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  1. 3-4 Years ago my Nephew and I decided it would be funny to create an animated series based on some weird cockroach drawings he did as a child that he called 'COCs'πŸ˜…. We came up with some characters and story lines and the name C.O.C SQUAD (Combat Orientated Cockroaches). It's based on early 90s action movies and cartoons and went through quite a few different art styles and approaches until we found what worked. The movies Showdown In Little Tokyo and Hard Target were particularly influential. The characters were designed in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. There were then exported to various pieces of animation software. We recently launched a Kickstarter to try and get some funding to finish the first episode in a reasonable amount of time (It's half done). I would love to know what you guys think of it. More info available at https://www.cocsquad.com/
  2. A few days ago I made a rather silly picture I titled The perils of poorly-maintained Gents' lavatories (that's men's public restrooms in American). And then I thought I could animate this! There's nothing on view that actually requires censoring, I should point out. The moving parts are all on separate layers, so each one transfers to a layer in MoviePlus X6. (MoviePlus: still doing the business, and more intuitive to use than a lot of other video editors πŸ™‚) I recorded the sound effects in the kitchen on my iPhone; the little bit of speech will be recognisable to Goon Show fans.
  3. Hello! This was my first attempt at a completely digital 'painting', which I ended up using stop-motion animation to turn into a short video. The artwork was created in Affinity Photo using the NB Master Watercolor brush set. Fox is actually the name of our pet Cockeral and Isla is my daughter. It was originally part of a larger piece which included a full portrait of Isla, but in the end, I decided to spin it out into a standalone piece. The portrait is ongoing. A higher-resolution version of the work can be viewed on my website at www.msibley.com. Thanks for looking 😊 Foxy 720p.mp4
  4. Hi Folks, I had some fun time animating a drawing I made when I was 40 years ago, when I was six years old. Animation was done in Moho Pro, but I happily used Affinity Photo for making all the cutouts and doing some stamping and tricks to make it work. And of course the great export persona (I might have used Affinity Designer for that tho, as flexible as the Affinity ecosystem is in just opening the same file with another Affinity app!)! Hope you like it!
  5. Hi, In Sketch and Photoshop it's possible to make timeline animations. Are there any plans for Affinity? I'm talking about something like this: https://timeline.animaapp.com/ Regards, David
  6. Being in Greece recently for the last two winter months (...well no need to ask it's nicely warmer over there πŸ˜‰), I saw people there starting very early on November to decorate their gardens, balcons ... etc. for Xmas. - One of the neighbors had in his garden an interesting - sequence blinking rain-fall like lighting - applied outside on his xmas-tree, which looked quite good at nights. This inspired me to try to build some sort of an xmas tree animation from a vector drawing. I've kept my initial ADe vector drawing as simple as possible, since I didn't wanted to spend overall too much time on it. Thus I just reused one of my latest available silhouette xmas tree assets for the tree drawing etc. ... ... and gave the vector drawing partly just a quick pseudo 3D touch ... ... the more interesting part (at least for me here) is to save/export enough single tree light state images, so I can vary these when creating/stiching some animated GIF or MP4 video together out of the single images. - Here's a quick single one time run (no looping yet) of 14 behind each other state images: xmas-tree-meteor-light.mp4 Now I've to play with variations, looping, duplications and timings of images, in order to try out more and different blinking/flow lighting effects! πŸ€”
  7. Affinity makes a fairly decent line of products that are quite affordable compared to the other major competitors in the market. However when it comes to animation, Adobe and other subscription based programs are still in the lead. The only well-known free animation application is Blender, is confusing to use. If Affinity gets its own animation program, people will finally have a reason to stop using adobe. Of course there are things you can do in Illustrator that you can't do in Affinity Designer, but an animation program that only requires a reasonable one-time payment instead of an expensive subscription will definitely make up for that. I haven't been able to come up with an idea for the logo design yet, but the [current] colors for the logo will be: #77E1B0 (Main) #4BCC83 (Accent) Anyways, feel free to comment down below and share suggestions you have about/for Affinity Animate. I will update this post once I come up with a possible logo design, new color scheme, and or name change.
  8. Hi, Last weeks I've been back on drawing on paper and digital inking. And recently I started animating one frame-by-frame. This time, although not painted in Affinity, I used Affinity Photo extensively to edit, process and clean lots of frames and happily used the Export Persona to export. For these types of things there's definitely nothing easier and faster than Affinity! πŸ˜€ It's an endless loop! Hope you like it! And don't forget to turn on the sound!
  9. It's over 30 Degrees Celsius indoors now (no airco, all windows blacked out), but outside it was today even hotter and tropical.... so I decided to practise some more animation today in hot, but dry air as an excercise All graphics happily created with Affinity Designer!
  10. Animatior in Affinity Photo, and or Timeline?? I think that it would be super cool if Affinity Photo like Photoshop added frame by frame animation, this is a huge downside to using Affinity Photo for me, I don't think it should become a seperate product since, well, I already have Affinity Photo, I do not need a full fledged animator and they already have their hands busy. The idea would be you could makes frames and export them as .gifs and maybe .mp4's? that would be cool! all the features would pretty much be a copy of photoshop (maybe some cool feature aswell.), then cartoonists could animate, photo editors could do some sick things and designers could make sick banners and internet .gifs, If affinity added this, I would completely forget about photoshop and leave it in the dust, affinity is amazing and with animation it would be great! Thanks for reading this post! please consider this :D - Segovo
  11. As a freelance illustrator, I have being creating vector designs in A.D for some time now and I love all the Affinity apps. Without going through many details, I would like to see the Serif team come with an animation program that will fill the gap in their Affinity Suite, It would be really important and helpful for me and other illustrators who like to see their projects with some nice animation magic. I know there are other top features that have being requested by many Affinity users that I support too, but I think this is really an underestimated requested by many. Currently, I am using Wick Editor for animating my work(which has great potential and good for basic animation but lacks a lot, like a lot in features). And I hope the serif team will at least buy/invest in a complimentary program like the Wick Editor or Svgator to their apps or introduce their own better version of a 2d/svg animation program that will empower and inspire creativity within the Affinity Community and be different from other animation software programs that are not compatible with (projects that are made in) Affinity Designer.
  12. A lil’ imp character I’ve been working on
  13. Yes! I've been working hard last weeks creating an Interactive Christmas Card for everyone free to share with friends & family. All graphics happily created with Affinity Designer (except for a little piece, made in Blender)! Love vector, love the interface, love the export persona! It speeds up everything so much and makes designing so much more fun! 😎 The card really talks πŸ˜€ Choose a Wish and Character and it will be read aloud! The card is free to share with your own chosen wish and character with your collegues, friends and family. Spread the love and Merry Christmas! πŸŽ…πŸ’Œ πŸ˜€ It's here: English: https://www.wigglecard.nl/en Dutch: https://www.wigglecard.nl Or just watch the video below to get an impression. Hope y'all like it!
  14. [This is *not* a request for an Affinity animation or motion graphics app. Not that that wouldn't be nice! πŸ‘Ό] Is anyone familiar with/have experience using Affinity Designer and DaVinci Resolve for 2D motion graphics? If so, are there tutorials, YouTube channels, or other resources you recommend that you could point me toward? (I know how to use Google and search, but if you've already waded through the resource morass and have some stuff bookmarked, that would be helpful!) And my more general question is... Does anyone have any informed recommendations on the best mograph app to use alongside AD? I want to completely dump Adobe and right now AE is the only thing keeping me. A free option would be nice, but not if it sucks. So I'm interested in looking into paid (non-subscription) programs, too. I'm especially interested in anything that can support vectors, but I could do without if I had to. Thank you! (Hope this is in the correct subforum. If not, please move!)
  15. I know it sounds dumb to have onion skin on vector software but, some people including me, find vector graphics useful for animation because easy tweaking. So, I suggest you to add onion skin to Affinity Designer.
  16. Just a little sunday animation exercise. Graphics created with Affinity Designer (still love love love ❀️ the export persona so much!) Satisfying-Machine-Def-19By9-30Fps-On-Background.mp4
  17. Hi. I've been searching for so long an app to animate svg files or just simply animate vector grapics ( no need for built-in vector creation ) but i could not find anything but: Adobe animate and SVGator. I really like your products honestly ( even more than Adobe ones, to be honest ), so if you would come up with a brand new app to animate your designs I think it would make lots of money since there are few applications which do this thing. So, Have you ever thought of creating an application of this style?
  18. Hey guys, what's up? I just did a quick search and noticed that an animation feature of some kind has been requested many times before and I have an idea, although I am not convinced it is the best idea here it is: When researching for an SVG animator I came across an app that has been highly praised by people on some site I landed on and I would like you to consider buying that company and then building a Windows version of it. It fits as you guys also started out with your MAC verions and then the feedback was overwhelming and the user base of Windows is overwhelming and so you built the Win versions also. So you have experience in that and the program is already finished in so many ways, meaning you don't have to start from scratch and you would gain a developer who obviously knows what they are doing. Keyshape - Create animated vector graphics (keyshapeapp.com) If you don't like this idea, please make a program or a Persona in Designer to add this functionality, so this here is the plan B sentence, so that people who don't like my idea above can still vote on this gerneal feature request. And it fits into your whole stealing earning Adobe customers thing as you would offer a replacement for an app that is a huge USP for Adobe right now: Adobe Animate (and AE). So what do you think Serif Code Makers?
  19. Hi everybody, Finally finished a new interactive exhibition map after working hard! All graphics are created with Affinity Designer and Wacom Tablet. With around 750 stands and lots of roads making it possible to create milions of unique routes (each stand to each stand), this was pretty intensive Designer work, next to the programming and animating! BTW not really Designer-specific, but if you're interested; when requesting a route it even takes into account the actual traffic to calculate the fastest route on the fly! Hope you guys like it! πŸ˜€
  20. Creating a SIMPLE animation tool/feature for Affinity Designer is actually VERY easy to do. The devs only need to add codes that will unclick/click the layer(1,2,3) so we will see how the image would look like if animated. By clicking Play, the layers (1,2,3) will be clicked/unclicked/looped. It's a very simple animation but it's good enough to give us an idea and it's a start.
  21. Graphics created in Affinity Designer and animated using Javascript and math to explore new interactive animation techniques. Also having fun creating music meant to be tunes and exploring a fitting musical style for some projects! πŸ˜€ 🎡🎹
  22. I've just made an animated GIF to explain a comment in this forum and I realised how simple it is to do in PhotoShop. Unfortunately... I had to go to PhotoShop to do it. I know animated GIFs probably fall into the animation category, but it would be great to able to export layers as frames in the same way Illustrator does when it exports an animated SVG. No massive feature set, just a few simple settings at export stage.
  23. showing here a new video, doing a 2d Character, Tormund from Game of thrones using Affinity Designer 1.7, Full video available on my youtube channel, with a special animation done with Spine Pro, thanks everyone for watching
  24. Drawing SpongeBob Christmas Character - Affinity Designer [4K60p] - YouTube This is the first time I draw a character in Affinity Designer! More to come.. What do you think guys?
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