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  1. Havn´t been here for a while, job and life taking just too much time. But recently I had two days and managed to fire up the Affinity for some aviation artwork. For a while now I have had a P40 on my mind and thought it was as good a time as any. So here is my take on the great P40 Warhawk.
  2. I have been slowly learning Designer. AiroplainPlusBackground02.pdf
  3. One of the original Speedbirds, the Supermarine SB6B, built for the Schneider trophy in 1929 by R.J Mitchell, the father of the Spitfire.
  4. Journey to the edge of space. Considering it was a design by Walter Dornberger in the 40ties the X15 holds the speed record of Mach 6.1, a record that still stands today. Aircraft done in Affinity Designer and background with Affinity Photo and lots of gradients and blends, texture brushes, cloud brushes and lots of sweet, sweet perlin noise
  5. I´m quite enjoying creating these bi-planes in Affinity, keeping track of the layers is challenging though.
  6. Albatross Sky. I have always wanted to try my hand on a Albatros DV, but the difficulty of the lozenge camouflage put me off, but seeing that I have time on my hands right now I though: "why not?" To say that there are a few layers is an understatement, I stopped counting somewhere between four and five hundred. I am however quite pleased with finding a way to create woodgrain without a chrome filter
  7. Here's my first effort using Affinity Designer. I used Corel Draw in the dim and distant past and started to use Paintshop Pro for the last six or seven years. After upgrading from PC to iMac decided to go to vector drawing rather than raster, as the clarity and sharpness was my main requirement. Must say I love the software, and am fairly happy with the result so far. Still making basic mistakes and will hopefully learn more with the tutorials and any comments from more experienced members that I can glean here. So here it is, nearly didn't post this after looking at some of the stunning work that people have posted here, but hey! Got to start somewhere! I still have some shading and rendering to do on it but am happy with the result so far. The F-16 is the vector and I've included an A-10, my last raster drawing which shows the difference in clarity that I'm after.
  8. The Fliegermuseum in Altenrhein is a gift that keeps on giving. This P9 only recently arrived. I always wanted to try to capture the propellor distortion caused by taking a digital picture, I think it came out quite well.
  9. What to do on a boring rainy weekend? I thought I would try and get some more milage out of the UFO pictured in "Contact" and revisit "Close encounter" by adding oodles of detail to the Conny.The Conny herself is from a picture I took of the Breitling Conny at her base in Basel. I think it turned out well.
  10. In my humble opinion the F104 Starfighter is along with the Super Constellation, the Spitfire, the Concord and the achingly gorgeous Bugatti 100P one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built. But this beauty came with a price, 270 of 2000 built were lost, earning the F104 the nickname: Tentpeg, or Sargfighter (ger. coffinfighter) or more ominously: The widow maker.
  11. In my fantasy the Broadsword is a plane built to specifications of the Royal Flying Corps for an allweather fighterbomber. There are the traits of five aircraft in the Broadsword, see if you can find them all. It´s also a test if the Perlin noise can replace PS´s difference clouds... Why yes it can, and then some. The clouds and the Broadsword´s cammo for instance is pure perlin noise.
  12. A lot of nesting and Gaussian blur was involved. The texture was very challenging to get right. I am learning realistic vectoring from Isabel Illustration who is also a member of this platform. On her review of this piece of art she cautioned me against over blurring and I hope to successfully implement her suggestion in my next piece.
  13. Here is a fun thing to do. Each aircraft is a mashup of three or four different aircraft, your job is to fine out which. The first is the Harland & Wolf HW160 tempest, and the second one the Handley Page firestreak. Have fun
  14. The ME 109 was a great warbird to fly, but the narrow spaced landing gear made it very difficult to land. I have had a picture of the ME 109- E in the museum in Schleißheim for a while with the idea of doing a ME with the yellow nose. After getting the wirework done and the basic colouring I went ape with sweet sweet perlin noise to give me that grungy look.
  15. I have always liked the clean lines and the form of America´s first jet fighter, the Lockheed P80 Shooting Star. This has been done by switching between Designer and Photo and I am getting the shading the way I want to, but I really need to keep the layers under control, after the first 200 I lost track.
  16. ...or so it seems! One aircraft that I have always loved is Little Nellie from "You only live twice" I saw her doing her stuff at an airshow way back in the day.
  17. I have been pottering around with Photoshop since version 1.0.7, along with Illustrator 88, along with PageMaker, FreeHand, Ventura Publisher etc. And had me some fun along the way. After a long time out I tried to dip my hand in PS again and found that I no longer liked Adobes finest, especially with the subscription. So I came across Affinity, the rest they say is history. I have always had a soft spot for aircraft, especially the stringbags of WW1 and of course the achingly beautiful speedbirds of the Schneider Trophy. So I thought my first attempt with Designer and Photo would be a WW1 bird. The first image is out of designer, the next one is with difference clouds... sorry perlin noise and the third one is with highlighting. The next big step is cammo and I want to have it in the livery of Eddie Rickenbacker´s Niewport 28. This is a work in progress and I´ll add on as it progresses, so let´s go for a ride.
  18. A very simple set of shapes, and a first post of something I've done with Designer on iPad ... Feedback welcome.
  19. Hi Affinity Community. My new personal work made with Affinity Designer. I hope you like it. More work in progress pictures: Old Wings
  20. First of the new series. Supermarine Spitfire Mk9
  21. So, with these three the Harrier, Buccaneer and Canberra I have illustrated all the aircraft of my early years in the RAF.
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