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Found 10 results

  1. I am using affinity designer on the iPad and I am finding that if I export a file to photos, it will often export duplicate of the previous file rather than exporting the current one. Usually these files are very similar with either a color change or a small adjustment to spacing. In one case, similar mock-ups were created with different patterns, and exporting a file to photos would result in the previous pattern saved to photos instead. The only workaround I’ve been able to use is to close the app, re-open, and try saving the image or file once again. This seems to be a new issue in the past week or so.
  2. My app is having issues with saving the correct photos to my iPad. It will save/export the first photo to my iPad and any photo that I save after that will actually save another copy of the first photo I exported. The problem will correct itself if I close and restart the app. But then it will save the first photo and the problem reoccurrs. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it. The problem remains.
  3. If you export on iPadOS15.4, then do some modifications and export again the exported image is the first image exported not the second. The fix is to close app and restart it and export again. M1 iPad Pro 8GB 256GB. IMG_0932.MOV
  4. Is the a fix for this yet? Or even on the horizon? The workaround (see below) destroying my workflow. I have to do it at least 100 times a day 😤 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/159108-known-issue-exporting-from-affinity-apps-on-ipados-154-exports-previous-edits/
  5. Since the last update I am facing issues with exporting my designs. I work on a design, I export it the first time, its saves properly, but if I edit it and export again, it stucks in the first Image i saved. No matter how many changes I make or how I export it, it stays as the first exported design. I have to close the app entirely and then reopen and export the design which works fine and again any change I make it doesn't get implemented when exporting. Please let me know if something is wrong from my side, or is it a bug?
  6. Not sure if this is a known bug or not, but I’ve found that when exporting a project and going to the share button in the bottom left corner, it uses an old version of the file for sharing (e.g. from a few edits ago.) If I actually go to share this (e.g. save to photo library), it saves an old version. One way to get around this, after opening the share sheet menu, is to tap off the share sheet and then tap on it again and it usually refreshes with the correct version of the file.
  7. export it out changed the thickness of the line, the line doesn't changed
  8. I had a problem with saving the files after making some changes to the artwork. When I’m saving artwork and then trying to save it again but let’s say I want to keep the same artwork with different colours of the background… Affinity is still keeping the previous artwork with old background, even though I see the changed background in the app. That’s very strange and has never happened before, and I’m using this app for yearsI have problem with saving the files after I made some changes to the artwork. When I’m saving art work and then trying to save it again but let’s say I want to save the same art work with different colour of the background… Affinity is still saving the previous artwork with old background, even though I see changed background in app. That’s very strange and never happened before and I’m using this app for years
  9. Users have reported an issue related to exporting after updating their iPad to 15.4 (or later). You may find that your exported image may not include recent changes and shows a previous edit of the image. Our developers are aware the issue and a workaround is to quit and reopen the app, open the same document from the Home Screen and export - this time it will export correctly.
  10. The issue started after updating yesterday on the App Store. Currently updated to latest iOS.
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