mouse I get a small brush circle, then when I use the same brush in another part of the image and release the mouse the brush circle becomes larger. On the third use of the brush I get the crosshair back again. As said before this happens with all types of brushes. It is extremely frustrating. When going back to the non-Beta, normal, V2 Photo I do not have this problem. The brushes act normally and try as I might, I, thankfully, can not replicate the same problem. Can you tell me if I should be doing something else? I am using Windows 11 15 hours later...... I have just opened the Beta version of Photo and the gremlins have gone...for now! I hope they do not return but I would like to know what to do if I get the same problem again. Sandi
  2. Since one of the most recent updates there is a lot of unnecessary low-res rendering going on when Affinity Designer vector objects are copied. Earlier, some of these issues could be fixed by pasting into Preview and copying from there but now there is no fix other than exporting to a bitmap. Please fix soon, this is incredibly annoying.
  3. Since the latest update of PHOTO and DESIGNER everytime i launch the programs the panels keep changing size. It worked fine on 1.7. But 1.7.1 is a mess. Tried using control on boot to reset hasn't helps. Suggestions? Please fix this its really annoying. It would be great to save a workspace like ADOBE ( sorry) and then you could have multiple layouts. Gary
  4. I have been working with 16mb raw files on my iPad Pro 12.9 (2017), and almost every time the app crashes! I looked in case there's an update, but no joy. Any ideas?
  5. The very first thing I tried out in Affinity Photo was doing some painting. It was very comfortable coming from a photoshop background, but the thing that I found rather annoying was the behavior of repeatedly pressing a hotkey for one of the tools with multiple sub-tools. When I'm painting, I often re-press the brush hotkey even while I'm already in the brush, and this sets me into some other tool. I have to look over at the tool and press 'b' several more times just to get it set back to a real brush. Perhaps the behavior of hotkeys should be changed somehow (you have to press it twice relatively quickly to change the tool?) so that accidental button presses don't interrupt the workflow quite so much.
  6. Hey all! I am having a problem with a shuriken I designed. I made a star and omitted sections by masking with other shapes. The only problem is that the whole outline is rendered with the image when I try to export. How can I be rid of those lines so that only the shuriken is rendered, not the whole star in outline form?
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